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Naomie Harris says her character, Eve, ‘kicks ass’

Whilst promoting her new film The First Grader, Naomie Harris explained a little more about the kind of things she is doing on Bond 23, now known as Skyfall.

Eve kicks ass. I’m loving it at the moment. I am such a pacifist, I never thought I would enjoy firing guns but, in the safety of the gun range and at a target board, it’s so much fun.

Harris admitted to Adelaide Now that she was worried about the high profile role in James Bond: “I did worry about it a bit. My agent said to me: `It’s unlike anything else you have done before, just be prepared’.”

“I’m doing gyrotonics (a fluid training style that blends movements of yoga, dance, gymnastics, tai chi and swimming on a machine) twice a week and I have a yoga teacher three times a week who also takes me jogging.”

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Hong Kong beauty Tang Wei may be in the running for Asian Bond girl

MI6 has picked up on a rumor circulating in the Hong Kong papers: James Bond 23 director Sam Mendes is looking to Asia to cast a Bond girl.

Apparently, of the 100+ contenders interviewed by EON Productions, Tang Wei is top of the list and her grasp of English is excellent.

MI6 writes that: “The role will be on the wrong side of 007 as scouts were looking for a sexy actress that can exude an evil.”

Other contenders include Fan Bingbing, Li Bingbing, Shu Qi and Josie Ho.

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Brianna Meighan rumored for Bond girl role in Bond 23

According to reports of rumors sent in to today Brianna Meighan is in the running for the villain’s girlfriend role. Meighan might have already been a Bond girl, having had a cameo part in Quantum of Solace. As fans of the franchise will know, Bond has frequently been one for repeat castings with actors such as Shane Rimmer appearing in multiple Bond films as different characters.

Meighan is a 29 year old native of Virginia and has found work on E! Entertainment channel as well as fashion modeling.

Our source claims insider knowledge and to be connected to Pinewood, but details are scarce.

Two gorgeous girls are already known hot contenders for a role.

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Tabloids roll out the Freida Pinto Bond Girl rumors again

Older than herself, this rumor has legs… if not foundation.

According to the Toronto Sun Pinto, famed for Slumdog Millionaire, is keeping her options open and is ‘coy’ about any role in Bond 23:

“As Bond?” she responds, smiling. “I don’t know — I haven’t read anything, I haven’t seen anything yet, so I’m not sure about that. I’m not predicting anything. I cannot see the future.”

“If the character’s interesting and not just a cardboard cut-out — because I have a problem doing that. But I’d like to be Bond.”

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Ben Whishaw rumored for James Bond 23 role

The first casting news for a while, and with a little credibility, has hit the news blogs.

According to sources at Coming Soon Ben Whishaw (who co-starred with Daniel Craig in Layer Cake) may be up for a role. Who, or indeed what kind of role he will be playing, was “not disclosed”.

The same site offers us some Bond girl character rumours but they might have got mixed up…… with the villain from Literary adventure ‘Carte Blanche’ by Jeffery Deaver:

We also have learned from the same source that the two “Bond Girls” this time around will be a “beautiful English Agent” and a “Beautiful Asian woman” named “Severin.”

As most Bond fans will remember Severan Hydt was the villain in ‘Carte Blanche’.

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Naomie Harris reveals details of her audition: doesn’t know if she is a Bond girl

The tabloids first caught the rumor that Londoner Naomie Harris was in the running for a James Bond 23 role when the News of the World ran a loosely worded story in early June. Then the star herself confirmed she was in talks. Finally, all within a matter of hours, EON Productions confirmed to Entertainment Weekly there was some substance to the rumor.

On British radio the other day Harris was inevitably asked about her Bond girl chances. She described her audition for listeners:

“My audition was really great actually because it’s so top secret, the whole Bond thing. I hadn’t realised how top secret it was. I’ve auditioned for a lot of things before but never for something where you can’t see the script, it’s that secret. I auditioned with a scene from Quantum of Solace.”

As well as ‘fesssing up about the Bond audition Naomie said she was 007′s biggest fan and would be delighted to have a role in the film.

