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Writer Peter Morgan says no James Bond 23 draft was ever completed

The acclaimed screenwriter Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon, The Queen) spoke to Coming Soon about his work on his newest film – the Clint Eastwood directed Hereafter.

Whilst speaking with Morgan, the team over at Coming Soon could not resist dropping in a Bond 23 question.

Fans will recall that Morgan spent a few months in the second half of 2009 working on a script for the now-delayed James Bond 23 and told reporters in Austria (his new family home) that it would be a shocking story.

Now the only shock for fans is that even less work on the draft was done than anticipated.

The screenwriter revealed that he did not even turn in a draft of the new 007 movie script:

I hadn’t gotten that far. I was working on an outline when they said, “We’re going to have to stop this process now,” and when it came to the point where I was going to commit to doing the Freddie Mercury film, I sort of discussed with my reps that it would probably take me out of all consideration and that’s what’s happened, and I wish them the best.

Now attached to several other projects, it looks like the respected screenwriter will not be returning to the James Bond family any time soon.

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Summit Entertainment loses interest in MGM deal, Spyglass the only party left

As James Bond fans the world over will be aware, the production team of the upcoming James Bond film, Bond 23, is patiently awaiting the resolution of MGM’s bailout or bankruptcy.

Recently, Deadline reported that Summit Entertainment has ‘walked away’ from any involvement.

“Summit is pulling out because the process has gone on way too long and it’s become a distraction for the business,” a source told the film industry blog.

MGM still have a ray of hope in Spyglass – the sole interested party. If MGM get their way, Spyglass would take over the marketing and distribution of all MGM’s projects, leaving the big cat able to produce films for distribution by Spyglass.

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