Dossiers issued in May, 2011

Always Bet On Bond – MI6 Confidential Issue #10 goes behind the scenes of ‘Casino Royale’

Our friends over at MI6 have just let us know about their 10th and latest issue of a print magazine – here is the press release.

With the tabloid press railing against his selection and criticizing his suitability as the new James Bond on an almost daily basis, and the producers making the bold step of resetting the character back to the start of his career, the stakes could not have been higher for the release of “Casino Royale” and Daniel Craig’s debut as 007.

As well as rounding up interviews with the on-screen villains, Issue #10 of MI6 Confidential – the leading James Bond magazine – focuses on some of the aspects of the critically-acclaimed production that are often overlooked: pre-visualization, production design, scoring, special effects, costume design and the publicity machine that made sure everyone knew ‘Bond was back!’

In This Issue

  • Bay Area Bonding – Tracking “A View To A Kill” around famous San Francisco landmarks
  • James Bond’s France – Searching for the real Casino Royale
  • ‘Card Sense’ Jimmy Bond – A look back at the 1954 Casino Royale live teleplay on CBS
  • That Sinking Feeling – Peter Lamont and Chris Corbould on recreating Venice
  • Rogues Gallery – Interviews with the villains of Casino Royale: Mads Mikkelsen, Jesper Christensen and Clemens Schick
  • Between Script & Screen – Before the cameras roll, storyboard artist Martin Asbury reveals his ‘pre-vis’ magic
  • Scoring Casino Royale – Composer David Arnold talks about the score and Bond theme deconstruction
  • Dressing 007 – Costume designer Lindy Hemming explains the new look for a new Bond
  • Around The World With Casino Royale – How the worldwide publicity machine boosted Bond at the box-office
  • Age of Heroes – Sean Bean discusses his new WWII film based on Ian Fleming’s 30 Commando Unit
  • The Last Word – Director Martin Campbell on shooting the intricate poker sequence

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James Bond is back in ‘Carte Blanche’

Now we are ‘strictly’ a Bond 23 blog. But on occasions we break the rules. With the Bond 23 preproduction quiet at the present, eyes are focused on 007′s literary comeback in the form of a new novel by American thriller-writer Jeffery Deaver. Making a bit of a scene at London’s St Pancras station today, our friends over at MI6 have some pictures, an event report and an interview that might appeal to any Bond fan.

Sitting astride the classic motorcycle is the stunning Chesca Miles, model, singer and the UK’s first female stunt rider, and certainly a befitting Bond Girl, whilst from the Bentley emerges the man that everyone has been waiting to see: Jeffery Deaver.
Then, right on cue, the Royal Marine Commandos abseil swiftly down their ropes to deliver the hardback copies of the book itself. It’s a very Bondian moment.

But wait there’s more…

Deaver spoke to the Bond website and discussed what fans can expect, on the eve of the launch party no less…

I think I can honestly say, were Ian Fleming still around, he would look at “Carte Blanche” and the Bond I’ve created and recognise him and would feel that this was a character he would feel right at home with.

Whilst Deaver cannot reveal anything about the plot of the new novel (by all accounts his publisher was sitting with him) he can reveal a few tidbits about the James Bond character (and YES, there are some differences from Ian Fleming’s Bond) and how Jeffery approached writing the new Bond novel. It’s worth the read.

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Israeli Model Esti Ginzburg rumored to be up for a Bond girl role

According to the Israeli news and gossip site YNet James Bond casting agents are on the hunt for an “exotic girl” and Model Esti Ginzburg fits the bill.

They claim that the model has been invited to “preliminary” casting and her agent declined to comment.

The 21 year old currently lives in Tel Aviv, and made her Hollywood debut in the 2010 film Twelve.

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James Bond 23 news & rumor roundup

The bits you thought we forgot…

Cinematographer Roger Deakins working on James Bond 23

In a February interview with Collider website, Roger Deakins (cinematographer behind the Cohen brother’s films, as well as Sam Mendes’ Revolutionary Road) was probably doing a project with Sam Mendes.

As of April a Hollywood Reporter article dubbed him the new Bond 23 cinematographer (that top secret Mendes project).

The news was confirmed by Deakins himself on his fan forum on May 1st. He wrote: “Yes, I can say that I am doing the next ‘Bond’ film. It is early days and the film won’t shoot until November.”

Bond 23 Aims to Break Product Placement Dollar Record

According to the Australian a cinema record is being aimed at by co-financeers MGM and Sony Pictures. They hope that James Bond will raise $45 million in corporate sponsorship from the companies that want to see their brand associated with the world’s most famous spy.

Aston Marin Announce New V12 Zagato

James Bond website MI6 has the scoop on a new Aston Martin V12 Zagato – could this be 007′s car in the new James Bond film? It’s exclusive enough:

“The task for us has been to create a concept that is a natural successor to those iconic cars that have gone before. Matching the technology of the age with the traditional skills vital to deliver such a bespoke and exclusive sports car will lead to a strictly limited run of road going V12 Zagatos,” said Dr Ulrich Bez, CEO of Aston Martin.

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Rumors suggest Ralph Fiennes has signed on to James Bond 23

According to fans posting on a James Bond discussion forum the British star of Schindler’s List, The Constant Gardner and the Harry Potter series has signed on to James Bond as of last week.

Here is what a user of ajb007 posted about the news:

I had a meeting with Sony Australia reps on Wednesday and they confirmed Ralph Fiennes for Bond 23 while talking about their 2011/2012 lineup. Apparently he signed last week, and Sony were most pleased with Ralph joining the film. Straight from the horses mouth so to speak

…and in a later post it was mentioned:

It was casually mentioned that he would be a villain.

If Fiennes really is cast cast, we ask whether Javier Bardem will still be involved in the series?

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Local producer excited to have Bond 23 considering shooting in Southern and South Africa

In a piece that focuses on the budding South African film industry, the rumors of 0f 007 heading to South Africa continue.

Anant Singh a film producer told The Hollywood Reporter: “We are excited that the new James Bond film is considering locations in South and Southern Africa. Film people love to work in our country.”

Although this is far from a stone chiseled source, perhaps people “on the ground” know a little more than they are letting on. This is the first mention of possible locations outside the borders of The Republic of South Africa – could this mean that Bond 23 producers are eyeing up more than one location on the African continent?

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James Bond 23 Indian location rumors continue

Last week Indian presses reported that Bond 23 production members were seeking permission to film in India for Daniel Craig’s third outing as James Bond 007. Previous rumors tied James Bond 23 to the Konkan Railway line.

Now according to – James Bond might be swanning about Mumbai. The following is according to a “highly-placed source”:

Director Sam Mendes recently made a hush-hush visit to the city along with production designer Terry Bamber in mid-April for the film’s recce.  The movie will be shot in Mumbai and Goa during the monsoon season on a month-long schedule.

As ever, skepticism is the order of the day.

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