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Unused Kincade poster revealed

The nature of Albert Finney’s role in Skyfall was just one of the many closely guarded secrets whilst the 23rd Bond film was in production. It took months before we got our first unofficial look at Kincade, the Skyfall groundskeeper who aids 007 in his final assault against Silva.

It is quite understandable that the legendary British actor, Finney, was not a major part of the promotion. Nevertheless, artists behind the Skyfall promotional campaign prepared a poster of the fine old gentleman, which has recently been released online.

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Rumor suggests Albert Finney will play “M”

Although Judi Dench has previously made mutterings that she will be returning for her 7th James Bond outing, some reports claim that Finney will be playing 007′s famous boss in the new James Bond film, to be official announced on Thursday.

According to the original report, the famed British actor will play a “Foreign Office mandarin with powers over the Secret Intelligence Service”.

We at are not entirely sure where get their claims that it was today “announced that Albert Finney will join the cast as ‘M’”.

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Simon Russell Beale may be in talks to play a good guy in Bond 23

The Telegraph’s resident rumor mogul, known as Mandrake, is predicting that the acclaimed stage and screen actor (famed for his Shakespeare and the on-screen role of Sir Edward inĀ An Ideal Husband) will be cast in Bond 23.

The Telegraph writes:

It was assumed that Sam Mendes, the director, was considering casting him as the baddie… Mandrake can disclose that the distinguished stage actor, pictured, is in fact in detailed talks to appear as one of the good guys.

The actor is currently serving on London’s West End in Deathtrap and has previously been linked to Bond 23 due to his close working relationship with would-be helmsman Sam Mendes. Beale reportedly “begged” his director friend for a role.

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