Dossiers issued in August, 2011

Tabloids roll out the Freida Pinto Bond Girl rumors again

Older than herself, this rumor has legs… if not foundation.

According to the Toronto Sun Pinto, famed for Slumdog Millionaire, is keeping her options open and is ‘coy’ about any role in Bond 23:

“As Bond?” she responds, smiling. “I don’t know — I haven’t read anything, I haven’t seen anything yet, so I’m not sure about that. I’m not predicting anything. I cannot see the future.”

“If the character’s interesting and not just a cardboard cut-out — because I have a problem doing that. But I’d like to be Bond.”

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Cape Town wants Bond 23 – promises hassle free shoot after Indian troubles

James Bond may be back in India this year but South Africa is a hot contender for some Bond 23 action when shooting starts later this year.

After permission issues held up the production, and according to some sources delayed shooting on location, the South African Film Commission is promising a hassle free ride for 007: ”Cape Town welcomes James Bond whenever he decides to visit us,” said Cape Film Commission chief executive Denis Lillie.

The Commission tells the AP that Cape Town is a real alternative to the Indian West Coast.

“This demonstrates how a film project can very quickly go ‘off the rails’ if the coordination between city and government departments are not in place,” said Lillie, commenting on the railway permission issues Bond 23 is said to have faced.

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German news sites claim Javier Bardem has confirmed Bond 23 role

According to scouts over at MI6, the Spaniard, Javier Bardem, who has been long-associated with Bond 23 has signed on to the production.

The site claims that “several” German news blogs have touted the news and predict an announcement of Bardem’s involvement shortly, should there be any weight at all to the news.

The No Country For Old Men star was first mentioned in association with James Bond 23 in January 2011 and the news came from the normally reliable source,

Bardem is widely expected to play a villain or henchman.

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Eastern news wires mix up ‘Carte Blanche’ and Bond 23

According to Blic Online, 007 will have a run in with a cellist in James Bond 23… but it is not so simple.

They claim that 007 will be shooting his 23rd James Bond film adventure is Serbia (despite hot tips that Bond will be off to India and South Africa) and that Jelena Mihailovic, a Serbian cellist will be involved in the production as opening theme composer.

The paper carries a quote from the performer herself:

“I am delighted to have been given the honour to meet those important people. I have had a chance to work with some established musicians like Gautier Capucon, Gary Hoffman, Christian-Pierre La Marca, Leonid Gorokhov, but now opportunities are opening up. Contact has been made and I am expecting an invitation to go to the USA soon, and until that time, I will be working on my new album, which is due to be released in October,” said Jelena, who has also been dubbed the Serbian Vanessa May.

However, the similarities between this ‘vision’ of Bond 23 and Jeffery Deaver’s ‘Carte Blanche‘ are not to be missed. Bond heads to Serbia in Deaver’s book, and the news wire even dubs the film that “new James Bond film, entitled Carte Blanche”.

Watch out for more trading on the 007 brand as news and rumors hot up!

UPDATE: The news is spreading and some bloggers and news sites are taking this as indication that Bond 23 will be Carte Blanche. Highly suspect in our book.

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James Bond 23 Indian locations are finalized

James Bond will be heading to north-west India, the Gujurat province, for the 23rd James Bond film.

Again, Pravesh Sahni of India Take One Productions reported to the Times of India that he had secured a filming deal in the Sabarmati railway yard.

Bond 23 will take fans to a less-than-familiar corner of India and the popular Mumbai and Goa are being blackballed by the production:

“We preferred Ahmedabad over Goa and Mumbai as for car chasing sequence the roads were apt and the Gujarat government promised to extend all support in the first meeting itself. For permission to shoot an action sequence on a train at Sabarmati railway yard we are meeting Union railways minister Dinesh Trivedi on Monday.”

As per earlier news it still remains to be seen if the production will get permission to close freight lines for hours per day in order to capture their planned action sequence.

Boffins over at MI6 claim that South Africa is not off the Bond 23 shooting schedule, despite extensive plans for production in India coming to light.

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Bond 23 stunt sequence said to be blocked by Indian bureaucracy

It has been widely reported that 007 is looking to visit India in the forthcoming James Bond 23. It also will not come as a surprise to readers that according to Indian sources the production team are planning an action packed train trip for Bond. Previously it was reported that the Konkan railway was set to be a key locale.

Whilst location rumors have been quite for some time now, there appears to be a flaw in the plan… the government are unwilling to allow filmmakers to close sections of the track for time needed to shoot an action sequence.

Pravesh Sahni who is said to be looking after EON Productions whilst they are in India told the newspapers:

Trains are the backbone of the film. We’ll pay for the shooting and also mention Indian Railways in the credit line. The shooting was supposed to happen in October-November. Now, we’ve postponed it to January-February. For the past three months, we’ve been trying to get things in order. The film has Daniel Craig doing stunts on a freight train. While the Indian Railways has given us permission to shoot, I need to meet someone and explain how important it is for us to block two tracks for eight hours a day over five to six days.

Previously Roger Moore’s Octopussy shot sequences in India and involved a protracted train sequence… deja vu anybody?

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James Bond 23 seeking remote Scottish castle?

According to sources at the Evening Times Bond 23 location scouts are on the look out for a dilapidated Scottish castle or lodge.

The papers speculate that James Bond 23 will be giving some background to the character’s personal history – as 007′s ancestry is traditionally understood to stem from Scotland:

Filming is due to begin in three months, and it is thought a Scottish castle will play a central role in facilitating a connection to the MI6 agent’s history. His father was described by author Ian Fleming as hailing from Glencoe.

Bond fans will remember the last time 007 headed for the north was in The World Is Not Enough when Sir Robert King’s funeral was held there and MI6 was revealed to have a high-tech outpost in Eileen Castle.

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Ben Whishaw rumored for James Bond 23 role

The first casting news for a while, and with a little credibility, has hit the news blogs.

According to sources at Coming Soon Ben Whishaw (who co-starred with Daniel Craig in Layer Cake) may be up for a role. Who, or indeed what kind of role he will be playing, was “not disclosed”.

The same site offers us some Bond girl character rumours but they might have got mixed up…… with the villain from Literary adventure ‘Carte Blanche’ by Jeffery Deaver:

We also have learned from the same source that the two “Bond Girls” this time around will be a “beautiful English Agent” and a “Beautiful Asian woman” named “Severin.”

As most Bond fans will remember Severan Hydt was the villain in ‘Carte Blanche’.

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James Bond 23 Art and VFX crew returning from earlier flicks

In more minor news, a couple of tips have come in from MI6 – the British Bond site – letting us know that Paul Inglis, Art Director and Steve Begg, Visual Effects, will be returning to James Bond 23 which commences shooting in November 2011.

Begg has previously worked on Casino Royale, where the VFX man was responsible famously for sinking Venetian houses.

Inglis had a hand in the 2008 adventure Quantum of Solace – designing interiors of the remote Perla De Las Dunas hotel. His current project is Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus”, which is shooting on the 007 Stage at Pinewood.

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