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Sam Mendes says he wanted to create a real Bond villain

According to a comment the Director of Skyfall made to the media recently, Sam Mendes wanted to up the ante in terms of villainy seen in the 23rd James Bond film.

[It's been] a while since there was a classic … what I would call a classic Bond villain. I’m not saying these guys weren’t great. I thought Mads [Mikkelsen] was particularly good in Casino Royale

But I wanted somebody perhaps a bit more flamboyant, perhaps a bit more frightening, and so I felt like we needed a great actor to achieve that.

Sam Mendes ultimately cast Javier Bardem as the villain Raoul Silva – whose motives remain a closely guarded secret.

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Sam Mendes a ‘huge fan’ of Bond says Craig

In a press junket for Cowboys & Aliens the James Bond 007 actor was inevitably quizzed by IGN movies about the forthcoming 007 adventure.

Not only has he told the press that he is ‘gagging’ to get started but he might have let slip that Moneypenny is returning. Some commentators such as those at Comic Book Movie are taking an open ended question about the return to more traditional elements, Moneypenny included and Daniel Craig’s unwillingness to deny that fact as indication that the famous secretary will be back. The British tabloids were keen to predict Naomie Harris would play Miss Moneypenny.

What Craig actually told the media was:

You’ll just have to wait and see. Sam is a huge Bond fan, he understands the history of it, he understands what Bond is about. The script is incredible, we’re in good shape.

Mendes has kept quite about his fandom and his artistic vision for James Bond to date, but that may have just been ousted by Bond himself.

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Bond 23 release date confirmed as November 9th 2012

Industry Blog deadline were the first to break the news that a release date for Bond 23 has been pencilled.

They also report on the Beale rumours:

Producer Broccoli has been to see actor Russell Beale twice in his current West End play Deathtrap. Also, the Shakespearean actor is starring as King Lear for Bond 23 director Sam Mendes in a National Theatre production in 2012.

The regular James Bond scribes Neal Purvis and Robert Wade will be supported this time by John Logan, hit screenwriter of Gladiator (2000). Sam Mendes is still attached to the production – this is the first official release that cites Mendes as the director of Bond 23.

The team over at MI6 have secured a copy of the informative albeit brief James Bond 23 press release from MGM/EON.

James Bond IS Back!

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Kate Winslet to move to London as Mendes jets off to shoot Bond 23

The famously estranged couple will be brought closer together thanks to James Bond. The Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes split-up hit the press back in March.

Now, in an interview with English paper, the Daily Mail, Winslet explained that her and the two children Joe and Mia would be moving to the UK so that the kids might be near their father as he shoots the James Bond film.

Whilst it has yet to be officially confirmed that Mendes is helming the production, this news is further confirmation that Mesdes is not just a “consultant”, as he was announced back in January.

It appears that the celeb couple remain separated but Winslet doesn’t rule out working with her ex again.

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Mendes still excited about Bond 23 & EON Productions confident & supportive of MGM

The movies department of the IGN website spoke to Mr. David Wilson – son of 007 producer Michael Wilson – who has made a brief statement about the status of Bond 23.

EON Productions admits director Sam Mendes (American Beauty) is “hot” and “very excited to do this film”. The Bond producers are “patient and optimistic”. The EON team are estimating shooting will take place next year (2011).

“The script’s been in development for some time. We often start the scripts about a year before pre-production has begun. So the script has been in development but it’s been halted for the time being”

With regards to their commitment to the wobbly MGM Studio, Mr. Wilson says: “We support [MGM] – we’ve had a long relationship for a long time and it’s really important for us to get going again. They just have to sort out their financial issues.”

Meanwhile, MGM has begun a process establishing shareholder votes for a of pre-packaged plan of reorganization.

The plan provides for MGM’s secured lenders to exchange more than $4 billion in outstanding debt.

The deadline for the Company’s secured lenders to vote on the Plan is October 22, 2010.

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Industry news suspects Sam Mendes is rejecting jobs to make way for Bond 23

Lionsgate’s new trillogy, beginning with The Hunger Games was seeking a high profile director. Candidates included Sam Mendes, David Slade, Gary Ross.

