Dossiers issued in February, 2012

IMAX to host James Bond in ‘Skyfall’ this November

The studio and producers have announced that James Bond will appear on the BIG big screen in Skyfall, with its first partnership with the Bond franchise, ever.

The film will open in IMAX concurrently with the regular cinemas on 9th November in the USA.

“It is fitting that with SKYFALL marking the 50th Anniversary of the James Bond franchise, we celebrate in epic style and what could be more larger-than-life than IMAX joining the festivities,” said Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum, Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officers of MGM.

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New still and on-set video posted to

James Bond well and truly back. has posted a new official still (the same one seen in Empire’s preview a few months back) and a all new video diary from Skyfall director Sam Mendes.

Watch it here:

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British Tabloids claim Bond’s DB5 will be gadget laden again

According to a source at the Sun, James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 spotted on location in Scotland recently, will be carrying some of the old favorite gadgets.

A Skyfall source said: “This car defines everything that is James Bond. It looks good and goes like a rocket. There’s a real buzz about its return.”

The Aston Martin seen on location still carries the same license plate as seen in Goldfigner.

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SIS Building makes a return to Bond

The Skyfall production team were on location in London yesterday to shoot on Vauxhall bridge near the impressive SIS building that served for MI6 in the Brosnan Era.

Tanner and M were in a sequence in M’s Jaguar racing toward the spy headquarters. were on location:

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James Bond shooting in Scottish highlands

James Bond and his old favourite car, the Aston Martin DB5 were spotted on location in Glencoe, Scotland. Judi Dench and Craig spent a day shooting in near freezing temperatures. Glencoe was where the literary 007′s family hails from.



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Possible “Skyfall” Teaser Trailer description hits the web

IMDb is not renowned for its accuracy regarding in-production films. Nonethless a poster at their forums named Liz has revealed that she (as a media studies student) sat in on a rough cut of the Skyfall teaser trailer.

The description she offers of what fans can expect when the trailer is officially released could be a well researched fake, pieced together from internet sources and rumours alike, but make what you will of this fantastic-sounding taster of Bond 23:

Just seen a very rough cut of the Skyfall Teaser trailer. I can’t remember everything from it, but it’s due to be released late February, that’s what the guy said anyway. About 20 or so were in the screening. They were all University Students, or I assume so anyway. I myself am a media student, and I assumed everyone else was. But anyway. The trailer roughly ran for about 1minute and 45 seconds. From what I saw, Skyfall looks really really really good. A lot better than Quantum of Solace was. I think it’s more on par with Casino Royale. Well that’s the vibe I got from it anyway, which is good in my book. Roger Deakins’ camera work is just phenomenal, there was so many beautiful shots. Too many to count really. Some very nice swooping shots of what I think was Smithfield market and London in general.

The best thing about the trailer was Bonds big reveal around half way through. When it started, you don’t even realise it’s a Bond movie. If I wasn’t in a screening for it, I really wouldn’t of known. The music was really mysterious, too. From the first 30 seconds it looked like a political thriller / present day war movie.

The first shot of the trailer, besides the opening logo’s is a really dark shot of a tall office building. I think it was China but I’m not too sure. There was a voice over from Ralph Fiennes (Love that guys voice) talking about the cold war, and it’s repercussions within MI6. This was followed by what I think was a gas attack, people were running and screaming and collapsing. Then the whole friggen set just blew up! Judi Dench appeared. She looked really old and it is revealed that she and Fiennes character are talking. Fiennes says that he’s lost too many agents in the attack (Which I assumed was before), and he needs someone to overlook the case, and find it’s source. M mentions that she has an agent in mind, or something to that degree, but he’s resigned, and they’re unable to track him down. Fiennes says that he has to be found and brought back to duty. The whole conversation with Fiennes and Dench was really heated, and it sounded as if he was blaming her, which brings me to the next part where he mentions that he’s seriously doubting whether she’s fit for duty anymore. That she’s losing her touch. There’s a few dramatic shots afterwards, of a Bond walking through a very colourful building. It looked like a nightclub, very cool. He was wearing a black jacket and gloves. Like the end of Quantum of Solace. We don’t actually see Bond until he gets in a fist fight with what looked like a Sniper. Daniel Craig looks awesome! Very cold eyes, brutal. There was one shot where everyone gasped, because it felt so real and brutal. Bond is overpowered and captured, and the next shot has Bond walking into what I assumed was his apartment. M’s standing there, and she apologises for the force she used to bring him to her. Bond says that he’s pretty much finished with the service. He’s seen loads of disturbing things and he doesn’t want to relive them. He then talks about the attacks, and M says something about her life being in danger, and Bond is the only person she trusts. She then goes on to tell him that the government is starting to collapse, and its being invaded by enemy agents. We see a few shots of Helen McRorys character, walking down a crowded street. Bond mentions that out of respect for her, and for queen and country he’ll return to duty.

Now this is where it gets good. Massive Bond theme. A new variation, and not the one that was used in the GoldenEye and BloodStone trailers etc. Sounded really exciting. It followed the same lines as the Casino Royale theatrical trailer melody wise, but it was obviously a different mix.

Couldn’t really get all of the shots because they were so fast (although brilliantly shot) but the ones I remember are Bond overpowering a guy driving a jeep, and nearly crashing the car. Tanner and Bond running down a London street with guns, in the rain. Protecting M. A train being derailed, and the carriage slowly missing Bond. Javier Bardem running through a busy street, Bond jumping over a wall. Lovely shot of Bond getting off a plane, reminded me a lot of Casino Royale. Car chase, a shot of Bond getting thrown against a dirty bathroom mirror, Bond head butting someone. Naomi Harris’shooting in the back of a jeep, in what looked like a desert, A car exploding. Bond on a motorbike, firing a machine gun. Bond jumping off a roof, and landing screaming on the floor. We have a break from the music here, and have Bond and Harris on a rooftop, Bond tells her that he’s totally lost faith, he didn’t say what in, just that he has no faith. This is followed by shots of a horse and carriage and loads of coffins. It goes back to Harris who tells Bond that he needs to continue to fight, for the good of the country. Bond mentions that he always is fighting, even though he has nothing worth living for. The music builds and we enter the climax of the trailer. Loads of shots, but I cant remember them all. Seem to remember Bond on a Jet Ski, Berinice Merhole walking down villa steps, Bond removing glasses, performing a 360 turn in the DB5. M getting thrown around in the DB5, Bond pressing a button in his car and… this leads into the big money shot, blowing up an obstacle and driving through it.. BUT the car kinda goes out of control, and it starts to overturn in mid air. Then the title and release date came up. Had a CGI shot of Bond walking in the rain, in slow motion, in an open necked tuxedo holding a silenced gun.

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Bond Back in London for Foot-chase

James Bond 23 crew were back in London this week to shoot an action sequence in Whitehall and in Tower Hill.

The Skyfall team, including current James Bond star Daniel Craig were involved in shooting an intricate foot chase in the capital.

As a twitter pic from @007 revealed, this is sequence 131, that will take place after the underground station scenes filmed earlier in the production schedule.

It is mere scenes away from 134, a night shoot involving the Aston Martin DB5.

More London shooting is planned for February 4th, in and around Vauxhall bridge, near the official SIS building that has long doubled as MI6, Bond’s head office.

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First official Skyfall still hits

James Bond 007 is back…

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