Dossiers issued in December, 2010

MGM emerge from bankruptcy and eye Bond 23

With 500 million in funding under its belt, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer is already planning where it can spend its newfound wealth.

However, first on the agenda will be, The Hobbit filmed in New Zealand next year. The Spyglass executives said they were “honored and inspired” to be leading MGM through the challenging time.

The question on industry experts’ lips is “who will be partnering with the big cat to bring us Bond 23? The release of Bond 23, optimistically scheduled for November 2011, would coincide with the50th anniversary of James Bond 007. Trade press Variety predicts that beyond Bond and The Lord Of The Rings prequel MGM’s slate is sorely lacking. Bond may prove the cat’s best hope.

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Details of the new James Bond game leak – Daniel Craig still 007

Gaming studio, Raven, have reportedly resumed work on the new James Bond game that was put to bed with MGM financial troubles. This of course comes only a matter of weeks after “Blood Stone” and “GoldenEye” hit the market.

Mi6 were the first to break the rumor, but gaming sites followed suit with fans at NeoGAF spotting a leaked YouTube video – a design reel that includes elements of the new James Bond game.

Importantly for fans of the Bond franchise, this signals movement across the board – indicating the license-holders feel it safe to keep manufacturing 007 product once again. Even though EON Productions have been typically quiet, it seems likely they are restarting work on Bond 23.

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Kate Winslet to move to London as Mendes jets off to shoot Bond 23

The famously estranged couple will be brought closer together thanks to James Bond. The Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes split-up hit the press back in March.

Now, in an interview with English paper, the Daily Mail, Winslet explained that her and the two children Joe and Mia would be moving to the UK so that the kids might be near their father as he shoots the James Bond film.

Whilst it has yet to be officially confirmed that Mendes is helming the production, this news is further confirmation that Mesdes is not just a “consultant”, as he was announced back in January.

It appears that the celeb couple remain separated but Winslet doesn’t rule out working with her ex again.

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Bond 23 back on track – Composer David Arnold talks + MGM progress

Today MGM’s proposal for pre-packed bankruptcy was approved by a federal court.

“Today’s ruling is an important milestone for MGM,” said Co-Chief Executive Officer Stephen Cooper. “Thanks to the support of our lenders and the hard work of our employees, we have moved through the restructuring process quickly. By dramatically reducing MGM’s debt load and providing MGM with access to new capital, the reorganization plan the Court confirmed today will enable MGM to emerge from this process with a solid financial foundation and will position MGM to be a successful studio going forward.”

MGM expects the Plan to become effective by mid-December, once the conditions of effectiveness have been met.

Regular 007 music man, David Arnold has confirmed that plans are afoot in relation to James Bond 23.

Speaking to Film Music Magazine, Arnold said that they “just got the news that we’re back on.” Nonetheless the composer is keeping defiantly scilent, saying he “will keep quiet until I get a script and then start writing ideas.”

David Arnold, a lifelong Bond fan, prior to writing the music, stated: “I’m looking forward to a great script for it, alongside every other Bond fan in the world!”

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