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Bond back in London to shoot Land Rover action

Skyfall director, Sam Mendes, and his crew were back in London to shoot another sequence that shows Daniel Craig and co-stars onboard a Land Rover, driven by a stunt driver from the roof of the vehicle.

Some fans are predicting that, in a homage to Live And Let Die, Bond’s driver is assassinated and the car races out of control, thus explaining the need for the real driver to remain out of shot.

The scene, as a rogue clapperboard pic (one not released by @007 on twitter) reveals, is number thirty nine and so coincides with the action shot on the first day of principal photography, and comes shortly after the funeral sequence that was revealed in an earlier twitter photo.

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“Skyfall” to shoot at Turkish rail bridge in February

Bond 23 filmmakers will be spending time in Turkey during January and February of 2012.

The Varda Railway Bridge in the Taurus Mountains is set to be a location in Skyfall and according to press reports, crew are already preparing the location. Daniel Craig will be on location in February, after shooting sequences in Istanbul.

The rail bridge in question seems to provide a similar backdrop to the earlier rumored Konkan Railway in India, a substitute in southern Turkey now appears to have been discovered.

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MI6 announces live blog coverage of Bond 23 press conference

Unfortunately we won’t be available to report live on the scene from the forthcoming James Bond 23 press conference but as ever the British Bond site MI6 is offering what looks to be great coverage of the Bond nerd event of the year.

Take a look at MI6 live blog who will be updating with news and views from the events in central London on 3rd November at 11:45AM GMT.

Don’t worry! We will of course to be on the ball with a full summary of the press conference happenings, if, like us, you are unable to tune in live.

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James Bond 23 seeking remote Scottish castle?

According to sources at the Evening Times Bond 23 location scouts are on the look out for a dilapidated Scottish castle or lodge.

The papers speculate that James Bond 23 will be giving some background to the character’s personal history – as 007′s ancestry is traditionally understood to stem from Scotland:

Filming is due to begin in three months, and it is thought a Scottish castle will play a central role in facilitating a connection to the MI6 agent’s history. His father was described by author Ian Fleming as hailing from Glencoe.

Bond fans will remember the last time 007 headed for the north was in The World Is Not Enough when Sir Robert King’s funeral was held there and MI6 was revealed to have a high-tech outpost in Eileen Castle.

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Bond 23 release date confirmed as November 9th 2012

Industry Blog deadline were the first to break the news that a release date for Bond 23 has been pencilled.

They also report on the Beale rumours:

Producer Broccoli has been to see actor Russell Beale twice in his current West End play Deathtrap. Also, the Shakespearean actor is starring as King Lear for Bond 23 director Sam Mendes in a National Theatre production in 2012.

The regular James Bond scribes Neal Purvis and Robert Wade will be supported this time by John Logan, hit screenwriter of Gladiator (2000). Sam Mendes is still attached to the production – this is the first official release that cites Mendes as the director of Bond 23.

The team over at MI6 have secured a copy of the informative albeit brief James Bond 23 press release from MGM/EON.

James Bond IS Back!

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Industry news suspects Sam Mendes is rejecting jobs to make way for Bond 23

Lionsgate’s new trillogy, beginning with The Hunger Games was seeking a high profile director. Candidates included Sam Mendes, David Slade, Gary Ross.

But… according to industry blog, Deadline, Mendes took himself out of the running.

According to the blogger, Mendes excused himself “because the MGM picture is clearing up and it looks like production on 007 could begin by late summer or early fall, 2011 with Mendes at the helm and Daniel Craig back in the Aston Martin.”

Hope is in sight for Bond fans.

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Director Sam Mendes still has 007 on his radar

The acclaimed English director still has his attention on the delayed James Bond 23.

According to Deadline the director has signed on to a musical production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which was initially pitched as a stage show.

Other things are on his mind as well, Deadline says: “…Mendes remains committed to the Bond film and intends to direct it once the MGM ownership situation gets sorted out.”

The helmsman has long been expected to direct but both his people and spokespeople for EON Productions, who make the films, were staying quiet on any arrangements.

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Past James Bond film stars offer encouraging words to fans over Bond 23 postponement

As well as Daniel Craig pitching in a good word for the producers, other James Bond alumni have come out in support of Bond.

Many stars were gathered at an international fan even in London, UK last weekend and fans may be reassured to know both recent Bond girl Gemma Arterton – Agent Fields in Quantum of Solace – and classic villain Richard Kiel – Jaws in Moonraker and The Spy Who Loved Me – say… James Bond will return.

Gemma said: “It shows the state of the film industry at the moment, especially the British film industry. Fingers crossed – it’s James Bond so it has to continue and it will. It’s just a minor blip.”

“They had a gap before… Just before Goldeneye,” says Kiel.

“Somebody bought MGM. So it’ll be made. There’ll be another Bond film, don’t worry.”

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Sources say Rachel Weisz could be joining the cast of James Bond 23?

In the past the London-born superstar has joked to the press the she was interested in the Bond role, now Cinema Blend claim to have a tip from “a reliable, proven source who’s broken numerous, since confirmed stories”. Read the rest of this entry »

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Freida Pinto: “I’m too young to be a Bond girl”

This week the Times of India talked to Freida Pinto, who the press had previously been touting as a Bond girl contender.

The new Indian actress on the Hollywood scene says that she had “no idea where that came from,” when quizzed about the Bond rumors.

“Even my LA agents were curious. But this is a Bond thing, it happens with a lot of actresses, or with those in the news. It was very flattering, I must say, and I don’t know if I would have done it. I’m too young to be a Bond girl.

“There’s not much of a role, though some of them have become iconic, and you need somebody more mature and beautiful than me.”

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