Dossiers issued in October, 2011

Albert Finney could be joining Bond 23 cast

Baz Bamigboye over at the Daily Mail claims to have the scoop on a surprise that director Sam Mendes sprung on his cast at a rehearsal for the new James Bond film this week.

According to the report, 75 year old Albert Finney has been cast in Bond 23 – to be formally unveiled next week. An insider apparently told Bamigboye that…

It was one of those fabulous “This can’t get any better!” moments because Mendes has upped the game by bringing in  Bardem and Fiennes — and they’ve already got Dame Judi Dench.

So you think, well, who else can they get to make this any classier?

Also rumored in the article is news that John Logan might have been asked by Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, producers of the Bond films, to at least one other 007 screenplay.

Leave your comments as to what kind of role Finney would be suitable… villain, ally (someone inside MI6 or a foreign contact), etc?

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First photo evidence of Bond 23 gearing up at Pinewood

First reports of action at Pinewood Studios on James Bond 23 have emerged via the social media website, twitter.

For instance @D4vidElliott writes that:

Today i have been acting. Real acting!! For the new James Bond film at Pinewood Studios. I liked it and want to do more.

Along with his tweet, Elliot posted this picture:

Another rogue picture has surfaced from those behind the scenes… this one is self-explanatory!

Both photos come from extras on the sets of Bond 23. understands that photography has not commenced with any of the principal cast.

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James Bond 23 launch press conference to be staged on November 3rd @ 11.45AM

The long awaited press conference to confirm principal photography on James Bond 23 is confirmed for Thursday November 3rd 2011.

According to MI6, the Director and “key members of the cast” will be in attendance – along with Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

Although it looks like it was intended to be a private affair, journalists and bloggers quickly spread the news via twitter.

It is likely that many casting rumors will be confirmed at the conference, and some fans are expecting a title to be announced

UPDATE: The press conference will kick off 11:45AM British Time.

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Sam Mendes aiming James Bond 23 for the Oscars?

According to a report in British paper the Express today, Mendes is making last minute changes to the script to ramp the drama and tone down the action sequences.

A typical unnamed insider suggests that the creative team for Bond 23 are setting their sights on an Oscar nod.

The news plays on a number of facts we already know about Bond 23:

Insiders maintain that “action scenes in India have all been axed” though scenes in Istanbul and Duntrune Castle in Argyll “are still there for the moment”.

It is relatively common knowledge to bloggers and news wires that location shooting in India was formally canned earlier this year but many still suspect it will be replaced with an equally important international location, such as South Africa.

One surprising comment comes on the budget: “Given that this 007 needs to make at least £300million to break even, it may be a very high price to pay for an Oscar nomination.”

So far as we know, Bond 23 will have a smaller budget than Quantum of Solace which did not make that £300m mark. Here at we would be very surprised if the figure was at all accurate.

Compared with the quantity of action featured in Quantum, some fans may welcome a thinking man’s James Bond?

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James Bond in a Range Rover Evoque for Bond 23?

MSN Cars claims to have a tip off that brand new Range Rover Evoque was delivered to Pinewood Studios – where most of the internet now knows Bond 23 is in pre-production.

The sleek new all-roader is made by Land Rover, who declined to comment when quizzed by MSN.

This news aligns with the rumor we heard earlier in the month that the first location shoot for Bond 23 will involve a Jaguar and a Rover in a high octane scene. Both Range Rover and Jaguar are owned by Tata Motors.

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British tabloid claims Daniel Craig will sport a beard in Bond 23

The red top rumor mill, The Sun, is claiming that 007 actor Daniel Craig will be donning a beard for (part of) the shoot of James Bond 23 which kicks off next month.

The ‘catchy’ headline they opted for was “James Beard”.

An uncredited ‘source’ tells the paper, apparently, that:

They’ve really scaled back. The lavish production and locations have been cut. There is only a reduced cast and crew travelling to the few overseas destinations. There’s not so flash hand-to-hand fighting, it’s gone back to blowing stuff up – including London’s Vauxhall Bridge

Bond fans should be skeptical.

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Timothy Gibbs appears on Bond 23 IMDb cast list as Agent Folstrum

Another rumor sparked by IMDb‘s relatively lax policy for who appears on what lists…

According to the online movie database, Timothy Gibbs has landed a bit part in James Bond 23. The editor of the page is obviously not optimistic about his plot pivotal role, as Gibbs’ name already has an (uncredited) annotation next to it.

Gibbs is a 44 year old California native who played a recurring character in TV drama Another World in the mid 1990s before taking bit parts in a series of films, notably in The Kings of Brooklyn. He plays Joseph Crone in forthcoming horror 11-11-11.

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Face Off: James Bond 23 at the box office

Given that the 23rd James Bond adventure will be hitting theaters in 12 or so months from now – yes, we’re counting down! – (26th October 2012 in the UK but the USA must wait for November 9th), we at thought we ought to take quick look at who Bond will be facing off against at the box office in a little over a year.

The week after Bond hits theaters in the US, Twlight’s second part to their third story Breaking Dawn II will be competing for box office dollars. As far as popularity goes, this will be a sure fire contender for the opening weekend box office spot and 007′s nearest competitor… A beating from Twilight as well as Potter will never do, we don’t think.

Also opening in November are:

  • Wreck-It Ralph
  • My Mother’s Curse
  • Rise of the Guardians
  • 47 Ronin
  • Gravity 3D
  • Parental Guidance

The one to watch for will be Keanu Reeves’ action/drama 47 Ronin, helmed by Hollywood newcomer Carl Rinsch.

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Location shooting to begin in London on 7th November, suggest tabloids

According to a report in The Sun, 007 will be heading to Smithfield Market, in central London, to shoot some high-octane stunts. It is rumored that Daniel Craig himself will be required on the location.

The scene is said to involve the jumping from a moving Land Rover to a moving Jaguar. Both cars, are owned by the same parent company.

Thanks to Zac for the tip.

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Hong Kong beauty Tang Wei may be in the running for Asian Bond girl

MI6 has picked up on a rumor circulating in the Hong Kong papers: James Bond 23 director Sam Mendes is looking to Asia to cast a Bond girl.

Apparently, of the 100+ contenders interviewed by EON Productions, Tang Wei is top of the list and her grasp of English is excellent.

MI6 writes that: “The role will be on the wrong side of 007 as scouts were looking for a sexy actress that can exude an evil.”

Other contenders include Fan Bingbing, Li Bingbing, Shu Qi and Josie Ho.

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