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Red Sky at “Skyfall”

The replica scottish lodge that has been the centre of attention on Hankley Common the last few days was given a proper sending off, on the Skyfall crew’s last night of shooting at the building.

The Daily Mail photographers were on the scene. Read the rest of this entry »

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Shanghai location filming

The second unit are spending their time on a location night shoot amongst the neon highways of Shanghai.

MI6 reports that stunt drivers from Quantum of Solace have returned to their roles and are filming a high octane sequence in and around the elevated highways.

Daniel Craig is not expected to be joining the crew in Shanhai, having completed his sequences for this location on set at Pinewood.

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Funeral scenes shot in London yesterday for “Skyfall”

As well as shooting in Trinity Square, the production team on Skyfall shot scenes at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.

Before the official twitter of Bond, @007, could post a tasty teaser of the sequence, local reporters were already on the scene. The official twitter pic teaser can be seen below.

Based on the other scene numbers released so far, this sequence appears early in the film, shortly before (presumed Shanghai) nightclub scenes and the grungy office setup that was captured on Day 10.

The funeral scene features eight coffins draped in the Union Jack.

The last time 007 headed to Greenwich was during the filming of the high-action pre titles sequence for The World Is Not Enough.

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“Skyfall” restarts filming after Christmas with two London locations

The cast and crew were spotted in London once more – in two separate locations.

HeyYouGuys stumbled across a large setup with film lighting and screens to mask the windows of 10 Trinity Square, a high class apartment building constructed in the nineteenth century.

The first clue it was 007 came when the tell-tale sign appeared on the lap posts around the square:

More pictures after the jump!

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“Skyfall” to shoot at Turkish rail bridge in February

Bond 23 filmmakers will be spending time in Turkey during January and February of 2012.

The Varda Railway Bridge in the Taurus Mountains is set to be a location in Skyfall and according to press reports, crew are already preparing the location. Daniel Craig will be on location in February, after shooting sequences in Istanbul.

The rail bridge in question seems to provide a similar backdrop to the earlier rumored Konkan Railway in India, a substitute in southern Turkey now appears to have been discovered.

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Bond 23 stunt sequence said to be blocked by Indian bureaucracy

It has been widely reported that 007 is looking to visit India in the forthcoming James Bond 23. It also will not come as a surprise to readers that according to Indian sources the production team are planning an action packed train trip for Bond. Previously it was reported that the Konkan railway was set to be a key locale.

Whilst location rumors have been quite for some time now, there appears to be a flaw in the plan… the government are unwilling to allow filmmakers to close sections of the track for time needed to shoot an action sequence.

Pravesh Sahni who is said to be looking after EON Productions whilst they are in India told the newspapers:

Trains are the backbone of the film. We’ll pay for the shooting and also mention Indian Railways in the credit line. The shooting was supposed to happen in October-November. Now, we’ve postponed it to January-February. For the past three months, we’ve been trying to get things in order. The film has Daniel Craig doing stunts on a freight train. While the Indian Railways has given us permission to shoot, I need to meet someone and explain how important it is for us to block two tracks for eight hours a day over five to six days.

Previously Roger Moore’s Octopussy shot sequences in India and involved a protracted train sequence… deja vu anybody?

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James Bond 23 Indian location rumors continue

Last week Indian presses reported that Bond 23 production members were seeking permission to film in India for Daniel Craig’s third outing as James Bond 007. Previous rumors tied James Bond 23 to the Konkan Railway line.

Now according to – James Bond might be swanning about Mumbai. The following is according to a “highly-placed source”:

Director Sam Mendes recently made a hush-hush visit to the city along with production designer Terry Bamber in mid-April for the film’s recce.  The movie will be shot in Mumbai and Goa during the monsoon season on a month-long schedule.

As ever, skepticism is the order of the day.

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Is James Bond 007 bound for India in Bond 23?

Another possible location has made its way into the press rumor cycle.

According to The Times of India, James Bond may be location scouting on the stunning Konkan Railway, which runs from Mangalore to Mumbai. The scenery along the line is purportedly stunning.

The information is scant and as MI6 reminds us, India has managed to be rumored as a location for every film since, and including, Die Another Day.

What details there are come in the form of an uncited quote from an insider:

It’s at a nascent stage. Everything is being kept under wraps now. Permissions are being sought from the ministry. There have been talks about location scouting down the Konkan Railway line. If all goes well, the shoot might begin end of this year.

Bond fans will recall 007′s adventures in India in the 1980s for the stunning production of Octopussy.

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Vote for your ultimate Bond 23 location

A month or so back asked you to nominate the most exotic locations that you’d like your favourite super-spy to include in his next whirlwind tour.

Now, we have collated your votes and come up with six great finalists for inclusion in a fan poll. It’s easy to vote, just choose your desire option from the list (to your right) and hit “vote”!

The poll will stay open for a month – we thank you for your contributions!

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Build Your Own Bond 23 – Nominate an Exotic Location

Calling all Bond fans. Whilst we wait for the promised new James Bond movie, will be running a “build your own Bond film” series, right here, online.

Every month we will take a selection from fans about an element you’d like to see in a Bond film, collect nominations, select some finalists and open it up to a world-wide vote.

At the end of each set period will announce a mystery element of the next Bond film.

It’s easy – here’s all you have to do.

Write to with the category in your email title. In the email you can describe your dream scenario, location, villains quirk, Bond girl etc. Every month we’ll announce a new category for nomination and launch a poll for voting on the finalist of the category prior.

UPDATE: To clarify, you may nominate as many or few locations as you desire, there is no limit to nominations. When we come to vote, you will only be allowed to vote once.

To kick us off, the category will be….

Exotic Locations

So send us an email with your ultimate exotic location for Bond 23. We’ll collate the results and the most popular suggestions will make the finalists!

To get us started here’s some inspiration:

Remember to write to us with your nominations – it will only take a second.

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