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French actress Berenice Marlohe rumored for James Bond girl part

According to a quick tip from Twitch Film, Daniel Craig may be playing opposite this beautiful Frenchwoman in James Bond 23.

Most blogs and news sources are reporting it as rumor but Twitch are calling it “breaking news” and asserting the rumors to be true.

The young French actress has made a string of successful TV productions and is currently shooting her second feature film: Un bonheur n’arrive jamais seul.

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Bond 23 title rumors hit UK tabloids – scooped from anonymous postings on fan forums

The Sun recently reported that Bond 23 was underway and that the new James Bond movie was rumored to star Rachel Weisz and be entitled Red Sky At Night.

The scoop, it turns out, comes from an anonymous “friend-of-a-friend” tip James Bond fan forum. British James Bond website MI6 were quick to rebuff the story and humiliate its authors.

The piece, editors point out, is largely cobbled together from old rumors writing: “You can expect to see this garbage recycled on movie blogs and reported as un-sourced ‘fact’ in tabloid newspapers over the coming days…”

Stay tuned for scandal.

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Broccoli ‘confirms’ Sam Mendes as Bond 23 director – new writers may be onboard

Still battling the press frenzy over his separation from Kate Winslet acclaimed director Sam Mendes is said to be focusing his attention on Bond 23.

According to English newspaper, The Telegraph, Barbara Broccoli (producer of the new James Bond movie) confirmed to sources that Mendes would be helming James Bond 23.

“It is a mystery worthy of a Bond script,” says the paper’s unknown source.

Also on the radar is Patrick Marber, screenwriter of Notes on a Scandal (2006), and is said to be wanted by Mendes for scripting the James Bond film. Fans will recall a first draft of Bond 23 was turned in by “The Queen” screenwriter, Peter Morgan was turned in late last year.

Whilst MGM people told the paper: “The film-makers say the Morgan / Marber switch is just speculation,” it is likely that Mendes would be given the opportunity to work with a screenwriter of his choice to polish the script, if he has indeed confirmed his involvement as director – even though this remains unofficial.

Rumor Roundup: Jamie Bell is not Bonding with 007 this time around.

In an embarrassing turn of events it seems that several skeptical fans have kicked off rumors of Jamie Bell starring in the new Bond film. This was picked up by British red top The Sun and later run and dispelled by several general film blogs and news sources, including Cinema Blend and Screen Rant. Equally, if not more, embarrassing for the rumor mongers themsleves who posted a detailed explanation of who and how they conned a English newspaper (and what fake names and emails the fans involved used to convince the print and internet media) to normally excellent Bond fan website

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Could 007 be en route to Afghanistan in James Bond 23?

A recurring media rumor has come back to the forefront of James Bond 23 news. Will James Bond be heading to the Middle East in Bond 23?

Times Now has picked up on the gossip that the twenty third 007 adventure may be filmed in Helmand province in Afghanistan. According to the site “a member of the Foreign Office’s drug task force in the country has signed on as a consultant for the franchise.”

A similar report was circulated by English newspaper the Guardian last year but nothing eventuated beyond the rumor.

“The official, who has since left the Foreign Office and Afghanistan, is thought to have signed a confidentiality agreement with the filmmakers preventing any discussion of the project,” says Times Now.

Times Now is citing the Times (we assume UK’s The Times) but a quick search of the website and Google eventuated to no further results on the source of these tales.

Eon Productions, the production company set up by Bond producer Albert Broccoli, refused to comment on whether the film would visit Afghanistan.

At we believe location scouting is unlikely to commence until a director is confirmed for the picture.

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Freida Pinto: “I’m too young to be a Bond girl”

This week the Times of India talked to Freida Pinto, who the press had previously been touting as a Bond girl contender.

The new Indian actress on the Hollywood scene says that she had “no idea where that came from,” when quizzed about the Bond rumors.

“Even my LA agents were curious. But this is a Bond thing, it happens with a lot of actresses, or with those in the news. It was very flattering, I must say, and I don’t know if I would have done it. I’m too young to be a Bond girl.

“There’s not much of a role, though some of them have become iconic, and you need somebody more mature and beautiful than me.”

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Dench tells the presses she wants Emma Thompson as a Bond baddie

The acclaimed English actress who has played James Bond’s boss on 6 occasions – and will be reprising the role in Bond 23 – has jovially commented to UK based paper The Telegraph that she would want Emma Thompson (pictured), 50, star of Sense and Sensibility and Nanny McPhee, to take the role of a baddie in James Bond’s newest adventure.

“It’s such a good idea,” Judi said at the premiere of Nine this week. ”I’d give her [Thompson] a hard time.”

“I can barely ask for my own part, but it would be very nice,” she added.

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Dench to join Bond 23 in ‘Spring 2011′

Judi Dench revealed to MTV this month that “I think I’m going to be needed in spring of 2011.” Daniel Craig previously confirmed at the stage door of his Broadway play, ‘A Steady Rain’ that he would start filming in late 2010.

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