Dossiers issued in January, 2010

Bond alumni Martin Campbell backs Sam Mendes for Bond 23 director

Rumor has been circulating about the availability of award-winning director Sam Mendes to helm the new James Bond movie.

Now two time James Bond director Martin Campbell (GoldenEye and Casino Royale) – famed for his role in introducing James Bond actors Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan – has come out to bat for the American Beauty director.

Speaking with the Brit site Time Out, Campbell said:

Sam will do a splendid job. I felt “Quantum of Solace” completely lost its way. We were lucky on “Casino Royale”, it was the origin story of Bond. Bond had the one and only affair that meant anything to him, and affected him throughout the rest of the series. I had sympathy for the writers after that because clearly the guy can’t have another meaningful relationship, he’s been fucked over by the last one. But you’ve got to do something with the character, he’s got to go somewhere. I’m sure Sam and Peter Morgan will come up with something. The secret to Bond is to remember it’s Bond. It’s been successful.

Much of Mendes involvement in the new James Bond 23 will be limited until MGM are released from their financial woes. Nevertheless, this may ease some tension that has dominated James Bond fans’ discussions in the last month with people wary about Mendes’ involvement. With Campbell’s backing, the Bondsphere may have less cause for alarm.

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Rumors suggest Craig’s Cowboy adventure will delay Bond 23 and a possible release date

DreamWorks funded flick Cowboys and Aliens will see James Bond star Daniel Craig take the lead in this fantasy adventure film.

The film has been muted for some time and was waiting on Hollywood sensation Robert Downey Jr to be available to take the lead. Ultimately this has not been possible and the producers have turned to 007 star, Daniel Craig, who is of the same calibre but seemingly already available.

Entertainment Blog HitFix is claiming that this production schedule (shooting in mid 2010 for a release in 2011) may impinge on the new James Bond film. This prediction is in light of Dan’s unfavorable comments about the very tight shooting schedule on Quantum – going so far as to predict a very conservative summery 2012 release. At Bond 23 we have reservations about all speculation of this kind and advise fans to be wary of jumping to conclusions.

That said – the Bondsphere has gone dark since the leaking of Sam Mendes’ involvement in the Bond 23 production and very little is known about the exact shooting schedule of James Bond 23.

The latest rumors that hit the tabloids and internet sources in January was that if Mendes’ involvement was to be confirmed, we could be looking at a shooting schedule commencing in the summer of 2010. Before this revolation, Craig said it was his understanding that the production was to take place in late 2010.

HitFix also explain to us that it is their belief that a “Nov. 18, 2011” release date has been penciled in by the production. In general we have been expecting a late November release but we are yet to see a day in the 11th month muted by a reliable source. At this stage any fan might as well join a lottery and pitch in with release date predictions. At Bond 23 we are surprised that the tabloids have yet to predict a 11/11/11 release.

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Simon Russell Beale admits he begged his friend, Sam Mendes, for a Bond role

The up and coming actor who has served the theatre expertly for many years (including some stunning Shakespeare and Chekov) admitted to The Independent that he had dreamed of a role in the new Bond film.

Whilst planning a production of the Bard’s “King Lear” with his friend Sam Mendes – tipped for the directorial job of the new James Bond movie – and whilst talking, Beale dropped a few hints:

“YES!” he bellows, “Of course! Every actor wants to be in Bond. I’d love to be a baddie. I saw Sam just before Christmas and dropped a hint – and he just looked wearily at me.”

What chance does he have? A far better one than the likes of Jonas or Caulfield… and not just because he is buddies with the would-be director of the Bond picture. His obscurity from mainstream media and his impressive stage career will no doubt endear him to the James Bond producers

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Tabloids claim James Bond 22 delayed to allow for 3D screenings

British red-top tabloid The Sun is claiming an inside source behind the scenes of the new Bond picture.

Their ‘insider’ claims that ”The 23rd Bond movie has been put back a few months and that has given them the time to prepare to film it in 3D. Everyone involved in the project is really excited because it will take the franchise in a new direction.”

In past run-ups to new Bond movies the Brit tabloids have proved to jump on the scent before any real evidence emerges. The consensus here at is that the production is no more delayed than has ever been and the preeminent reason for the widely-pridected 3 year gap between Quantum of Solace and James Bond 23 is the financial turmoil MGM has found itself in.

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James Bond 23 directorial confusion

Since the news broke just a few hours ago, Bond fan sites, news websites, blogs and the social networks have been alive with rumours about the potential new James Bond director, Sam Mendes.

We are still cautiously waiting for official word from EON Productions or MGM as to the accuracy of what has largely been re-broadcast accross the internet as “official” news.

Two new sources of interest have emerged on net in very recent times.

