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Screenwriter John Logan explains how the “Skyfall” villain goes ‘mano-a-mano’ with Bond

John Logan is new to the Bond franchise, but already his debut, Skyfall, is winning critics hearts and getting the popular vote with phenomenal turnouts at the box offices.

Logan explained how the character of Silva and 007 spar in a long dialogue scene that introduces Javier Bardem’s character.

The sequence makes passing reference to Bond’s homoerotic past as a public schoolboy. Logan clears up some of his thinking behind the references to 007′s “gay past” and the of writing of Bardem’s camp character:

“Some people claim it’s because I’m, in fact, gay but not true at all,” Logan told The Hollywood Reporter at the NYC premiere of the film, thrown by Tribeca Film Institute. “Sam and I were discussing, there were so many scenes where Bond goes mano-a-mano with the villain, whether it’s Dr. No or Goldfinger or whatever, and there’s been so many ways to do a cat-and-mouse and intimidate Bond, and we thought, what would truly make the audience uncomfortable is sexual intimidation; playing the sort of homoerotic card that is sort of always there subtextually with characters like Scaramanga in Man With the Golden Gun or Dr. No. So we just decided that we should play the card and enjoy it.”

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Shooting wraps on Skyfall

The 23rd James Bond adventure has completed its seven month shoot with pickups shot by the second unit on location in Turkey.

@007 posted the final clapperboard picture.

Daniel Craig left the country earlier in the month and Michael Wilson revealed on BBC Breakfast that the first unit was heading back to Pinewood to shoot pickups before they called a wrap on Skyfall.

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Daniel Craig relaxes in Turkey

James Bond 007 star Daniel Craig took time out from the shooting of Bond 23, Skyfall, to spend some time with actress wife Rachel Weisz. The pair were spotted at the Hayal Cafe in Istanbul.


Head over to for the complete photo set.

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“Skyfall” shooting dates and locations for Turkey

The crew recently moved from Adana, where train stunts involving Ola Rapace’s character were captured on location.

Now the crew have moved to Istanbul to shoot in the bustling Grand Bazaar and Eminönü Square. Sadly, reports have come in that the location has, thus far, been plagued by an accident and a gale force wind – causing disarray and delays in the shooting.

Reuters reports that a stunt bike swerved and crashed into a class shop front in a 15th-century building on the set of Skyfall. No one was injured in the process.

Last night winds got up and caused damage for the production in Istanbul.

Next week 007 and his crew are rumored to be bound for Koca Calis beach and pier where they will shoot between 24th and 27th on the Turkish Mediterranean coast.


Daniel Craig celebrates 44th birthday on “Skyfall” set

The 007 star, who has appeared in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, and is now mid-way through filming James Bond 23, celebrated his birthday in style amongst his colleagues on the set of Skyfall.

The British actor enjoyed a tiered cupcake-cake, as evidenced by this post from the official 007 Facebook fan page.

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British tabloid claims Daniel Craig will sport a beard in Bond 23

The red top rumor mill, The Sun, is claiming that 007 actor Daniel Craig will be donning a beard for (part of) the shoot of James Bond 23 which kicks off next month.

The ‘catchy’ headline they opted for was “James Beard”.

An uncredited ‘source’ tells the paper, apparently, that:

They’ve really scaled back. The lavish production and locations have been cut. There is only a reduced cast and crew travelling to the few overseas destinations. There’s not so flash hand-to-hand fighting, it’s gone back to blowing stuff up – including London’s Vauxhall Bridge

Bond fans should be skeptical.

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Details leaked on Craig’s Bond 23 fitness regime

The British tabloid the Express has details on Bond star Daniel Craig’s routine for getting in shape to play the secret agent.

According to new wife Rachel Weisz “my boy is in a permanent sweat; his muscles are bulging.”

“Rachel has been put in charge of Dan’s diet, which consists of big portions of steak, salmon and industrial quantities of baked beans,” says a source.

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Daniel Craig not a fan of Connery or Brosnan’s Bonds?

In a teaser for an in-depth interview with Daniel Craig, Entertainment Weekly, reveal an out of context quote about Craig’s Bond favourites.

“I never liked Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan much,” he muttered, almost under his breath

Before flying into fits of rage, this page is designed to tease and sell magazines. These are the same people that published a “Goodbye Mr Bond” cover in August last year.

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Daniel Craig f***ing excited to work with Mendes again on Bond 23

Esquire conducted a sit-down interview with three time Bond star Daniel Craig in which he chatted about his Bond image and his excitement to be working with Sam Mendes.

The actor/director combo last worked together on the gritty Road To Perdition.

Sam’s gonna do it, Sam Mendes, and I’m really fucking really lookin’ forward to the fact that he’s gonna do it,” he says, snapping to. Mendes directed him in the gloomy thriller Road to Perdition in 2002. Craig tricks out a little smirk then. A concession, a comfort maybe.

“This has become my way, it’s as simple as that,” he says. “I mean, since I’ve just become James Bond. And I think, you know, that means being something that people feel they own. And all of the sudden I’m getting magazine covers, when I got nothing for ten years before that. I say it’s just pure luck. And doing covers, people interviewing me, and they want to know everything and I’m going, I’m not gonna fucking tell you!”

Craig settles once more into the clutch of his muscular recline. “Well, you know,” he says, sliding the Ray-Bans from his nose. “I mean this is actually very nice. We can talk about anything else, and hopefully it can be made interesting.”

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Judi Dench has her hands on the Bond 23 script – but keeps mum

The Dame and 6 time “M” has received her copy of the yet-to-be-titled James Bond 23 script.

At a recent Czech film festival, Judi Dench told the presses:

I’m not allowed [to tell you anything about the Bond film]. You take a little vow. When the script was delivered to me, it was delivered by a man completely dressed in black. He just gave me the script and left. It’s very secretive.

Encouraging news that the production team has begun to distribute the script to it’s key cast.

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