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Movement in the MGM saga sparks hopes for Hobbit and James Bond fans

Variety are reporting today that MGM will have its pre-packaged bankruptcy plan approved by a federal court on December 2nd in Manhattan.

The great machine that is one of Hollywood’s oldest and most iconic studios will be restructured in order to clear debt and start producing films again.

For Bond fans this means that 007 will be on the agenda early, as James Bond 23 – along with the long-awaited Hobbit movie – will be big earners for MGM.

The deadline for creditor objections MGM’s proposed plan was Friday, none have been made. A meeting on Tuesday, ahead of the court date will confirm this.

Spyglass have been lined up to manage the restructured company after it capitalises its debt. The Hobbit will benefit from this first, with shooting expected in Feburary 2011 (Summer in New Zealand) but the producers of the 23rd James Bond film have been typically silent on their plans.

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Fans would approve of Monica Bellucci as a Bond girl survey finds

It seems that the Rachel Weiz rumor cycle did nothing to deter James Bond fans from their pursuit of sexy Italian star Monica Bellucci as their next James Bond girl.

Long time followers of the franchise will recall that the 46 year old star was a hot favorite with rumor mongers and fans when the wires first began speculation about the casting of a Bond girl for James Bond 23 – the role ultimately won by Eva Green.

Now MI6 reports that the fan favourite Bond girl spot still goes to Bellucci.

According to the British Bond fan site: Monica scored an “amazing 23% of all votes from a huge field of contenders.” And the chaps over there remind us that she was a hot contender as early as Tomorrow Never Dies – with support from then current Bond star, Pierce Brosnan.

Bellucci’s followers in the poll were the more predictable names of Jessica Alba and Megan Fox – either of which would likely cause angry riots amongst Bond fans.

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MGM plans James Bond 23 for November 2012 provided a producing partner can be found

The bankrupt studio, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, who filed a Chapter 11 petition today in Bankruptcy Court, expressed an interest in fast-tracking James Bond and The Hobbit films.

Business news source Bloomberg reports the following:

MGM plans to spend as much as $125 million on operations in the next 15 weeks. MGM said it’s has already spent $20 million to fund production of films based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel… New James Bond films may be released every second year starting in November 2012, MGM said. It aims to own 50 percent of Bond 23, due out that year, with an equal partner paying all of the production costs, it said. Later Bond movies would be wholly owned and funded by MGM, the company said.

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Bond 23 location rumor sparks as Israel and Britain sign filming deal

According to the British Bond site MI6 Israel and Britain signed a cooperation agreement in the field of cinema on Wednesday after 10 years of intense negotiations.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry estimated that British films may start being filmed in Israel very soon. One option that is being considered is shooting parts of the next James Bond movie in Israel.

It seems unlikely that EON would have made any decisions on filming locations – based on the very murky status of a script draft, after Peter Morgan recently admitted to not handing in more than an outline to the James Bond producers. However, as the cliche goes: never say never (again)! Other rumors (prior to the shutting down of production to make way for the MGM bankruptcy) included location scouting in the Middle East, namely Afghanistan.

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Timothy Dalton talks Daniel Craig and Bond 23

The fourth man to play James Bond, Timothy Dalton talked to Entertainment Weekly about his guest role in the successful NBC show Chuck – whilst with them, the Welsh star of The Living Daylights and Licence To Kill spoke about the James Bond 23 hiatus.

I’m not speaking as a spokesman for them, of course, but I have to believe that Bond, a big moneymaker for so many years, will get back on its feet. Someone will give it a platform, a foundation on which it can be made again, because it will be in everybody’s interest. It will make money, they do make money, they always make money, and of course, they provide tremendous entertainment for so many people. It’s a horrible situation for everybody, but by the time the lawsuit that stopped the last Bond movie that I was going to make was resolved, five years had passed.

The former 007 star had kind words for the man currently filling James Bond’s tuxedo – Daniel Craig – with Mr. Dalton saying: “I thought the first 25 minutes of Daniel’s first movie [Casino Royale] was the best 25 minutes I’ve seen in any Bond movie. I thought it was a fantastic opening.”

The interview goes into some detail about Daltons time as Bond and his views on the darker, grittier side of the character that he was first famous for creating, now echoed to some extent by Daniel Craig.

Worth a read for any good Bond fan: click.

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