Dossiers issued in August, 2012

“Skyfall” bonds with coke

An unlikely match between the low (no) sugar Coca-Cola product Coke-Zero and the world’s most sophisticated secret agent was made recently. Although the Coke/007 bond was cemented for Quantum of Solace, we can’t help but think that the larger, mainstream Brand’s would not get a winning smile from Cubby Broccoli or 007′s seminal director Terence Young. And indeed, others have a similar view.

MGM looks to “Skyfall” to enhance its public offering

According to the FT report, Skyfall will be a drawcard for those looking to purchase their share of the big cat, recently emerged from bankruptcy. MGM has a long tradition of producing Bond films, since it subsumed UA (the original producer of Dr. No) in 1992. The timing of the 50th anniversary, Skyfall etc cannot be a better time to go public, yet there is no official date when the IPO (initial public offering) will start.

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New video blog from focuses on London

Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig both open up about their experience and inspiration for keeping Bond at home for much of 007′s 23rd adventure, Skyfall. Watch the video diary posted by

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New UK “Skyfall” quad poster revealed

Very similar to the cardboard cutout seen in US theatres recently, Bond’s quad poster in the UK uses the in-action shot of Daniel Craig James Bond shooting at an unknown target.

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“Skyfall” one of 007 Legends video game’s six missions?

IMDb, which granted can be updated by anyone with a paid pro account, appears to indicate that 007 Legends, Activision’s 2012 offering, may include the currently in-production 007 film adventure, Skyfall. From a marketing perspective, this makes perfect sense.

The credits include Daniel Craig and his Skyfall co-stars as voices in the game as well as some minor parts going to actors who play guards, goons etc… including, it is worth noting, cast for two missions that have yet to be officially announced by Activision.

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Character posters for “Skyfall” UK campaign

James Bond appears alongside his newest foe, Silva, and Bond girls Eve and Severine in a new teaser banner for UK cinemas.

This is a slightly different marketing tactic than we saw in the US with large cardboard cutouts of Daniel Craig in an action pose.

These posters have not got some excited, with adjectives such as “dull” being used by some bloggers.

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First official still of Javier Bardem as Silva

With the launch of the new trailer, some new pictures are circulating the internet. One of these shows us our first official look at Javier Bardem’s character. Little is known about his motivations but it is clear he is behind the stolen agent identities and has a grudge against the incumbent “M”. Take a look below:

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