Dossiers issued in September, 2011

James Bond 23: September rumor roundup

The Swedish press claim to have a tip on one of their locals appearing in Bond 23.

Expressen reports that local star Ola Rapace has been turning down jobs to make room for a top secret, big budget, English language film. The paper assumes this to be Bond 23 – helmed by Sam Mendes and staring Daniel Craig.

MI6 notes the remote connection that the actors ex-wife, Noomi Rapace, played Lisbeth Salander in the original Swedish film adaptation of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – an English language remake starring Daniel Craig is currently in production.

Also in the news this week is two-time Felix Leiter, Jeffery Wright, who told Coming Soon that he was yet to hear if he will be back in Bond 23. Wright has developed quite a fan following in the course of his two films and any move to write him out may lead to disappointed viewers – particularly after Craig teased us with news this Bond film was going to be a ‘Classic’ flick.

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Bond 23 earns permission to shoot in Istanbul

According to local reports from the Turkey’s largest city, 007 may be bound for Istanbul.

Turkish Culture Minister Ertuğrul Günay has granted the Sam Mendes-helmed 23rd James Bond adventure permission to shoot in the historic Sultanahmet Square.

Günay told the local presses:

Shooting will start within the next few months… rather than closing the square completely, some parts could be partially closed from time to time for the filming. We have to consider our tourists, but we can accommodate foreign film production companies that want to use Turkey as a platform.

So far it seems Daniel Craig’s third outing as Bond will have nods to Octopussy and now to From Russia With Love.

Shooting on James Bond 23 is expected to commence this November.

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Bond 23 still contains one central idea from writer Peter Morgan

The once writer of the Bond 23 script, Peter Morgan, has let slip that the production team are still using his “big hook” as part of the plot to the new James Bond move.

Peter Morgan, famed for The Queen and Frost/Nixon told Digital Spy at an event recently:

I hear that an idea, the central idea, is still there but not one similar thing other than that. I think they’ve still kept the big hook, which I’m not going to tell you!

When MGM was on the rocks late last year, Morgan bowed out of the project and when production restarted, his writing talents were replaced by American John Logan.

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‘Casino Royale’ second unit DoP expected to be back for Bond 23

Alexander Witt, who worked with the successful second unit for Casino Royale is expected by IMDb to be returning to shoot action on Bond 23.

Witt has been working in film industry since the mid 1970s and made his director of photograph debut onboard Always (1989). Since Casino Royale the camera man worked on Washington’s American Gangster, Crowe’s Robin Hood and recently served as second unit DoP for the acclaimed X-Men: First Class.

Brazilian model Ana Araujo rumored for James Bond 23 girl’s role

Although Aces Showbiz only cites a unnamed source, they are reporting that Ana Araujo (famed in English speaking countries for being the girlfriend of the Rolling Stones’s Ronnie Wood) is in the running for the same role as Brit Naomie Harris.

A source close to the movie project told the tabloid, “Ana is really excited.” The source added, “It’s all very new to her but she is optimistic about the prospect of landing the role. It’s very much a case of watch this space.”

It is unclear which tabloid or if this blogger means Aces Showbiz itself.

According to the same source Araujo has been focusing on livening her acting career and in a recent interview confessed to wanting to work with incumbent Bond star, Daniel Craig.

“I’m now focusing on acting. I’ve got some major roles coming up. My ideal role would be to be a Bond girl and with Daniel Craig as my James Bond, he’s perfect and very handsome.”

Treat such loose connections and rumorswith skepticism.

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Singer Adele hints on UK television that she is working on Bond 23 theme

The 23 year old, London-born singer/songwriter Adele appeared on TV in the UK this week, hinting that she may be involved in James Bond 23.

When asked by presenter Jonathan Ross what she was working on, Adele reported she was heading back into the studio to record a demo theme:

‘Well, this is actually a theme, what I’ve got to do.  Wow, that’s really giving something away.’

According to reports Ross proceeded to hum the 007 theme, and the singer blushed and covered her mouth.

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James Bond 23 train stunts approved by Indian authorities

The last piece in the ongoing puzzle that has been playing out in Indian newspapers this month appears to be complete. According to MI6 James Bond will be leaping from train to train in a daring stunt sequence.

In exchange for permission to shoot on Indian rails, Daniel Craig has been asked to be a ‘brand ambassador’ for the Indian train company.

MI6 also has spoilers about what other vehicles are expected to be involved in the chase.

“Whatever help is needed by them will be given,” Chandralekha Mukherjee, executive director, information and publicity, railway ministry, told reporters Thursday.

The train top stunt sequence is scheduled to be filmed in Goa, India, in February 2012. Other locations in the country will include Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad, and Mumbai.

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