Dossiers issued in July, 2010

James Bond producers voice opinions in the MGM sale scenario

Barbara Broccoli, co-producer of the James Bond films, has voiced an opinion on how MGM should proceed – or at least according to sources. As Bond fans will recall, MGM’s financial position hangs in the balance with many debt extensions granted by the share holders in the hopes that the big cat’s administrators can get the company back on track and salable.

Now, the Bond producers (who have been, on the whole, silent on this issue to date) are reportedly hoping that Time Warner buy MGM (who own a share of 007). Without a cash injection, such that would come with the purchase of MGM, the EON/MGM Bond producing partnership’s days may be numbered.

Big film names including Spyglass Entertainment, Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate are all in the hunt for MGM, provided the price is right.

At the Blood Stone launch event Michael G. Wilson cheekily mentioned that he wished he was launching a Bond movie.

Daniel Craig bonding with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

In related news, Mr. Craig (current James Bond actor) has accepted a lead role in the Hollywood recreation of Stieg Larsson’s popular book.

Some Bond fans are concerned at this point that Craig’s role in the film may leave him unavailable for 007. The key issue will be to resolve one challenge at a time – and Craig is more than entitled to seek roles whilst he can.

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Daniel Craig wants to get on with Bond 23

The current-007 actor was appearing at Comic Con in San Diago, promoting his new film Cowboys And Aliens when the opportunity arose to discuss James Bond 23, the new James Bond movie, currently on hiatus.

According to MI6, Craig gave the carefully worded response to the inevitable question: “Bond is on hold,” the English actor reiterated, “but all I can say is I want to get going on it as quickly as possible.”

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Bond 23 producer Michael Wilson confident of bringing Bond back to the cinemas soon

Whilst attending the press conference for James Bond’s new video game Blood Stone, one half of the brother/sister producing partnership behind the Bond films, Michael G. Wilson announced the he was positive Bond would be back in the cinemas, sooner rather than later.

This should help quell some panic that hit the tabloids earlier in the month, suggesting that 007 was axed. Bond 23 has been put on hold until MGM and its financiers can resolve their debts, either through bankruptcy or bailout.

Both Barbara [Brocolli] and I are convinced that we’ll be bringing you another Bond film soon

This was the sentiment from Mr Wilson that greeted Bond fans as the producer appeared to announce James Bond’s newest videogame adventure – shaping up to be inspired by EA’s successful Everything or Nothing with its fast driving interludes and a healthy mixture of stealth and stunts.

MGM administrators currently have breathing space until September 2010 to find funding for itself.

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Activision announce second Bond video game, Blood Stone

Santa Monica, CA – July 16, 2010 – Grammy and BRIT award winning artist Joss Stone is set to debut as the newest Bond girl in Activision Publishing, Inc.’s James Bond 007: Blood Stone, an original Bond experience from screenwriter Bruce Feirstein. In addition to stepping into a leading role, Stone will create original music for the game, luring players into an explosive third-person action adventure where they will unravel an international conspiracy across exotic locales and experience full-throttle, behind-the-wheel action on land and sea while using the most high tech gadgetry known to James Bond 007, the world’s most skilled secret agent.

“James Bond 007: Blood Stone captures the cinematic intensity of a Bond film by immersing players in an intriguing conspiracy that will require them to think and act like James Bond,” said David Pokress, Head of Marketing for Licensed Properties, Activision Publishing. “In addition, the game will feature a diverse array of multi-player modes and debut strategic objective-based gameplay that will allow Xbox 360, PS3 and PC players to battle as teams of spies and mercenaries through authentic Bond locales.”

James Bond 007: Blood Stone features the likeness and voice talent of Daniel Craig, Joss Stone and Judi Dench and features an epic, original story developed by screenwriter Bruce Feirstein.

Players can engage in cover-based firefights, lethal hand-to-hand combat and speed their way through explosive adrenaline-fueled driving sequences as they embark on a global chase leading to action on land and sea through Athens, Istanbul, Monaco and Bangkok.

Gamers can also feel what it is like to be a 00 agent, as they take the battle online in several robust 16-person multi-player modes that require skill, teamwork and strategy as players compete in matches that will have spies battling mercenaries.

Joss Stone provides an original musical track to the game titled, “I’ll Take it All” written and performed by her and Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics. The song will be featured exclusively in James Bond 007: Blood Stone.

The James Bond 007: Blood Stone video game is being developed by critically acclaimed developer Bizarre Creations for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC under license from EON Productions Ltd and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. The NDS platform is being developed by n-Space.

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Christopher Nolan expresses interest in directing a Bond movie

The acclaimed director behind the re-booted Batman series has expressed an interest in getting involved in the James Bond franchise.

Whilst Sam Mendes is still the favourite for the director’s chair once product recommences, Nolan has put his name in the hat, says Deadline.

In an interview with the BBC, Nolan was reported to say:

I’ve loved the Bond films since I was a kid. For me, they’re always about the expansiveness of cinema. The first Bond films set up infinite possibilities about the world they create. I’d love to do a Bond film.

His newest pic, Inception, has recently opened amongst much hype. This is the film that the director previously described as his On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Nolan also commented that Bond films had always “stood for the promise of being taken to some place bigger than you could have imagined”.

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Bond 23 is not dead and buried – simply postponed

The tabloids in England have only just recently picked up on the fact that, since April, the production of the 23rd James Bond film has been on hold.

In statement Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli jointly told the presses that it was impossible for any further work to be continued whilst MGM was in the financial situation it was and remains today.

Due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding the future of MGM and the failure to close a sale of the studio, we have suspended development on ‘Bond 23′ indefinitely.

The Hollywood reporter recently expressed scorn at certain papers for recycling the news this week as news, with some revelation (or rumor) that Bond 23 crew had departed from the production of the 23rd 007 adventure.

This is far from a revolution in truth. It’s understandable that some crew need to move on and find new projects, but they were not let go or told to go home as some blogs or tabloids implied.

In fact, quite the opposite is true. Deadline recently reported that Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes are prepared to wait for 007.

Their undisclosed source said “There is no new news. Development will resume once MGM is viable again, as Danjaq can’t go anywhere without them.  So all bets are off.  No idea when this will get resolved.” However, nobody is parting ways and bloggers who know the industry best are predicting that Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes are in it for the long haul.

Sobering news for Bond fans.

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Vote for your ultimate Bond 23 location

A month or so back asked you to nominate the most exotic locations that you’d like your favourite super-spy to include in his next whirlwind tour.

Now, we have collated your votes and come up with six great finalists for inclusion in a fan poll. It’s easy to vote, just choose your desire option from the list (to your right) and hit “vote”!

The poll will stay open for a month – we thank you for your contributions!

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