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Sam Mendes says he wanted to create a real Bond villain

According to a comment the Director of Skyfall made to the media recently, Sam Mendes wanted to up the ante in terms of villainy seen in the 23rd James Bond film.

[It's been] a while since there was a classic … what I would call a classic Bond villain. I’m not saying these guys weren’t great. I thought Mads [Mikkelsen] was particularly good in Casino Royale

But I wanted somebody perhaps a bit more flamboyant, perhaps a bit more frightening, and so I felt like we needed a great actor to achieve that.

Sam Mendes ultimately cast Javier Bardem as the villain Raoul Silva – whose motives remain a closely guarded secret.

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Matt “Dr. Who” Smith says he would be open to a James Bond villain role

The young English star of the cult sci-fi show Dr. Who has put his name forward for the role of a James Bond villain.

Matt stars in upcoming sci-fi movie Womb (filmed last year, as yet unreleased in the UK) with former Bond girl Eva Green, who appeared in Casino Royale, but says he wouldn’t feel right playing the super-agent himself.

In an interview with British paper Coventry Telegraph Matt said: ”I don’t think I’m handsome enough. I think I’d make a quite good, young Bond villain.”

But he admitted: “It would be kind of nice though to be the actor who’s done both.”

He added: “I’ve never got away with being the handsome leading man. I suppose I’m the peculiar, odd lead. Which may work in my favour.

“The Doctor’s a bit bumbly, isn’t he? He doesn’t really know what to do with women”, he told the Radio Times.

“People ask me ‘Who do you think your Doctor is?’ and I’m reluctant to think of it in those terms, because it’s still a work in progress.

“Steven Moffat, who’s just the most brilliant writer, told me when I first met him that the interesting thing, the defining thing, about the Doctor is that he never quite knows what’s going to come out of his mouth in any given situation.

“His thoughts just combust spontaneously. I’ve tried to harness that brain-to-mouth rapidity.”

“I mean, you could think about it for ever but how do you play the most charismatic man in the universe? It’s a real challenge.

“If you play him consciously charismatic, he instantly loses the charisma. Of course, really charismatic people don’t have to do a thing. They just are. I’m still finding my way on that one, but I like to think it gives me something creative to play with,

“Hopefully we see him in the white heat of danger, flying by the seat of his pants. He’s also funny and he has great courage and this enormous intellect, but all the great Doctors have had that.

“As a character, he kind of belongs to everyone. Everyone has their own identity for him. Mine is probably different, but I’ve become a real fan. I know it sounds very vain, but I do look forward to the ceremony of watching the show on a Saturday night.”

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Past James Bond film stars offer encouraging words to fans over Bond 23 postponement

As well as Daniel Craig pitching in a good word for the producers, other James Bond alumni have come out in support of Bond.

Many stars were gathered at an international fan even in London, UK last weekend and fans may be reassured to know both recent Bond girl Gemma Arterton – Agent Fields in Quantum of Solace – and classic villain Richard Kiel – Jaws in Moonraker and The Spy Who Loved Me – say… James Bond will return.

Gemma said: “It shows the state of the film industry at the moment, especially the British film industry. Fingers crossed – it’s James Bond so it has to continue and it will. It’s just a minor blip.”

“They had a gap before… Just before Goldeneye,” says Kiel.

“Somebody bought MGM. So it’ll be made. There’ll be another Bond film, don’t worry.”

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Singer-come-actor Joe Jonas says he wants a role in a Bond film

The round of actors and celebs throwing the name in the hat for a role in the new James Bond movie – currently known as Bond 23 – continues with Joe Jonas.

For those of you unfamiliar with Jonas’ work, he fronts a band, the Jonas Brothers (founded 2009), with his two siblings Kevin and Nick. He has gone on to have cameo and acting roles, largely on Disney channel productions including Hannah Montana and High School Musical 2.

Jonas claimed he would be even willing to read for a villain’s role if he must.

The 20-year old reportedly told Britain’s red-top The Daily Record, “I’m willing to read for anything. Acting is something I love and I want to do it all. It would be an awesome dream to get a part in a James Bond movie. We’re big fans of Daniel Craig. [Daniel] is the best and it would be an honour. It’s a prestigious film series.”

Our verdict: at only 20 years old, the producers will no doubt be looking for someone with substantially experience behind him. Not only this, but in all probability the villains roles and their physical types have not been locked down by the screenwriters at this date. Lastly, when was the last time a lead role in a James Bond film was offered to any actor who asked for it thru the presses? Sit back and relax, there’ll be many more like this before pre-production is out.

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Emmerdale hunk Maxwell Caulfield wants to face off against Craig as James Bond villain

Emmerdale star Maxwell Caulfield wants to play a villain in the next James Bond movie.

The actor will be seen leaving his role as Mark Wylde in the New Year, after 12 months in the village.

Asked what his dream role would be, he told Inside Soap: “I wouldn’t mind going toe-to-toe with Daniel Craig as the arch-villain in the next James Bond movie.”

He added: “Those films are so cool and action-packed these days that you practically have to strap yourself into your seat.”

Maxwell also revealed that he could see himself in long-running British police drama The Bill.

He said: “My wife, Juliet [Mills], and I enjoy watching The Bill – it’s pretty dramatic. I’ve never played a British cop, so I wouldn’t mind doing that. Look at me lobbying for my next gig already!”

Although days are numbered for Emmerdale’s Mark, soap bosses are keeping details of the nature of his exit under wraps.

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Musician turned actress Sarah Harding sees herself as a James Bond villainess

Sarah Harding eyeing a villainess' roleGirls Aloud party-girl, Sarah Harding is appearing in the sequel to her feature film debut (St. Trinian’s). St. Trinian’s II: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold is on release this month in the UK.

As part of the promotion, Harding let slip to the English presses that she would be interested in playing a villainess.

“I need to work on my skills, that’s the priority,” Sarah Harding told The Times. “I’d love to do some action stuff. I’d be a good Brigitte Nielsen kind of baddie. Or maybe the kind of character that Grace Jones played in A View to a Kill. A bad Bond girl. I don’t see myself doing the glamour stuff. I’m kind of edgier.”

The feisty 007 villainess from “A View To A Kill” – Mayday – was played by ’80s music star Grace Jones.

Perhaps Harding is eyeing a role in James Bond 23.

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Dench tells the presses she wants Emma Thompson as a Bond baddie

The acclaimed English actress who has played James Bond’s boss on 6 occasions – and will be reprising the role in Bond 23 – has jovially commented to UK based paper The Telegraph that she would want Emma Thompson (pictured), 50, star of Sense and Sensibility and Nanny McPhee, to take the role of a baddie in James Bond’s newest adventure.

“It’s such a good idea,” Judi said at the premiere of Nine this week. ”I’d give her [Thompson] a hard time.”

“I can barely ask for my own part, but it would be very nice,” she added.

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