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Skyfall burning

Further developments are happening on what has come to be called, at least in our office, Skyfall Common.

The photos (after the jump) should give everyone an indication of why they simply could not film the scenes on the real location in Scotland.

Click through for some juicy spoilers pertaining to the Skyfall climax.

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James Bond 23 Indian locations are finalized

James Bond will be heading to north-west India, the Gujurat province, for the 23rd James Bond film.

Again, Pravesh Sahni of India Take One Productions reported to the Times of India that he had secured a filming deal in the Sabarmati railway yard.

Bond 23 will take fans to a less-than-familiar corner of India and the popular Mumbai and Goa are being blackballed by the production:

“We preferred Ahmedabad over Goa and Mumbai as for car chasing sequence the roads were apt and the Gujarat government promised to extend all support in the first meeting itself. For permission to shoot an action sequence on a train at Sabarmati railway yard we are meeting Union railways minister Dinesh Trivedi on Monday.”

As per earlier news it still remains to be seen if the production will get permission to close freight lines for hours per day in order to capture their planned action sequence.

Boffins over at MI6 claim that South Africa is not off the Bond 23 shooting schedule, despite extensive plans for production in India coming to light.

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Naomie Harris to play Miss Moneypenny – UK tabloid predictions

According to the Daily Mail, Harris is all but signed up to play M’s secretary in the new James Bond film.

Miss Moneypenny, you will remember, has been absent from the Craig era thus far.

The British paper describes Naomie Harris as in the “final stages of negotiations” to be Hollywood’s most famous secretary.

They also predict that 007 baddy casting is locked up with Ralph Finnes and Javier Bardem taking roles in James Bond 23.

If the girl is really in the running for Miss Moneypenny then the headline “Licence to Thrill” seems inacurate as fans know that Moneypenny’s relationship with the thrilling James Bond is always close… but no cigar.

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Judi Dench has her hands on the Bond 23 script – but keeps mum

The Dame and 6 time “M” has received her copy of the yet-to-be-titled James Bond 23 script.

At a recent Czech film festival, Judi Dench told the presses:

I’m not allowed [to tell you anything about the Bond film]. You take a little vow. When the script was delivered to me, it was delivered by a man completely dressed in black. He just gave me the script and left. It’s very secretive.

Encouraging news that the production team has begun to distribute the script to it’s key cast.

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UPDATE: EON Confirms British actress Naomie Harris is in talks for Bond 23 role

The article run on the NOTW website does not cite a source, nor have very much to say about the new James Bond movie, Bond 23, at all. Most of the article is padded out with old personal quotes, information about the current blockbuster, Pirates of the Caribbean, most likely to cash in on the fourth Jack Sparrow adventure.

UPDATE: MI6 has received a tip, at a UK publicity interview for The First Grader one twitter user spoke to Harris and she mentioned was “offered [a] Bond role” but wont tell the reporters if she is joining the cast.

UPDATE 2: Entertainment Weekly have been chatting to a “spokesperson” at EON Productions who confirmed Harris has been in talks. It is a good day for our initial assessment of the rumor to be wrong!

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Bond back in an Aston Martin – car website predicts

An Australian motoring website is riding the James Bond publicity wave, predicting 007 will be back in an Aston Martin for Bond 23.

Whilst CarsGuide acknowledges that there is yet no word on what vehicle James Bond will be driving in the 23rd James Bond film, the authors are optimistic the luxury carmaker will be back.

Not only are they predicting that Aston will partner with 007 for Bond 23, they are optimistic about a double deal with Sony – who will be overseeing Bond 23 and Bond 24.

In other news, India will be host to a family of Astons: V8 Vantage, Rapide and One-77. This news neatly coincides with the rumors that 007 will be heading back to India for James Bond 23.

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Bond 23 writer, John Logan talks James Bond

In an interview with Adelaide Now, screenwriter John Logan teases 007 fans about his work on the new James Bond movie, Bond 23.

“I’m deeply, deeply embedded in the world of 007,” he says. “It’s a little intimidating because when this movie comes out it will be the 50th anniversary of Dr No, so it’s a long and respected franchise.”

The Hollywoodite’s credits include Gladiator and The Aviator, and he has written for Oliver Stone and Tim Burton, 007′s director on James Bond 23 before.

Logan is in Adalaide to oversee a production of his stage play RED.

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Kevin Spacey was offered Bond 23 villain role – regrettably unavailable to star

Cinema Blend are reporting that the new James Bond film, working titled “Bond 23″, almost had a high-profile villain in Hollywood star, Kevin Spacey.

Spacey had previously worked with director Sam Mendes in his debut film, the critically acclaimed American Beauty.

According to sources the upcoming Richard III is filling Spacey’s schedule, leaving the Superman and The Usual Suspects unavailable for a Bond 23 role. Instead, it is rumored, the same role has been offered to Javier Bardem and the producers are still awaiting the Spanish star’s response.

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Sony eyes James Bond 23 and Bond 24

The studio that produced the previous two 007 adventures, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace along with MGM, Sony, is set to reprise this role for Bond 23 … and Bond 24 – making this a consecutive 4 Bond pictures in the hands of Sony Pictures.

The LA Times explains, as part of the arrangement under discussion, Sony would fund half of MGM’s next James Bond movie, which is planned for release Nov. 9, 2012, and 25% of a potential follow-up.

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Bond 23 has a villain? Javier Bardem said to be in talks to star in the new James Bond movie

The award winning actor of No Country For Old Men-fame is reportedly being offered a big role in the new James Bond film.

The news comes from Deadline, who are almost always the first and most reliable industry blog to break the news.

Whilst it is not clear which role Bardem will take up – most are suspecting it will be that of the lead villain in Bond 23.

An offer to star in the new James Bond movie was reportedly made by EON Production’s heads, Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli to the Spanish star last week, coinciding with a Best Actor nomination for Bardem.

Deadline reminds fans that the actor is known to take offerings seriously and consider these at great lengths. For instance, he was rumored to have turned down a role in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street sequel.

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