Dossiers issued in December, 2009

Will MGM sale advance or delay production on James Bond 23?

This is the question looming in the minds of fans as journalists can only guess at how far down the sale process MGM is?

Recently, despite a debt of $4 million, MGM made it clear they were holding their cards close to their chests – with a pack of non-disclosure agreements being posted to those expressing an interest in buying the big cat.

The most recent development is that Variety claims insider knowledge, announcing that a few of these agreements were returned, signed, meaning that there are parties seriously considering a purchase.

“It’s not a given that MGM will be sold,” explains Variety reporters. “The beleaguered studio has left open the door to continue operating as a standalone entity or forming some kind of strategic partnership if MGM’s 140 debtholders agree to do so, possibly through a prepackaged bankruptcy. The bondholders have agreed to hold off receiving interest payments until Jan. 31 in order to enable management to find out the actual value of the assets and whether it should proceed with a formal auction.”

What does this mean for James Bond 23? Fans had been hoping for a 2010 release (following the two year pattern set by Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace) but a 2011 release is far more realistic – provided MGM has its affairs in order by the time it comes to publicise and distribute the picture.

Last time around we were relatively fortunate that Sony was handling the Bond picture, but it seems as if this will not be the case for Bond 23.

Many predict it will not be a simple matter of bailing out the iconic film company and carrying on regardless. At any rate, James Bond fans wont rest easy until MGM is in safe hands and on a sure financial footing.

Here’s hoping someone takes action.

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Emmerdale hunk Maxwell Caulfield wants to face off against Craig as James Bond villain

Emmerdale star Maxwell Caulfield wants to play a villain in the next James Bond movie.

The actor will be seen leaving his role as Mark Wylde in the New Year, after 12 months in the village.

Asked what his dream role would be, he told Inside Soap: “I wouldn’t mind going toe-to-toe with Daniel Craig as the arch-villain in the next James Bond movie.”

He added: “Those films are so cool and action-packed these days that you practically have to strap yourself into your seat.”

Maxwell also revealed that he could see himself in long-running British police drama The Bill.

He said: “My wife, Juliet [Mills], and I enjoy watching The Bill – it’s pretty dramatic. I’ve never played a British cop, so I wouldn’t mind doing that. Look at me lobbying for my next gig already!”

Although days are numbered for Emmerdale’s Mark, soap bosses are keeping details of the nature of his exit under wraps.

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Could 007 be behind the wheel of a special edition Aston Martin Carbon Black in James Bond 23?

Premiere car-makers Aston Martin have unveiled a very special edition Aston Martin DBS (James Bond’s current ride of choice) which the brochure describes as being anointed with “bespoke Carbon Black metallic paint especially formulated with a subtle metallic twist to create a deep rich patina”. The car also supports new alloy wheels.

Inside the car will feature upgraded stereo gear (a Bang & Olufsen Beosound will come as standard) and Obsidian Black leather seats.

The special edition Aston will be released in 2010 with a 5% hike in price tag but there is no news on how many the company will be offering to the public.

If all goes according to plan, the new Aston Martin will be ready in time for the expected shooting date of James Bond 23 – which as recently quoted by Daniel Craig at the stage door of his Broadway show A Steady Rain, would be late 2010.

Could James Bond be seen on screen behind the wheel of this stunning, sleek new Aston Martin?

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Musician turned actress Sarah Harding sees herself as a James Bond villainess

Sarah Harding eyeing a villainess' roleGirls Aloud party-girl, Sarah Harding is appearing in the sequel to her feature film debut (St. Trinian’s). St. Trinian’s II: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold is on release this month in the UK.

As part of the promotion, Harding let slip to the English presses that she would be interested in playing a villainess.

“I need to work on my skills, that’s the priority,” Sarah Harding told The Times. “I’d love to do some action stuff. I’d be a good Brigitte Nielsen kind of baddie. Or maybe the kind of character that Grace Jones played in A View to a Kill. A bad Bond girl. I don’t see myself doing the glamour stuff. I’m kind of edgier.”

The feisty 007 villainess from “A View To A Kill” – Mayday – was played by ’80s music star Grace Jones.

Perhaps Harding is eyeing a role in James Bond 23.

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Could talent show star Susan Boyle perform the new James Bond theme?

The UK papers The Guardian and Daily Record have picked up on a tabloid whisper that some fans are campaigning for ‘Britian’s Got Talent’ sensation, Susan Boyle to perform the James Bond 23 title-song.

By all accounts it is far too early into the film’s schedule for the producers to be considering title-song artists.Last time around Jack White and Alicia Keys were confirmed publicly just three months before ‘Quantum of Solace’ premiered.

Guardian blogger Stuart Heritage wrote on Monday that he thought the rumor was an indication that “Eon plans to stop tinkering with the formula and churn out a great big old-fashioned number”.

More recently, some fans have been campaigning for a David Arnold and Shirley Bassey hit, after Dame Shirley’s newest album was produced by the five-time Bond composer.

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Bond screenwriter Peter Morgan reveals Bond 22 will be a ‘shocking story’

The worldwide James Bond site is reporting that Peter Morgan has spoken to the presses about his new Bond screenplay, saying it will be shocking and admitting he is not allowed to say much more. “Bond creates a hysteria around it, one that I haven’t previous known”, he said. “It’s a magnet for publicity – everyone wants to know what’s going on with the new Bond”.

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IMDb users predict Jesper Christensen will return as Mr. White

IMDb, which can be edited by anyone with a Pro-account, is predicting the return of Mr. White, Quantum’s middle-man. Played by Jesper Christensen the shady dealmaker survived 007′s interrogation and escaped the clutches of MI6. Last seen in Austria at the extravagant performance of Tosca – will White make a return to 2011′s Bond 23?

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Dench tells the presses she wants Emma Thompson as a Bond baddie

The acclaimed English actress who has played James Bond’s boss on 6 occasions – and will be reprising the role in Bond 23 – has jovially commented to UK based paper The Telegraph that she would want Emma Thompson (pictured), 50, star of Sense and Sensibility and Nanny McPhee, to take the role of a baddie in James Bond’s newest adventure.

“It’s such a good idea,” Judi said at the premiere of Nine this week. ”I’d give her [Thompson] a hard time.”

“I can barely ask for my own part, but it would be very nice,” she added.

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Dench to join Bond 23 in ‘Spring 2011′

Judi Dench revealed to MTV this month that “I think I’m going to be needed in spring of 2011.” Daniel Craig previously confirmed at the stage door of his Broadway play, ‘A Steady Rain’ that he would start filming in late 2010.

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