But… according to industry blog, Deadline, Mendes took himself out of the running.

According to the blogger, Mendes excused himself “because the MGM picture is clearing up and it looks like production on 007 could begin by late summer or early fall, 2011 with Mendes at the helm and Daniel Craig back in the Aston Martin.”

Hope is in sight for Bond fans.

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Christopher Nolan expresses interest in directing a Bond movie

The acclaimed director behind the re-booted Batman series has expressed an interest in getting involved in the James Bond franchise.

Whilst Sam Mendes is still the favourite for the director’s chair once product recommences, Nolan has put his name in the hat, says Deadline.

In an interview with the BBC, Nolan was reported to say:

I’ve loved the Bond films since I was a kid. For me, they’re always about the expansiveness of cinema. The first Bond films set up infinite possibilities about the world they create. I’d love to do a Bond film.

His newest pic, Inception, has recently opened amongst much hype. This is the film that the director previously described as his On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Nolan also commented that Bond films had always “stood for the promise of being taken to some place bigger than you could have imagined”.

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Bond 23 is not dead and buried – simply postponed

The tabloids in England have only just recently picked up on the fact that, since April, the production of the 23rd James Bond film has been on hold.

In statement Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli jointly told the presses that it was impossible for any further work to be continued whilst MGM was in the financial situation it was and remains today.

Due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding the future of MGM and the failure to close a sale of the studio, we have suspended development on ‘Bond 23′ indefinitely.

The Hollywood reporter recently expressed scorn at certain papers for recycling the news this week as news, with some revelation (or rumor) that Bond 23 crew had departed from the production of the 23rd 007 adventure.

This is far from a revolution in truth. It’s understandable that some crew need to move on and find new projects, but they were not let go or told to go home as some blogs or tabloids implied.

In fact, quite the opposite is true. Deadline recently reported that Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes are prepared to wait for 007.

Their undisclosed source said “There is no new news. Development will resume once MGM is viable again, as Danjaq can’t go anywhere without them.  So all bets are off.  No idea when this will get resolved.” However, nobody is parting ways and bloggers who know the industry best are predicting that Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes are in it for the long haul.

Sobering news for Bond fans.

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Director Sam Mendes still has 007 on his radar

The acclaimed English director still has his attention on the delayed James Bond 23.

According to Deadline the director has signed on to a musical production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which was initially pitched as a stage show.

Other things are on his mind as well, Deadline says: “…Mendes remains committed to the Bond film and intends to direct it once the MGM ownership situation gets sorted out.”

The helmsman has long been expected to direct but both his people and spokespeople for EON Productions, who make the films, were staying quiet on any arrangements.

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Broccoli ‘confirms’ Sam Mendes as Bond 23 director – new writers may be onboard

Still battling the press frenzy over his separation from Kate Winslet acclaimed director Sam Mendes is said to be focusing his attention on Bond 23.

According to English newspaper, The Telegraph, Barbara Broccoli (producer of the new James Bond movie) confirmed to sources that Mendes would be helming James Bond 23.

“It is a mystery worthy of a Bond script,” says the paper’s unknown source.

Also on the radar is Patrick Marber, screenwriter of Notes on a Scandal (2006), and is said to be wanted by Mendes for scripting the James Bond film. Fans will recall a first draft of Bond 23 was turned in by “The Queen” screenwriter, Peter Morgan was turned in late last year.

Whilst MGM people told the paper: “The film-makers say the Morgan / Marber switch is just speculation,” it is likely that Mendes would be given the opportunity to work with a screenwriter of his choice to polish the script, if he has indeed confirmed his involvement as director – even though this remains unofficial.

Rumor Roundup: Jamie Bell is not Bonding with 007 this time around.

In an embarrassing turn of events it seems that several skeptical fans have kicked off rumors of Jamie Bell starring in the new Bond film. This was picked up by British red top The Sun and later run and dispelled by several general film blogs and news sources, including Cinema Blend and Screen Rant. Equally, if not more, embarrassing for the rumor mongers themsleves who posted a detailed explanation of who and how they conned a English newspaper (and what fake names and emails the fans involved used to convince the print and internet media) to normally excellent Bond fan website

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