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Sam Mendes aiming James Bond 23 for the Oscars?

According to a report in British paper the Express today, Mendes is making last minute changes to the script to ramp the drama and tone down the action sequences.

A typical unnamed insider suggests that the creative team for Bond 23 are setting their sights on an Oscar nod.

The news plays on a number of facts we already know about Bond 23:

Insiders maintain that “action scenes in India have all been axed” though scenes in Istanbul and Duntrune Castle in Argyll “are still there for the moment”.

It is relatively common knowledge to bloggers and news wires that location shooting in India was formally canned earlier this year but many still suspect it will be replaced with an equally important international location, such as South Africa.

One surprising comment comes on the budget: “Given that this 007 needs to make at least £300million to break even, it may be a very high price to pay for an Oscar nomination.”

So far as we know, Bond 23 will have a smaller budget than Quantum of Solace which did not make that £300m mark. Here at we would be very surprised if the figure was at all accurate.

Compared with the quantity of action featured in Quantum, some fans may welcome a thinking man’s James Bond?

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Brianna Meighan rumored for Bond girl role in Bond 23

According to reports of rumors sent in to today Brianna Meighan is in the running for the villain’s girlfriend role. Meighan might have already been a Bond girl, having had a cameo part in Quantum of Solace. As fans of the franchise will know, Bond has frequently been one for repeat castings with actors such as Shane Rimmer appearing in multiple Bond films as different characters.

Meighan is a 29 year old native of Virginia and has found work on E! Entertainment channel as well as fashion modeling.

Our source claims insider knowledge and to be connected to Pinewood, but details are scarce.

Two gorgeous girls are already known hot contenders for a role.

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British press assert that Helen McCrory has been cast in James Bond 23

According to the usually suspect Daily Mail, Helen McCrory has won a role in James Bond 23. British born McCrory is famed for playing Narcissa Malfoy in the Harry Potter saga as well as portraying Cherie Blair in two Peter Morgan penned dramas: The Queen and The Special Relationship.

In the same article, journalist Baz Bamigboye asserts that French star Berenice Marlohe is Bond’s latest lady friend after screen-testing at Pinewood with Sam Mendes. Perhaps this is what the Guardian meant when it suggested that 007 was ‘filming’ at Pinewood already? Marlohe was rumored to have won the part back in September – what said part involves it remains to be seen.

Ben Wishaw‘s name continues to be associated with the production, although it is unclear what role he might be lined up for.

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Daniel Craig confirms Fiennes & Bardem still contenders for Bond 23 role

Daniel Craig is gearing up for James Bond 23 and, as a result, is becoming a little more open about the casting situation.

In an interview with MTV the 007 star asserted that Ralph Fiennes and Javier Bardem are in the running for Bond 23 villains.

Both names have a long history of connections to the forthcoming 23rd James Bond film: Bardem admitted he was in talks in February 2011. A month later Variety leaked the news that Fiennes was performing on London’s West End for a strictly limited run so that he could be involved in Bond 23.

Could Spaniard Bardem pass himself off as a Turkish villain?

Craig has high hopes that both Hollywood icons will appear alongside the leading Brit for Bond 23.

He also offered up another praise of his director and reasserted his confidence in the Bond 23 script: “We’ve got a great script this time. I’m as excited about this script as I was about the ‘Casino Royale’ script. I think in Sam [Mendes] we’ve got the perfect director. The cast is coming together now. I can’t wait to get going on it.”

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James Bond 23 seeking remote Scottish castle?

According to sources at the Evening Times Bond 23 location scouts are on the look out for a dilapidated Scottish castle or lodge.

The papers speculate that James Bond 23 will be giving some background to the character’s personal history – as 007′s ancestry is traditionally understood to stem from Scotland:

Filming is due to begin in three months, and it is thought a Scottish castle will play a central role in facilitating a connection to the MI6 agent’s history. His father was described by author Ian Fleming as hailing from Glencoe.

Bond fans will remember the last time 007 headed for the north was in The World Is Not Enough when Sir Robert King’s funeral was held there and MI6 was revealed to have a high-tech outpost in Eileen Castle.

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Sam Mendes a ‘huge fan’ of Bond says Craig

In a press junket for Cowboys & Aliens the James Bond 007 actor was inevitably quizzed by IGN movies about the forthcoming 007 adventure.

Not only has he told the press that he is ‘gagging’ to get started but he might have let slip that Moneypenny is returning. Some commentators such as those at Comic Book Movie are taking an open ended question about the return to more traditional elements, Moneypenny included and Daniel Craig’s unwillingness to deny that fact as indication that the famous secretary will be back. The British tabloids were keen to predict Naomie Harris would play Miss Moneypenny.

What Craig actually told the media was:

You’ll just have to wait and see. Sam is a huge Bond fan, he understands the history of it, he understands what Bond is about. The script is incredible, we’re in good shape.

Mendes has kept quite about his fandom and his artistic vision for James Bond to date, but that may have just been ousted by Bond himself.

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At least half of Bond 23 to be shot in South Africa, claim reports

According to the Budapest Report, at least half of 007′s forthcoming adventure will be shot in South Africa.

The English language press outlet from Hungary suggests a source close to the production has tipped them off.

This news runs in agreement with the rumors that 007 director Sam Mendes was in South Africa recently, location scouting. However, the recent buzz has been about Indian locations. Budget permitting, James Bond could be on his way to Asia and Africa.

However, most of the story here is addressing Carte Blanche, the new 007 book, and the assertion that half the film will shoot in South Africa is nothing more than an un-cited/unnamed source.

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Bond 23 team rumored to be scouting studio space in India

As previously reported, significant rumors in the Indian media have pointed journalists and bloggers to believe 007 was bound for the nation once more.

Now the local tabloid Mid-Day is reporting that ND Studios may become the new home of 007 for the duration of a three week shoot.

“In the ND Studio, South Mumbai setting of the main road with shops… will be expanded to include the historic Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and Crawford Market, too,” explained an unnamed source.


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New Costume Designer Jany Temime onboard for Bond 23?

Dutch website are reporting a purported connection between 007′s 23rd adventure and Frenc Jany Temime – the costume designer famed for her work on the Harry Potter franchise.

Her other credits include Children of Men and In Bruges.

MI6 reminds us that if true, it will be the third designer in as many James Bond adventures, with Lindy Hemming designing Craig’s outfits in Casino Royale and Louise Frogley dressing the 007 star in Quantum of Solace.

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UPDATE: EON Confirms British actress Naomie Harris is in talks for Bond 23 role

The article run on the NOTW website does not cite a source, nor have very much to say about the new James Bond movie, Bond 23, at all. Most of the article is padded out with old personal quotes, information about the current blockbuster, Pirates of the Caribbean, most likely to cash in on the fourth Jack Sparrow adventure.

UPDATE: MI6 has received a tip, at a UK publicity interview for The First Grader one twitter user spoke to Harris and she mentioned was “offered [a] Bond role” but wont tell the reporters if she is joining the cast.

UPDATE 2: Entertainment Weekly have been chatting to a “spokesperson” at EON Productions who confirmed Harris has been in talks. It is a good day for our initial assessment of the rumor to be wrong!

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