Dossiers issued in December, 2011

Michael Wilson welcomes visitors to redesigned

A redesigned was put live today with news stories spanning back to the November press conference. The website had space to promote video games and the car museum event, Bond in Motion, celebrating 50 years of Bond’s wheels.

Michael Wilson filmed a short intro for the website whilst on the set of Skyfall.

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“Skyfall” to shoot at Turkish rail bridge in February

Bond 23 filmmakers will be spending time in Turkey during January and February of 2012.

The Varda Railway Bridge in the Taurus Mountains is set to be a location in Skyfall and according to press reports, crew are already preparing the location. Daniel Craig will be on location in February, after shooting sequences in Istanbul.

The rail bridge in question seems to provide a similar backdrop to the earlier rumored Konkan Railway in India, a substitute in southern Turkey now appears to have been discovered.

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Bond filming at Ascot train station – perhaps?

A tweet appeared recently wherein its author posted the following photo of a film crew setting up at Ascot train station. The tweeter tells told us at the time it was understood to be production of Skyfall, AKA Bond 23.

Skyfall previously shot at Ascot, doubling for an overseas location, so it was a fair assumption that the second unit was still working at the famed racecourse.

However, Daniel Craig, Michael Wilson and Sam Mendes were working elsewhere (Craig promoting his Girl With The Dragon Tattoo film in New York and Mendes overseeing his stage production of Richard III)… so the likelihood of Bond shooting at a fresh location whilst its principal cast and crew members are elsewhere seems a little suspect.

The tweeter then followed up with some other information – he says he is now told it wasn’t Bond, rather a TV show named Case Sensitive.

Whichever the case, Bond fever is certainly alive and well in the UK!

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Empire on the set of Skyfall

The movie magazine Empire featured a first look at Bond 23, AKA Skyfall in their latest issue. The scenes they were privy to appear to correspond with the second twitter pic released by @007.

The grey industrial location and basic (perhaps makeshift) desk is seen below with Judi Dench entrenched. She is being supervised by

DoP Roger Deakins and director Sam Mendes.

According to reports the “secrets” they reveal are not necessarily the most fresh, but this picture might be enough to entice a very dedicated fan to pick up a copy.

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Daniel Craig spotted driving Aston Martin DB5 in “Skyfall”

James Bond in Skyfall in Aston Martin DB5

MI6 have spotted James Bond 007 in his old favorite: the Aston Martin DB5. The classic car was first seen on screen in Goldfinger and Thunderball and most recently seen in Casino Royale when the current 007, Daniel Craig, won the keys to the prized motor from Dimitrios.

According to the website: “Shot at night, the scene is reminiscent of Goldfinger, with Bond driving the DB5 down narrow streets, zipping past warehouses and ducking under the arches of a railway line. For the 1964 film, the chase scene at Auric Enterprises was actually shot at Pinewood Studios. Filming will continue in Deptford and New Cross in London. In the movie, the DB5 action will feature in scene #134.”

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First photos leaked of Naomie Harris as Eve in “Skyfall”

A small crew for the 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, were shooting atop the Department of Energy and Climate Change in Whitehall, London this week. The photos snapped show Craig dressed in scarf and coat, without a beard this time, and Naomie Harris in character as field agent Eve.

View the full set at Mi6.

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Ola Rapace speaks about his work on “Skyfall” to date

Although he is still tightlipped about the character he plays, Ola Rapace opened up to his local Swedish media this week.

British James Bond website reports that the actor has had the chance to shoot weapons and speculates that Rapace will be a henchman to Javier Bardem’s unknown villain in Skyfall.

We have had great fun. Bond filming is like a playhouse, you can ride a motorcycle, fighting and shooting automatic weapons and things like that. So it’s fun and has been really good.

The actor is more at home on the set of a small TV show and marvels at the scope of the 007 production crew: “Everything is bigger than I had thought, it’s so much muscle, so much money, so many resources available anywhere. It’s crazy really.”

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Helen McCrory will play a politician – not Moneypenny – in “Skyfall”

The British actor of Harry Potter and Hugo fame has finally explained a little more about her role in Bond 23, know now to be entitled Skyfall.

The 43 year-old appeared on British channel ITV’s show Lorraine where she let slip that she would play a politician and member of the British Parliament called Clair Dowar.

The official twitter feed @007 carried the news a few hours ago.

With Q returning, can we expect a return of Miss Moneypenny as well? Do you still hold any faith in the rumor that Eve (Naomie Harris) turns out to be the famed secretary?

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