Dossiers issued in January, 2011

Bond 23 has a villain? Javier Bardem said to be in talks to star in the new James Bond movie

The award winning actor of No Country For Old Men-fame is reportedly being offered a big role in the new James Bond film.

The news comes from Deadline, who are almost always the first and most reliable industry blog to break the news.

Whilst it is not clear which role Bardem will take up – most are suspecting it will be that of the lead villain in Bond 23.

An offer to star in the new James Bond movie was reportedly made by EON Production’s heads, Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli to the Spanish star last week, coinciding with a Best Actor nomination for Bardem.

Deadline reminds fans that the actor is known to take offerings seriously and consider these at great lengths. For instance, he was rumored to have turned down a role in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street sequel.

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Dame Judi Dench confirms she will play M in Bond 23

The 6 time M, Dame Judi Dench has confirmed she will be reprising her role as Bond’s stern boss in Bond 23.

Drench has held the honor since 1995 and Brosnan’s debut outing, GoldenEye.

The actress was quizzed after receiving an award at London’s South Bank Sky Arts award. She said: “Of course, I’m looking forward hugely to working with Daniel [Craig] again and with Sam [Mendes] who I’ve only ever worked with in the theatre. So that’ll be all good fun to do! I’m so glad it’s coming back, it’s wonderful.”

The news follows closely behind this month’s announcement that Bond 23 will be released worldwide on 9th November 2012.

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Bond 23 title rumors hit UK tabloids – scooped from anonymous postings on fan forums

The Sun recently reported that Bond 23 was underway and that the new James Bond movie was rumored to star Rachel Weisz and be entitled Red Sky At Night.

The scoop, it turns out, comes from an anonymous “friend-of-a-friend” tip James Bond fan forum. British James Bond website MI6 were quick to rebuff the story and humiliate its authors.

The piece, editors point out, is largely cobbled together from old rumors writing: “You can expect to see this garbage recycled on movie blogs and reported as un-sourced ‘fact’ in tabloid newspapers over the coming days…”

Stay tuned for scandal.

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Suspect rumors of Daniel Craig departing Bond circulate blogs – replaced by Clive Owen

Fiore Mastracci of the Examiner claims that only one of the two battles confronting the makers of Bond 23 has been won. That of the MGM financial situation. The author claims that backroom talk suggests that certain parties planned to oust Daniel Craig from the role and replace him with Clive Owen – the English star of Children of Men and The International – as, in Mastracci’s words, before Craig was announced as Bond #6, Owen “coveted the role”.

However, it is our understanding that whilst internet rumor and fan support was strong for Owen winning the role, he was never in the running. In 2006 Owen himself dismissed the possibility that he’d priced himself out of the market or was in any way in talks with the Bond producers.

The author of this suspect piece continues to suggest that Craig told Broccoli and Wilson (the film’s producers) that he wished Bond to explore the topic homosexual relationships …No comment!

Owen, it is claimed, is asking for a three picture deal which the article’s author suggests is not in the interests of the film’s distributer – MGM. However, it is widely known that both Craig and Brosnan were offered 3 picture deals in their initial contracts with the Bond franchise. It is hard to imagine that it would not be in the interest of the producers to secure an actor for multiple outings.

Bloggers (as are we) are rightly skeptical about this smoke and mirrors “rumor”.

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British tabloids restart unfounded Michael Sheen as Blofeld rumor

It was all but a few short days between Bond 23 confirming pre-production (a release date, Daniel Craig returning to the lead role, and a new screenwriter thrown in) that the UK tabloids began their wild speculation about casting Bond 23.

The Mirror’s headline “Michael Sheen poised to be Bond villain Blofeld” is one such shot in the dark.

The article claims that the estemed actor (who has appeared in a number of Peter Morgan-penned hits including Frost/Nixon) is considered by Bond producer Barbara Broccoli the “prefect choice” for the role, backed up with quotes from another unknown source suggesting the producers are considering Sheen.

The rest of the information is scrounged from the earlier rumor that Bond 23 may feature Simon Russell Beale, the MGM bankrupcy fiasco and a Judi Dench quote, which she gave the press in December 2009, that she understood she would be needed in the Spring of 2011. The quote has been conveniently changed to “2012″.

As always, take these and the other rumors we bring to the table with a grain of salt.

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Opera singer Katherine Jenkins’ ideal film role – a Bond girl baddie

The Welsh Opera star who has recently had a fame boost, appearing in the Dr. Who Christmas Special (A Christmas Carol) has given an interview to in which she admits to having caught the acting bug.

Jenkins went on to say that she would really like to play a femme fatale: “I’d want to be one of the baddies. I’d love to be an Ice Queen or something.”

The singing-turned-actor goes on to explain that her ideal acting job would be a Bond Girl. With pre-production under way and the recent announcement about a release date, director and writer, many more of these “press auditions” are likely to hit the blogs and tabloids.

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Bond 23 release date confirmed as November 9th 2012

Industry Blog deadline were the first to break the news that a release date for Bond 23 has been pencilled.

They also report on the Beale rumours:

Producer Broccoli has been to see actor Russell Beale twice in his current West End play Deathtrap. Also, the Shakespearean actor is starring as King Lear for Bond 23 director Sam Mendes in a National Theatre production in 2012.

The regular James Bond scribes Neal Purvis and Robert Wade will be supported this time by John Logan, hit screenwriter of Gladiator (2000). Sam Mendes is still attached to the production – this is the first official release that cites Mendes as the director of Bond 23.

The team over at MI6 have secured a copy of the informative albeit brief James Bond 23 press release from MGM/EON.

James Bond IS Back!

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Simon Russell Beale may be in talks to play a good guy in Bond 23

The Telegraph’s resident rumor mogul, known as Mandrake, is predicting that the acclaimed stage and screen actor (famed for his Shakespeare and the on-screen role of Sir Edward in An Ideal Husband) will be cast in Bond 23.

The Telegraph writes:

It was assumed that Sam Mendes, the director, was considering casting him as the baddie… Mandrake can disclose that the distinguished stage actor, pictured, is in fact in detailed talks to appear as one of the good guys.

The actor is currently serving on London’s West End in Deathtrap and has previously been linked to Bond 23 due to his close working relationship with would-be helmsman Sam Mendes. Beale reportedly “begged” his director friend for a role.

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Blogs light up with “halted” pre-production story – rehash of early 2010 story

A number of our fellow Bond fans were writing in with links to blogs all over the world running a story that reported (a) no director was attached and (b) MGM had put James Bond on hiatus – again!

Thankfully this story proved to be a misnomer. A prominent industry website was cited as the source of this news but the source page was quickly removed from the website once the error was noted.

The giveaway was that the sources cited Peter Morgan as attached to the production, however, the famed writer departed the Bond family some months ago. Some proactive blogs have since retracted the story, however, equally as many have yet to adjust their articles.

Bond fans do not despair!

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