Dossiers issued in April, 2010

Past James Bond film stars offer encouraging words to fans over Bond 23 postponement

As well as Daniel Craig pitching in a good word for the producers, other James Bond alumni have come out in support of Bond.

Many stars were gathered at an international fan even in London, UK last weekend and fans may be reassured to know both recent Bond girl Gemma Arterton – Agent Fields in Quantum of Solace – and classic villain Richard Kiel – Jaws in Moonraker and The Spy Who Loved Me – say… James Bond will return.

Gemma said: “It shows the state of the film industry at the moment, especially the British film industry. Fingers crossed – it’s James Bond so it has to continue and it will. It’s just a minor blip.”

“They had a gap before… Just before Goldeneye,” says Kiel.

“Somebody bought MGM. So it’ll be made. There’ll be another Bond film, don’t worry.”

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Danny Dyer helps to cut EON’s budget by offering to be a cheap James Bond

Danny Dyer is offering to save the James Bond film franchise.

The Football Factory star is offering to play 007 himself, for a cheap fee, after news the Bond films are on hold because the studios are so deeply in debt.

Danny wrote in his Zoo magazine column: “It’s a shame, because I really love the Bond films – but getting me in would help them right out – I’d do it for £200 a week.”

He added: “There’s a Facebook campaign for me to be the next 007 and I’m f***ing thrilled about it. That’s a mad idea, but I think I could pull it out of the bag.

“You don’t need £60m to make a film; most of mine are made for under one million. As long as you’ve got your star man and the right people around him, that’s all that matters. F*** the CGI b******s – go back to the old school. Keep campaigning, lads – I won’t let the side down.”

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What to talk about while we wait for Bond 23?

With the announcement of production hiatus on Bond 23, fans may well be wondering – what will the media amuse themselves with, in fact, what will the fans look to to fill their Bond niche, whilst we await the revival or bankruptcy of the great lion. Read the rest of this entry »

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Daniel Craig confident in Bond 23 producers’ decision to halt production

Whilst the internet’s news broadcasters have published the halt of Bond 23 as doom and gloom – Daniel Craig has expressed his confidence in the producers with a short statement about the recent turn of events.

“I have every confidence in Barbara and Michael’s decision,” says the two-time Bond star, “and look forward to production resuming as quickly as possible.”

It is unsurprising for many that EON have had no choice to halt the production, given MGM’s current status, and perhaps the big cat’s bankruptcy will prove the quickest, if least desirable, path to Bond 23′s continued production.

Fans, watch this space…

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Broccoli & Wilson: James Bond 23 is suspended indefinitely

Sobering news for Bond fans worldwide today as EON productions made a statement to the presses that production on the 23rd James Bond film would be halted indefinitely, until MGM Studios is in a position to finance the film. Read the rest of this entry »

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Broccoli ‘confirms’ Sam Mendes as Bond 23 director – new writers may be onboard

Still battling the press frenzy over his separation from Kate Winslet acclaimed director Sam Mendes is said to be focusing his attention on Bond 23.

According to English newspaper, The Telegraph, Barbara Broccoli (producer of the new James Bond movie) confirmed to sources that Mendes would be helming James Bond 23.

“It is a mystery worthy of a Bond script,” says the paper’s unknown source.

Also on the radar is Patrick Marber, screenwriter of Notes on a Scandal (2006), and is said to be wanted by Mendes for scripting the James Bond film. Fans will recall a first draft of Bond 23 was turned in by “The Queen” screenwriter, Peter Morgan was turned in late last year.

Whilst MGM people told the paper: “The film-makers say the Morgan / Marber switch is just speculation,” it is likely that Mendes would be given the opportunity to work with a screenwriter of his choice to polish the script, if he has indeed confirmed his involvement as director – even though this remains unofficial.

Rumor Roundup: Jamie Bell is not Bonding with 007 this time around.

In an embarrassing turn of events it seems that several skeptical fans have kicked off rumors of Jamie Bell starring in the new Bond film. This was picked up by British red top The Sun and later run and dispelled by several general film blogs and news sources, including Cinema Blend and Screen Rant. Equally, if not more, embarrassing for the rumor mongers themsleves who posted a detailed explanation of who and how they conned a English newspaper (and what fake names and emails the fans involved used to convince the print and internet media) to normally excellent Bond fan website

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James Bond 23 Plot points involving Rachel Weisz emerge

Last month English actress Rachel Weisz was tipped for a non-traditional role in the new James Bond movie. Now there are further rumors and “leaked” plot points from the pre-production of the new James Bond movie.

According to James Bond website MI6, the leak comes from Ms Weisz herself, or rather a fan blog which had published what its editors believed to be certain plot details from the New James Bond film – dubbed Bond 23. Read the rest of this entry »

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