Dossiers issued in September, 2011

French actress Berenice Marlohe rumored for James Bond girl part

According to a quick tip from Twitch Film, Daniel Craig may be playing opposite this beautiful Frenchwoman in James Bond 23.

Most blogs and news sources are reporting it as rumor but Twitch are calling it “breaking news” and asserting the rumors to be true.

The young French actress has made a string of successful TV productions and is currently shooting her second feature film: Un bonheur n’arrive jamais seul.

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Producers meet with Turkish government: opening of Bond 23 will be set in Istanbul

James Bond 23 producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli have been in meetings with Turkish authorities over the shooting of the new James Bond adventure.

According to James Bond website MI6, production is set to start on location in November and Istanbul will feature in the opening of Bond 23′s story.

Ertugrul Günay, Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister, told the media:

“The opening scenes are planned to be filmed in Istanbul, but some other places will also be used outside Istanbul for the film. Such is the appeal of the series that many of the locations where Bond films have been filmed in the past have continued to attract Bond fans to visit many years down the line. The fact that the opening scene of the film will be made in Turkey will contribute to Turkish tourism. The ministry has been providing big support to the film sector for five years. We have made a concerted effort in the past five years to support the film sector and our aim continues to be to welcome international film crews to our country for filming.

Other locations are expected to include South Africa and London. Casting is underway and looking to Turkey for one or more Bond girls.

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Daniel Craig confirms Fiennes & Bardem still contenders for Bond 23 role

Daniel Craig is gearing up for James Bond 23 and, as a result, is becoming a little more open about the casting situation.

In an interview with MTV the 007 star asserted that Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem are in the running for Bond 23 villains.

Both names have a long history of connections to the forthcoming 23rd James Bond film: Bardem admitted he was in talks in February 2011. A month later Variety leaked the news that Fiennes was performing on London’s West End for a strictly limited run so that he could be involved in Bond 23.

Could Spaniard Bardem pass himself off as a Turkish villain?

Craig has high hopes that both Hollywood icons will appear alongside the leading Brit for Bond 23.

He also offered up another praise of his director and reasserted his confidence in the Bond 23 script: “We’ve got a great script this time. I’m as excited about this script as I was about the ‘Casino Royale’ script. I think in Sam [Mendes] we’ve got the perfect director. The cast is coming together now. I can’t wait to get going on it.”

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Bond 23 looking to Turkey for Bond girl casting

According to a rumor picked up on by, Turkish actress Ebru Akel has auditioned for the role of the villain’s girlfriend.

The boffins over at “six” note that this would be the first “Turkish actress to play a significant role in a 007 film.”

As we know, permission was recently granted for James Bond 23 to shoot at a few key landmarks in the famed city of Istanbul.

Although, if MI6 can be believed (and they are notoriously well informed) Akel was not lucky enough to land a role in the Bond flick.

From this news we can safely assume that Istanbul will play a key part in Bond 23 – perhaps with the villain’s heritage stemming from Turkey.

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James Bond magazine features rare ‘From Russia With Love’ photos

Our friends over at MI6 Confidential sent us an email the other day to let us know about the release of a new magazine – their 11th issue – that features rare, gritty black and white pictures from the set of From Russia With Love.

Here’s the details they sent to us:

It frequently tops fan polls, is cited as the best Ian Fleming film adaptation, and named his favourite by Sean Connery, but it is often forgotten that “From Russia With Love” was one of the most troubled productions in the 007 series. This issue showcases rarely seen photographs from the set and charts how director Terence Young managed to hold it all together through near- misses, accidents, cancelled locations and delays.

Keeping with the ‘Bond On Set’ theme, we also go behind the scenes of the ice palace car chase and hovercraft stunts from “Die Another Day” with all-access photographs and firsthand accounts from those who made it possible. Rounding out Issue #11 of MI6 Confidential – the James Bond magazine – is an exclusive interview with thriller writer Jeffery Deaver as he declassifies the secrets behind the ‘Carte Blanche’ continuation novel.