“I’ve never played a beautiful vacuous woman. I don’t think I’d be very good at it. So if that was the role, it wouldn’t appeal,” she said in an in depth interview with the Coventry Telegraph.

“But I just don’t think Bond would be interested in a woman like that now. The new Bond has to be intellectually stimulated by whoever he’s having his dalliances with.”

“What makes Bond films work is that they’re responsive to the times. Eva Green’s character in Casino Royale was not scantily clad. She was an intelligent, strong, modern woman.”

“The older idea of the Bond movie is in the past. Now it appeals to all generations, ages and sexes.”


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UPDATE: EON Confirms British actress Naomie Harris is in talks for Bond 23 role

The article run on the NOTW website does not cite a source, nor have very much to say about the new James Bond movie, Bond 23, at all. Most of the article is padded out with old personal quotes, information about the current blockbuster, Pirates of the Caribbean, most likely to cash in on the fourth Jack Sparrow adventure.

UPDATE: MI6 has received a tip, at a UK publicity interview for The First Grader one twitter user spoke to Harris and she mentioned was “offered [a] Bond role” but wont tell the reporters if she is joining the cast.

UPDATE 2: Entertainment Weekly have been chatting to a “spokesperson” at EON Productions who confirmed Harris has been in talks. It is a good day for our initial assessment of the rumor to be wrong!

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Israeli Model Esti Ginzburg rumored to be up for a Bond girl role

According to the Israeli news and gossip site YNet James Bond casting agents are on the hunt for an “exotic girl” and Model Esti Ginzburg fits the bill.

They claim that the model has been invited to “preliminary” casting and her agent declined to comment.

The 21 year old currently lives in Tel Aviv, and made her Hollywood debut in the 2010 film Twelve.

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French site rehashes Freida Pinto and Olivia Wilde Bond girl rumors

We’ve heard them all before… but they’re back. French website is reporting Freida Pinto and Olivia Wilde as hot Bond girl candidates, along with the appointment of Sam Mendes.

Followers of the rocky Bond 23 pre-production will recall that both these names have emerged before.

Pinto has admitted she sees herself as “too young” for a James Bond girl role in the upcoming film, but the internet is persistent and in March 2010 the UK paper The Mirror trotted out the rumor once more.

Wilde – cast in the upcoming extravaganza, Cowboys and Aliensemphatically denied any links to 007 and Bond 23 via twitter the same month as the Pinto rumours recirculated.

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MI6 Confidential Issue #9 Released

We know that this is a little left of centre for a Bond 23 focused website but the team over at MI6 Confidential (a rebrand of the older MI6 Declassified, it seems) have sent over some details on their new James Bond magazine – a tribute to 007′s leading ladies.


London, UK, March 14th 2011) MI6 Confidential, the full-colour magazine celebrating the world of James Bond 007, returns with a special edition for its ninth issue. From Pussy Galore to Strawberry Fields, MI6 Confidential delves into the rich legacy of the Bond Girls, with over a dozen exclusive interviews, rare photography and a raft of features dedicated to the ladies of the James Bond films.

In addition to all the glamorous girls: author Jeffery Deaver reports for duty in Dubai and lifts the lid on the upcoming 007 novel ‘Carte Blanche’, Jaws’ original steel dentistry is tracked down, and MI6 grills the designers of ‘Blood Stone’. With rarely seen photography and anecdotes from cast and crew, MI6 Confidential #9 is not to be missed!

Featured in this special edition issue:

  • Strawberry Fields Forever – Gemma Arterton on her role in Quantum of Solace
  • Under My Skin – Shirley Eaton talks about her gilded days with 007
  • Eva Green and Caterina Murino discuss playing the odds with a new James Bond
  • Honor Blackman on her titillating character Pussy Galore
  • Lynn Holly-Johnson explains why she never got her ice cream
  • The Knives Are Out – Die Another Day’s leading ladies on crossing swords on screen
  • Caroline Bliss recalls stepping into Miss Moneypenny’s shoes
  • Author Jeffery Deaver speaks exclusively to MI6 about Carte Blanche

Issue #9 is now shipping around the world. To order online, visit

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