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Eastern news wires mix up ‘Carte Blanche’ and Bond 23

According to Blic Online, 007 will have a run in with a cellist in James Bond 23… but it is not so simple.

They claim that 007 will be shooting his 23rd James Bond film adventure is Serbia (despite hot tips that Bond will be off to India and South Africa) and that Jelena Mihailovic, a Serbian cellist will be involved in the production as opening theme composer.

The paper carries a quote from the performer herself:

“I am delighted to have been given the honour to meet those important people. I have had a chance to work with some established musicians like Gautier Capucon, Gary Hoffman, Christian-Pierre La Marca, Leonid Gorokhov, but now opportunities are opening up. Contact has been made and I am expecting an invitation to go to the USA soon, and until that time, I will be working on my new album, which is due to be released in October,” said Jelena, who has also been dubbed the Serbian Vanessa May.

However, the similarities between this ‘vision’ of Bond 23 and Jeffery Deaver’s ‘Carte Blanche‘ are not to be missed. Bond heads to Serbia in Deaver’s book, and the news wire even dubs the film that “new James Bond film, entitled Carte Blanche”.

Watch out for more trading on the 007 brand as news and rumors hot up!

UPDATE: The news is spreading and some bloggers and news sites are taking this as indication that Bond 23 will be Carte Blanche. Highly suspect in our book.

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James Bond is back in ‘Carte Blanche’

Now we are ‘strictly’ a Bond 23 blog. But on occasions we break the rules. With the Bond 23 preproduction quiet at the present, eyes are focused on 007′s literary comeback in the form of a new novel by American thriller-writer Jeffery Deaver. Making a bit of a scene at London’s St Pancras station today, our friends over at MI6 have some pictures, an event report and an interview that might appeal to any Bond fan.

Sitting astride the classic motorcycle is the stunning Chesca Miles, model, singer and the UK’s first female stunt rider, and certainly a befitting Bond Girl, whilst from the Bentley emerges the man that everyone has been waiting to see: Jeffery Deaver.
Then, right on cue, the Royal Marine Commandos abseil swiftly down their ropes to deliver the hardback copies of the book itself. It’s a very Bondian moment.

But wait there’s more…

Deaver spoke to the Bond website and discussed what fans can expect, on the eve of the launch party no less…

I think I can honestly say, were Ian Fleming still around, he would look at “Carte Blanche” and the Bond I’ve created and recognise him and would feel that this was a character he would feel right at home with.

Whilst Deaver cannot reveal anything about the plot of the new novel (by all accounts his publisher was sitting with him) he can reveal a few tidbits about the James Bond character (and YES, there are some differences from Ian Fleming’s Bond) and how Jeffery approached writing the new Bond novel. It’s worth the read.

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