  • Bond On Set – Rare images from the set and an exhaustive account of the “From Russia With Love” production history
  • Jeffery Deaver explains his successful ‘Carte Blanche’ recipe in an exclusive interview
  • On Thin Ice – Behind the scenes of “Die Another Day” with stunt driver George Cottle
  • GoldenEye 007 Reloaded – An exclusive interview with the producer of this year’s Bond game for Xbox 360 and PS3
  • Dr. No Showcase – Breathing new life into the classic 1963 comic
  • Composing Blood Stone – Richard Jacques talks one on one about creating the Bond sound
  • The Bond Connection – Rowan Atkinson and director Oliver Parker talk Johnny English Reborn
  • The Last Word – Richard Kiel recalls his three run-ins with James Bond

Issue #11 is now shipping around the world. To order online, visit

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Bond 23 editor rumored to be Casino Royale’s Stuart Baird

According to a recent tip from reader zencat (who blogs over at Stuart Baird, favored editor of Martin Campbell, will be returning to the 23rd James Bond production.

If the rumor has any substance then Baird will be ousting Tariq Anwar who has worked with Bond 23 director Sam Mendes on American Beauty. Recently, Anwar affirmed that he would be editing the James Bond film in an interview with the Indian media.

Baird works consistently with the GoldenEye and Casino Royale director on many non-Bond Campbell films including Zorro, Edge of Darkness and Green Lantern.

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Bond 23 won’t shoot in India claim local reports

According to a local report, Bond 23 had permission to shoot their stunts in India as of two weeks ago, but last week, decided not to take the option up…

Chandralekha Mukherjee, executive director, information and publicity, Indian Railways gave the following statement to the media today:

The matter was finalised by September 13. But a week later, we were informed that after an international discussion, the production team decided not to shoot in India. We’ve been very cooperative with them. We had ourselves hoped that the movie would be shot here.

A stunt sequence was planned to the trains and a motorbike chase.

An unexpected turn of events in the pre-production schedule, which by all other accounts, is proceeding as normal with Bond star Daniel Craig starting work next week.

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Daniel Craig to start work on Bond 23 next week, claim reports

Reporting from the premiere of George Cloony’s new film, The Ides of March, Showbiz 411 claims Craig is gearing up for the new James Bond film and will start work with director Sam Mendes next week. It was revealed recently that Mendes had blocked in a two week rehearsal period for Bond 23.

Craig told the reporter he starts work on 007 next week, and his schedule includes “a lot of working out”.

Showbiz quizzed Craig on the Adele theme song rumors that have been circulating, he claimed no knowledge of a deal between the film’s producers and the recording artist, but did not deny that the Brit singer was recording a demo.

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Daniel Craig keeping Bond 23 title a secret

Andrea Mineo, CNN journalist, was lucky enough to talk one on one with 007 actor, Daniel Craig recently.

In fact, before and after her interview with the Bond 23 actor, Mineo “tweeted” her excitement:

I think I’m interviewing Daniel Craig shortly. Bond baby.

When the interview had concluded, she had the following to say:

So Daniel Craig just told me they are starting the next James Bond film and it’s got a title but he wouldn’t tell me it.

Tell us what you’d name Bond 23 in the comments section.

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Rumors that Blofeld will be back are sparked by comment from John Logan

Co-writer on the new James Bond adventure, John Logan, have left Bond fans wondering if 007 will be facing off against his arch enemy from the 1960s: Ernst Stavro Blofeld.

According to Latino Review, it was when Logan was speaking at the BAFTA Screenwriters lecture that the scribe was asked about Blofeld by one member of the audience.

With a smile he said: ”Bond should always fight Blofeld.”

Logan also let slip that, unlike many blockbusters, the Bond 23 schedule has 2 weeks of rehearsal to accommodate.

Before Bond 23 was in production, rumors hit the media that Michael Sheen would play the arch villain. These were dispelled by the actor on a talk show in April this year.

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