Dossiers issued in January, 2012

Bond back in London to shoot Land Rover action

Skyfall director, Sam Mendes, and his crew were back in London to shoot another sequence that shows Daniel Craig and co-stars onboard a Land Rover, driven by a stunt driver from the roof of the vehicle.

Some fans are predicting that, in a homage to Live And Let Die, Bond’s driver is assassinated and the car races out of control, thus explaining the need for the real driver to remain out of shot.

The scene, as a rogue clapperboard pic (one not released by @007 on twitter) reveals, is number thirty nine and so coincides with the action shot on the first day of principal photography, and comes shortly after the funeral sequence that was revealed in an earlier twitter photo.

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13th MI6 magazine celebrates the Art of Bond

MI6 Confidential, the full-colour magazine celebrating the world of James Bond 007, returns with its thirteenth issue.

Whether it be early conceptual artwork, the production design of sets and gadgets, poster campaigns, or bringing a literary character to life, James Bond’s world owes a lot to the many creative processes and talented people who have contributed over the decades.

This special issue features a few snapshots of those elements from the films, books, games and comics – including a lot of rare imagery taken from the archives that fans may not have seen before – and celebrates some of the lives of those who made their mark on the visual experience of 007.

Featured in this issue:

• Larger Than Life – A look back at the career of production designer Sir Ken Adam

• A Life Through the Lens – Memoirs of the late cinematographer Alan Hume

• Visualising Young Bond – How artist Kev Walker brought the character to life

• Classic Posters – Uncovering some of the rare artwork from the Sean Connery era

• Beauty and Death – The life and style of cover designer Richard Chopping

• From Russia With Ink – The journey of the most prolific 007 comic artist Yaroslav Horak

• Location Concepts – Rare early designs from EA’s ‘Everything or Nothing’

• The Bond Connection – The IMF team divulge the gadget secrets of ‘Ghost Protocol’

Issue #13 is now shipping around the world. To order online, visit

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Severine will be a ‘Bond lady’, not a ‘Bond girl’

The French actress Bérénice Marlohe spoke to the Daily Mail to discuss her perceptions of the Bond girl stereotype.

She insisted in the interview that she would not be a good Bond girl, and she sees herself as Bond woman:

I definitely see myself more as a Bond Lady than a Bond Girl,’ she adds. ‘The idea of a Bond Girl can be very confusing. As an actress, I know it can be a trap because you’re not sure what people expect. I think it’s quickly changing direction now. You’re more at liberty to develop a real character rather than something abstract. There is more scope now within the Bond movies to create a strong, independent woman.”

Skyfall is Marlohe’s first English language film and she had to work hard to get herself an audition:

“When I heard there were going to be auditions in Paris I switched on my computer and tried to get contact details for anyone involved in this project – emails, phone numbers, whatever I could get hold of. I managed to track down Sam Mendes’s agent but nothing came of that. Then I met Debbie McWilliams, the casting director, which led me to Sam and the producers, then finally to Daniel Craig.”

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Shanghai location filming

The second unit are spending their time on a location night shoot amongst the neon highways of Shanghai.

MI6 reports that stunt drivers from Quantum of Solace have returned to their roles and are filming a high octane sequence in and around the elevated highways.

Daniel Craig is not expected to be joining the crew in Shanhai, having completed his sequences for this location on set at Pinewood.

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David Arnold’s availability did not stop him from composing “Skyfall”

The five-time 007 composer David Arnold revealed in an interview that it was not – as many had assumed – the commitment to the Olympics that meant he was not hired to score 007′s forthcoming adventure in Skyfall.

Cultbox caught up with the musician and asked him about missing the cut this time around:

“My availability wasn’t an issue,” Arnold says. “[The film's director] Sam Mendes wanted to continue his working relationship with Thomas Newman.”

“I would hate to be a composer foisted upon a director if the director would rather have someone else and I have been lucky that the five directors who I’ve worked with on the Bond movies chose to work with me.

“You have to afford each director the same right and I’ve never expected to be asked back just because I’d done the films previously.”

Mendes and Thomas Newman have a long working relationship, so it is understandable that the director wanted his close colleague.

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Leaked ‘Skyfall’ photo shows topless Daniel Craig

A new still of Daniel Craig on location at the Four Seasons pool in London has gone viral this weekend. The location is thought to double for scenes set in Shanghai.

From what we at understand, Empire were the first to break the story and it has since run all over the web as  the first official still released to mainstream media…

However, the article at (linked above) has since been removed.

This has not stopped the picture, below, from doing the rounds.

Fans and bloggers are hearing rumors that we can expect the first stills within the week – so when this picture appeared many news sources billed it as the official release. However, with the Empire page missing, we suspect this is an early leak, rather than an official roll out from Bond’s superiors.

Either way, Bond fans be upstanding… he will return.


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Funeral scenes shot in London yesterday for “Skyfall”

As well as shooting in Trinity Square, the production team on Skyfall shot scenes at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.

Before the official twitter of Bond, @007, could post a tasty teaser of the sequence, local reporters were already on the scene. The official twitter pic teaser can be seen below.

Based on the other scene numbers released so far, this sequence appears early in the film, shortly before (presumed Shanghai) nightclub scenes and the grungy office setup that was captured on Day 10.

The funeral scene features eight coffins draped in the Union Jack.

The last time 007 headed to Greenwich was during the filming of the high-action pre titles sequence for The World Is Not Enough.

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“Skyfall” restarts filming after Christmas with two London locations

The cast and crew were spotted in London once more – in two separate locations.

HeyYouGuys stumbled across a large setup with film lighting and screens to mask the windows of 10 Trinity Square, a high class apartment building constructed in the nineteenth century.

The first clue it was 007 came when the tell-tale sign appeared on the lap posts around the square:

More pictures after the jump!

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‘Government agent’ news leads to blogger rumors Ralph Fiennes will become the new ‘M’

Skyfall’s high profile cast and top secret characters are creating some insider news and rumors.

According to Movie Web the acclaimed Shakespearian actor Ralph Fiennes is merely dubbed a ‘government agent’ because he is set to rise quickly through the ranks and replace Judi Dench as ‘M’.

The movie news site quotes an EON insider who says: “Ralph Fiennes play’s a government agent, which we never get a name on, because he is set to play the new M.”

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Thomas Newman strongly suggested to be “Skyfall” composer

MI6 has it on good authority that the five-time 007 composer David Arnold is not signed on to score the 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall.

Arnold, who has composed music for every Bond adventure since 1997′s Tomorrow Never Dies has the prestigious job of musical directing the 2012 Olympics in London.

In his place EON has purportedly sought out American Thomas Newman, who has worked on a number of Sam Mendes productions to date.

His credits include: American Beauty, Road to Perdition and more recently The Help and The Iron Lady.

Legendary Bond composer John Barry passed away last year – whoever fills the position has a immense task ahead of them with the standards set by both Arnold and Barry, stalwarts of 007 music.

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