Dossiers issued in January, 2013

Unused Kincade poster revealed

The nature of Albert Finney’s role in Skyfall was just one of the many closely guarded secrets whilst the 23rd Bond film was in production. It took months before we got our first unofficial look at Kincade, the Skyfall groundskeeper who aids 007 in his final assault against Silva.

It is quite understandable that the legendary British actor, Finney, was not a major part of the promotion. Nevertheless, artists behind the Skyfall promotional campaign prepared a poster of the fine old gentleman, which has recently been released online.

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Sneak peek at “Skyfall” DVD menus

With the latest Bond adventure less than a month away from its DVD release and news coverage of the fantastic, drawn-out production Skyfall coming to a close, there’s not so much to discuss round these parts… but we were delighted to see the beautiful Roger Deakins cinematography showcased in these DVD menus:


Skyfall DVD menu

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