The first is a report from British Bond site who claim MGM have denied reports, including quotes carried by the major movie-news sites and papers that James Bond 23 Pre-Production is stalled. However, according to MI6′s source, the representitives of the big cat declined to comment over the Sam Mendes hiring saga. This news from MGM seems to contradict quotes from Producer Michael G. Wilson as printed by Total Film. So, MGM says production is not stalled, but Mr. Wilson says it is – from what can gather!

More lucrative on the rumor-quashing front is an exclusive story from who have learned that “Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson are in final negotiations with CAA for director Sam Mendes to come on as a consultant to the 23rd James Bond film”. Deadline Hollywood constitutes a consistent and reliable source who seem to know who to talk to and what to print when. Our money is on Deadline being dead right! They also have sources that explain why Mendes was not hired outright – citing a ‘deposit’ being owed from MGM to the director in question whenever one is formally hired by EON. With MGM’s current financial position in limbo, it seems more logical that this roundabout way of hiring Mendes was taken.

Additionally, the logical next step, of Mendes coming onboard as director seems contrary to the train of thought so far when we read this bite from Deadline’s insider: “Barbara thinks he’s smart, which he is. But you don’t need such a fancy director. You need someone who can do an action movie.”

BUT… When has a top-grade director been hired by EON as a consultant and not asked to direct the film? Even Paul Haggis was (rumored to have been) asked.

As you were until the next bout of fog hits Bond fandom.

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‘Jarhead’ helmsman, Sam Mendes to direct James Bond 23

According to the trade press, the British director Sam Mendes is in talks to direct the 23rd James Bond film.

This is the behind some big blockbusters including Jarhead, Revolutionary Road, American Beauty and Road to Perdition and now he is reported to be behind the lens of  James Bond 23.

The news is being brought to us by The Hollywood Reporter who, contrary to panic-stricken reports from the British press this week, predict that pre-production is being ‘fast tracked’ and EON Productions could be filming their new James Bond movie by June 2010.

If the deals goes ahead, this will be the second time Mendes and Craig (James Bond) have worked together – the first being on the set of Road to Perdition.

Plans for the production of the newest 007 adventure seem to be full steam ahead, despite the rumors we have been hearing this week, with producers not waiting for the MGM sale before proceeding with pre-production.

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Singer-come-actor Joe Jonas says he wants a role in a Bond film

The round of actors and celebs throwing the name in the hat for a role in the new James Bond movie – currently known as Bond 23 – continues with Joe Jonas.

For those of you unfamiliar with Jonas’ work, he fronts a band, the Jonas Brothers (founded 2009), with his two siblings Kevin and Nick. He has gone on to have cameo and acting roles, largely on Disney channel productions including Hannah Montana and High School Musical 2.

Jonas claimed he would be even willing to read for a villain’s role if he must.

The 20-year old reportedly told Britain’s red-top The Daily Record, “I’m willing to read for anything. Acting is something I love and I want to do it all. It would be an awesome dream to get a part in a James Bond movie. We’re big fans of Daniel Craig. [Daniel] is the best and it would be an honour. It’s a prestigious film series.”

Our verdict: at only 20 years old, the producers will no doubt be looking for someone with substantially experience behind him. Not only this, but in all probability the villains roles and their physical types have not been locked down by the screenwriters at this date. Lastly, when was the last time a lead role in a James Bond film was offered to any actor who asked for it thru the presses? Sit back and relax, there’ll be many more like this before pre-production is out.

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Producer Michael G. Wilson Admits MGM’s Future & James Bond 23 Status is ‘uncertain’

Fans will no doubt be aware that MGM has been facing financial issues and has made a move to take bids on long-serving big cat. Not only does MGM hold the back catalogue of James Bond films but other big franchises, including The Hobbit and Pink Panther are awaiting stability. For Bond, this means that we cannot realistically expect a new film until 2011.

Today co-producer of the James Bond movies, Michael G. Wilson was quoted by the Express to say that even the Bond-makers are uncertain about their distributor’s movements. “We just don’t know enough about the situation to comment but we know it’s uncertain,” said Wilson.

UPDATE: According to James Bond site MI6, the full quote, as given to Total Film Magazine (UK) was “Well, our timeline’s a little up in the air what with the situation at MGM, so we have to be flexible. We just don’t know enough about the situation to comment, but we know it’s uncertain.”

Additionally, the story carried the claim that pre-production on James Bond 23 had been halted with no time periods specified and the Express appears to fear for 007′s life, claiming “the future of the Bond franchise hangs in the balance”.

This may be a somewhat sensationalized version of the truth, and while James Bond will have to ride out this ‘limbo’ period, so far all pointers indicate that Bond 23 will proceed much as expected with shooting beginning towards the end of this year and a release in 2011.

Bond fans, don’t panic!

On the writing and pre-production process Michael Wilson was also quoted to have said: “I think we’re at the stage where a lot of ideas are floating around that sound very good, but whether they make the final cut, who knows?”

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