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Sexy Berenice Marlohe fronts “Skyfall” Heineken tie in campaign

Heineken/Skyfall advertising debuted on the internet today with a first look at the “Crack the Case” campaign designed to engage Bond fans around the world. The Skyfall tie-in campaign is known to star Daniel Craig in a high-action commerical but also, today, we found out that French Bernice Marlohe who plays Severine in Skyfall, will be part of Heniken’s international branding for the next few months.

Take a first look at Bernice in the photo shoot for Heineken…


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Berenice Marlohe has wrapped on “Skyfall” and in attendance at Cannes film festival

The latest Bond girl has finished her 007 duties. Reports have surfaced that Berenice Marlohe finished filming Skyfall in her role as the enigmatic Severine last week.

She is scheduled to attend the debut screening of the Skyfall trailer at Cannes before a screening of From Russia With Love.

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Ben Whishaw rumored for James Bond 23 role

The first casting news for a while, and with a little credibility, has hit the news blogs.

According to sources at Coming Soon Ben Whishaw (who co-starred with Daniel Craig in Layer Cake) may be up for a role. Who, or indeed what kind of role he will be playing, was “not disclosed”.

The same site offers us some Bond girl character rumours but they might have got mixed up…… with the villain from Literary adventure ‘Carte Blanche’ by Jeffery Deaver:

We also have learned from the same source that the two “Bond Girls” this time around will be a “beautiful English Agent” and a “Beautiful Asian woman” named “Severin.”

As most Bond fans will remember Severan Hydt was the villain in ‘Carte Blanche’.

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Israeli Model Esti Ginzburg rumored to be up for a Bond girl role

According to the Israeli news and gossip site YNet James Bond casting agents are on the hunt for an “exotic girl” and Model Esti Ginzburg fits the bill.

They claim that the model has been invited to “preliminary” casting and her agent declined to comment.

The 21 year old currently lives in Tel Aviv, and made her Hollywood debut in the 2010 film Twelve.

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“Reality” TV star Kim Kardashian wants to be a Bond girl

With Bond 23 casting news comes the self-promotional tabloid stories.

According to ITN, citing MTV, says that Kim Kardashin – known for Keeping Up with the Kardashians amongst other digressions – has put her name in that hat to be a Bond girl. The 30 year-old said: “I would love to be in a Bond film – a Bond girl – that would be the ultimate.”

Be mindful that Celebrity-X coveting a role does not mean they are on the producer’s radar in any respect.

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Fans would approve of Monica Bellucci as a Bond girl survey finds

It seems that the Rachel Weiz rumor cycle did nothing to deter James Bond fans from their pursuit of sexy Italian star Monica Bellucci as their next James Bond girl.

Long time followers of the franchise will recall that the 46 year old star was a hot favorite with rumor mongers and fans when the wires first began speculation about the casting of a Bond girl for James Bond 23 – the role ultimately won by Eva Green.

Now MI6 reports that the fan favourite Bond girl spot still goes to Bellucci.

According to the British Bond fan site: Monica scored an “amazing 23% of all votes from a huge field of contenders.” And the chaps over there remind us that she was a hot contender as early as Tomorrow Never Dies – with support from then current Bond star, Pierce Brosnan.

Bellucci’s followers in the poll were the more predictable names of Jessica Alba and Megan Fox – either of which would likely cause angry riots amongst Bond fans.

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The old Freida Pinto + James Bond 23 rumor hits the tabloids… again

She’s back in the spotlight again!

This time the English paper the Mirror has an “insider” source that tells us that Freida Pinto, Slumdog Millionaire star has won a role in James Bond 23. Not even Pinto and her agent can deter the presses from “confirming” her as a James Bond girl. An insider reportedly says:

“Sam has been talking about Bond for months now and is so excited about it.

“The project has been in the pipeline for months and Freida was always the dream Bond girl, but initially she was nervous about accepting it. This is going to be the most ambitious 007 yet. Sam plans to reinvent the genre.

“Peter Morgan, who wrote The Queen, has penned the first draft of the script and it promises to be visually stunning.

“It will be a typically glamorous and raunchy role and Dev has been joking to friends he is cool with seeing Freida rolling around with 007.” can’t find a second source to corroborate.

Would Pinto take the James Bong girl anyway? Readers will recall her voicing her thoughts about being ‘too young’ for any Bond girl role.

The article in question also says that the new James Bond movie is likely to shoot in “the Afghan capital Kabul” – at least the rumors are consistent.

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Freida Pinto: “I’m too young to be a Bond girl”

This week the Times of India talked to Freida Pinto, who the press had previously been touting as a Bond girl contender.

The new Indian actress on the Hollywood scene says that she had “no idea where that came from,” when quizzed about the Bond rumors.

“Even my LA agents were curious. But this is a Bond thing, it happens with a lot of actresses, or with those in the news. It was very flattering, I must say, and I don’t know if I would have done it. I’m too young to be a Bond girl.

“There’s not much of a role, though some of them have become iconic, and you need somebody more mature and beautiful than me.”

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Musician turned actress Sarah Harding sees herself as a James Bond villainess

Sarah Harding eyeing a villainess' roleGirls Aloud party-girl, Sarah Harding is appearing in the sequel to her feature film debut (St. Trinian’s). St. Trinian’s II: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold is on release this month in the UK.

As part of the promotion, Harding let slip to the English presses that she would be interested in playing a villainess.

“I need to work on my skills, that’s the priority,” Sarah Harding told The Times. “I’d love to do some action stuff. I’d be a good Brigitte Nielsen kind of baddie. Or maybe the kind of character that Grace Jones played in A View to a Kill. A bad Bond girl. I don’t see myself doing the glamour stuff. I’m kind of edgier.”

The feisty 007 villainess from “A View To A Kill” – Mayday – was played by ’80s music star Grace Jones.

Perhaps Harding is eyeing a role in James Bond 23.

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