John Logan close to completing first draft of Bond 24

The screenwriter who came on board the 007 franchise along with his colleague Sam Mendes with Skyfall is almost ready to submit a draft. Says the writer in a recent interview:

“Right now the first draft [of Bond 24] is almost done, I’m terrifically excited about it! I’ve been working very closely with Sam Mendes, and it’s been joyous to pick up from our work on Skyfall and just continue on with the storytelling.”

As readers will note, Logan is pretty explicit that it will pick up where Skyfall left. Does this just allude to the new M and Moneypenny who joined the cast? Does this mean that Judi “M” Dench’s ghost may be weighing down 007 for a few more adventures? What else springs to mind?

He confirmed, also, that filming on James Bond 24 would start in October this year. He refused to comment on Blofeld and Quantum rumors, although the Quantum arc has been left thoroughly open. It has been rumored in the past that Logan was on board for two adventures that could well be back to back outings. Logan refused to comment, saying, let him get on with Bond 24 before addressing Bond 25. Bond 25 is the last of the current contract Craig has with Bond’s producers.

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Ralph Fiennes says Bond 24 starts shooting in October

The British actor hired to replace Dame Judi Dench as “M” in the Bond films says that he is expecting shooting to start on the new 007 adventure, currently dubbed Bond 24, in October 2014. The film is scheduled for a release in late 2015. Skyfall started production 11 months before its release date, with filming starting in November 2011 and its premiere held in London in October 2012.

As well as letting slip the shooting schedule, Fiennes tells MTV that he is in the dark about the plotting:

“I haven’t read a script yet, so I can’t tell you much. They’d probably swear me to secrecy anyway.”

Sam Mendes, director, and John Logan, screenwriter, return for their second consecutive Bond film.

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Roger Deakins will not be back for Bond 24

The fantastic cinematographer that added an extra layer of sophistication to Skyfall has regrettably confirmed he wont be working on Bond 24. In February 2014 he told Thompson on Hollywood that he would not be back for the film. He added that Sam Mendes and John Logan, who would be returning from Skyfall, had particular contributions to make to the 24th instalment in the franchise, but that he didn’t “know what else I could do with it, really”.

The news didn’t really make much of a splash until, several days later, Kristopher Tapley tweeted that he had had dinner with Deakins and heard the news firsthand. “At dinner with Deakins last night I learned some news that makes me sad: He won’t be shooting the next Bond,” tweeded the hifix reporter.

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Moneypenny and Tanner talk about their responsibilities to future 007

Naomie Harris tells the press in this short video interview that she was brought onto the James Bond franchise with a mandate to “reinvent” the character of Miss Moneypenny, being sure to be strong presence in Bond’s life.

Rory Kinnear whose played Tanner to Judi Dench’s ‘M’ in the Craig era jokes that he keeps having the characters killed off and he will eventually be playing M, or even Bond!

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Miss Moneypenny to be amongst the action?

Eve Moneypenny revealed her true identity in the last seconds of Bond 23, Skyfall, and since then Naomie Harris, who plays the character, has continued to talk about her aspirations for the character. The James Bond fan site MI6-HQ says that the actress wants Moneypenny “in the midst of things.” But does that suit the iconic Ian Fleming creation of a desk secretary. Besides which, after her fieldwork foul up in Bond 23 the character was eager to take Bond’s “advice” and sit behind a desk.

“I’m all about empowered women so I really hope so. I’ll push for [more involvement] for sure.”

Would honouring Fleming’s character be deemed sexist in this age? The other side of this coin is this: after 50 years, things are going to be a little different, even in Bond’s world.

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James Bond 24 to build on “Skyfall” themes

James Bond 24 screenwriter John Logan – who came onboard Skyfall late in the process to work with Sam Mendes – has been signed to write the next two 007 adventures, James Bond 24 and 25.

“My goal is to write a great movie that’s appropriate, to build on what we did on Skyfall, but make it its own unique animal,” the writer told IGN earlier this year.

“I grew up on the Bond movies,” Logan said of his own connection to the franchise. “The first one I saw was Diamonds Are Forever, when I was a kid. I just loved them to pieces. I love all the elements, from the books — mostly from the novels; going back to Ian Flemming is where I started with Skyfall — and there’s certainly elements of the movies and the novels that we’ve brought into the new movie, as they did into Skyfall.”

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Unused Kincade poster revealed

The nature of Albert Finney’s role in Skyfall was just one of the many closely guarded secrets whilst the 23rd Bond film was in production. It took months before we got our first unofficial look at Kincade, the Skyfall groundskeeper who aids 007 in his final assault against Silva.

It is quite understandable that the legendary British actor, Finney, was not a major part of the promotion. Nevertheless, artists behind the Skyfall promotional campaign prepared a poster of the fine old gentleman, which has recently been released online.

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Sneak peek at “Skyfall” DVD menus

With the latest Bond adventure less than a month away from its DVD release and news coverage of the fantastic, drawn-out production Skyfall coming to a close, there’s not so much to discuss round these parts… but we were delighted to see the beautiful Roger Deakins cinematography showcased in these DVD menus:


Skyfall DVD menu

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First look at the “Skyfall” DVD release

Bond will be back in our homes sooner than one might have thought with the Skyfall DVD release recently brought forward from March to February 2013.

And unlike previous DVD releases in the Craig era, it seems that Bond fans will not be disappointed with respect to the Special Features, bonuses and extras that come with the film.

A preliminary Behind The Scenes feature list has been released:

  • Intro – 2:21
  • Opening Sequence – The Death of Bond 4:15
  • Title Sequence – Working The Titles 2:57
  • 007 – The return of James Bond 3:46
  • Q- Back to Basics 1:54
  • DB5 – Behind the wheel 1:33
  • Women – The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful 4:22
  • Villains – In The Shadows 7:00
  • Locations – License To Travel 3:23
  • Music – The Sound of Bond 3:38
  • The End sequence – The Beginning of the End 13:57
  • M – Changes 4:42
  • The Future – New Beginnings 2:10
  • Skyfall Premiere 5:00
  • Soundtrack promotional spot 0:29

Directors and producers commentaries are also expected.

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“Skyfall” hits the billion dollar mark

It was announced today that SKYFALL, the 23rd James Bond adventure, has surpassed $1 billion at the worldwide box office. SKYFALL is the most successful Bond film of all time, the highest-grossing film of all time in the UK, the first film to pass £100 million at the UK box office and it is also the most successful film at the worldwide box office in Sony Pictures history.

Skyfall took in $4.6 million this weekend in North America for a cumulative to date of $289.6 million. Overseas, the film grossed $10.3 million for an international total to date of $710.6 million and a worldwide cumulative exceeding $1 billion and growing.

Thank you, Bond fans around the world, for making SKYFALL such an incredible success.

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