Dossiers issued in March, 2012

New Skyfall Videos give sneak peak at Berenice Marlohe’s involvement released two videoblogs today. The first has Berenice Marlohe, the french beauty playing Severine, discussing her role.

The second is action girl, Naomie Harris, who is playing Field Agent Eve. The character is set to see a lot of action and as Harris reiterates this in the video there is a behind the scenes look at the new Bond girl’s weapon training.

The most interesting thing, from our perspective, was a look at Severine on set. She is seen descending an escalator with two heavies behind her. Most of the people in the scene are Asian, and so we predict that she will have heavy involvement in the Shanghai sequences, shot mostly at Pinewood but with some outdoor action captured by the second unit. It also appears that more is going on in this scene that first meets the eye. Observant viewers note that Severine is passing information to a colleague going up the elevator.

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New MI6 Confidential celebrates 25 and 50 years

Our friends over at MI6 Confidential just let us know about another issue that is available for purchase.

This one charts the legacy of The Living Daylights, which is 25 years old this summer. Other features focus on 50th anniversary watches, suits, cars and the 007 directors talking about Bond.

Plus if you are craving some Skyfall news, they have coverage of the production so far.

The magazine is now shipping worldwide from


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Red Sky at “Skyfall”

The replica scottish lodge that has been the centre of attention on Hankley Common the last few days was given a proper sending off, on the Skyfall crew’s last night of shooting at the building.

The Daily Mail photographers were on the scene. Read the rest of this entry »

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Fate of the Aston Martin has gleaned some intel on the use and fate of the DB5 that we’ve seen photos of on set. were the first to leak news of the famous motorcar being using in forthcoming film, back when it was know merely as Bond 23.

Now, a tip we received back in the early days of filming, plus a new post on twitter from @RichLawes has added a new dimension. Click through for the details.

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Skyfall burning

Further developments are happening on what has come to be called, at least in our office, Skyfall Common.

The photos (after the jump) should give everyone an indication of why they simply could not film the scenes on the real location in Scotland.

Click through for some juicy spoilers pertaining to the Skyfall climax.

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No “Skyfall” novelization in the works

The Book Bond learned today that Ian Fleming Publications is not planning to novelize the 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, which also celebrates 50 years of James Bond on screen. John Cox at the Book Bond learns this directly from Corinne Turner, MD of Ian Fleming Publications.

The last novelization of a film was Die Another Day but prior to this three film hiatus, the duties were carried out by the incumbent 007 author, John Gardner or Raymond Benson.

As IFP doesn’t appear to have anyone on contract, we guess it is not too surprising that Bond won’t be back in a new literary adventure this year… but Fleming’s 14 novels will be reprinted by Vintage.

Helicopter action at “Skyfall” lodge

Bond 23 crew are filming on a replica Scottish lodge, scenes that obviously cannot be recreated at the real location.

Large military looking helicopters have been requisitioned for a scene and twitter user David Ogilby was on location with a camera.

Click through for a selection of snaps from the filming.

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Replica Scottish manor house built in Surrey

A key plot development and location for the forthcoming James Bond film, Skyfall, will be a Scottish lodge, potentially with ties to Bond’s heritage.

James Bond website MI6 has spies working overtime to bring a few pictures from the set.

Click through for spoilers and photos.

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First look at Javier Bardem as “Skyfall” villain

Javier Bardem was spotted filming an action sequence alongside Daniel Craig in London earlier in the week.

His ‘look’ for the film has been a guarded secret, but now it appears he has donned a wig or dyed his hair blonde for part or all of the picture.

Previously, the name of the character, to date a closely guarded secret of Skyfall, was leaked.

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Turkey welcomes James Bond & CATERPILLAR partners with 007

The machinery company CATERPILLAR (commonly known as CAT) announced their involvement in James Bond 23, Skyfall, recently.

Not a moment too soon, as pictures from the second unit, prepping stunts on location in Turkey, reveals that one of their big machines is involved in an action sequence. understands that the principal cast will be joining the second unit in Turkey next week to shoot the sequence.

Click through for more details on the action sequence that is being lined up…

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