Dossiers issued in April, 2012

More “Skyfall” trailer info gleaned from screening in Vegas

The Skyfall trailer was given another airing and MI6 rounded up some tidbits from what fans can expect next month when the trailer is attached to Men In Black III.

- The trailer opens with an evaluation of Bond in the form of a word association game. Dialogue is heard over establishing shots of London such as “Country”/“England”, “Gun”/“Shot”, “Agent”/“Provocateur”, “Murder”…“Employment”.

- The interrogation room is revealed to include M and Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) behind glass as Bond speaks. The last word is “Skyfall…….. Skyfall”, to which Bond replies, “Done” and walks up to the glass.

- A montage of fast cuts then follows giving glimpses at major action scenes filmed so far including the chase in London and falling from a height in to water.

- Bond is seen outside the Macao casino.

- The action wraps with a shot of the London underground train stunt.

- Over shots of coffins draped in Union Jack flags, Bond concludes the trailer by saying, “Some men are coming to kill us. We’ve got to kill them first.”

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“Skyfall” filming photos from Istanbul

The second unit are working hard on the pre-titles sequence, an action sequence that takes place in the heart of Istanbul and involves James Bond, Eve and an Audi.

Some of the action was caught on camera by observers over at Turkish website,

We understand that Daniel Craig joined the crew on location recently – however he is not to be seen in these photos. A double stands in for the Bond star as the action takes place.

Click through for some photos of the location filming.

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“Skyfall” goes on the cover of Empire Magazine

Daniel Craig is striking a classic 007 pose as James Bond on this limited edition Skyfall cover of Empire.

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“Skyfall” trailer giving an airing at Cancun Film Festival?

Bloggers over at Comic Book Movie are speculating that a few tight-lipped critics and industry types have seen a rough cut Skyfall trailer.

Twitter user and Bollywood reviewer Rajeev Masand tweeted two cryptic clues. The first revealing the presence of the trailer at the event…

Just saw the teaser of a film that’s the latest in a much-loved action franchise currently in its 50th yr. One of my fav dirs helming this.

And then a follow up with a teaser:

Hint abt teaser: Oscar-winning actor plays bad guy, seen only in silhouette in teaser.

The tweets have since been removed.

It is suspected that the Skyfall trailer will be attached to Sony’s May release: Men In Black III.

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“Skyfall” shooting dates and locations for Turkey

The crew recently moved from Adana, where train stunts involving Ola Rapace’s character were captured on location.

Now the crew have moved to Istanbul to shoot in the bustling Grand Bazaar and Eminönü Square. Sadly, reports have come in that the location has, thus far, been plagued by an accident and a gale force wind – causing disarray and delays in the shooting.

Reuters reports that a stunt bike swerved and crashed into a class shop front in a 15th-century building on the set of Skyfall. No one was injured in the process.

Last night winds got up and caused damage for the production in Istanbul.

Next week 007 and his crew are rumored to be bound for Koca Calis beach and pier where they will shoot between 24th and 27th on the Turkish Mediterranean coast.


Behind the scenes video from shows the second unit in Shanghai

Whilst 007 actor Daniel Craig apparently never set foot in China, the second unit were hard at work shooing a chase sequence amongst the neons of Shanghai. Listen to Assistant Director and the Second Unit director discuss location scouting, second unit shooting and globe trotting for 007 in the new video from

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Alex Reece tweets that he will co-star in “Skyfall” Heineken ad

UK based actor Alex Reece mentioned yesterday on twitter that he had secured a “lead” role in the forthcoming Heineken beer commercial that is expected to tie into Skyfall. We understand that commercial is also set to star incumbent 007 actor, Daniel Craig and hear rumours that Sam Mendes will direct the featurette.

According to the post, Reece will play a Russian assassin on the tail of James Bond.

The actor’s online bio explains that Reece has experience in Karate, Judo and other martial arts. This, plus is vaguely slavic looks could have been the clincher in winning the young actor a part in the commercial.

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Ralph Fiennes will see action in “Skyfall”

Empire released a series of photos today from the set of the 23rd James Bond film. They show, largely, Daniel Craig charging around Whitehall offices. They also show M at her desk in what we assume is MI6 HQ before certain events take their toll…

The most interesting one, we think, is evidence that Ralph Fiennes will not just play a desk jockey in Skyfall.

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New “Skyfall” photos published in French magazine

A recent French magazine, Studio Ciné Live, has published new photographs from the forthcoming James Bond film Skyfall.

Scans of the photos have made their way onto the internet, and are popping up on fan forums around the globe.

Click through for some of the highlights… Read the rest of this entry »

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Striking the Hankley Common Sets


Marc Sayce was on location when it came to striking of the exteriors of the Skyfall manor house.

Thanks Marc!

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