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Naomie Harris to play Miss Moneypenny – UK tabloid predictions

According to the Daily Mail, Harris is all but signed up to play M’s secretary in the new James Bond film.

Miss Moneypenny, you will remember, has been absent from the Craig era thus far.

The British paper describes Naomie Harris as in the “final stages of negotiations” to be Hollywood’s most famous secretary.

They also predict that 007 baddy casting is locked up with Ralph Finnes and Javier Bardem taking roles in James Bond 23.

If the girl is really in the running for Miss Moneypenny then the headline “Licence to Thrill” seems inacurate as fans know that Moneypenny’s relationship with the thrilling James Bond is always close… but no cigar.

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MGM strike deal with Sony for Bond 23 & Bond 24 – Fox to continue to distribute DVDs

In the last 48 hours Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer announced that they had secured deals with their two parters Sony Pictures Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Sony will co-finance and theatrically market and distribute Bond 23. Fox keeps its hands on the back catalogue of DVDs, and MGM’s coveted archive.

“Twentieth Century Fox is a valued partner that has taken great care of the MGM library for many years with the highest degree of integrity,” said Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum, Co-Chairmen and Chief Executive Officers of MGM.

Sony will be staying on and distributing Bond 23 and Bond 24 – having had extensive experience and success with Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale.

The announcement of the agreement to distribute Bond 23 adds another high-profile title to Sony’s 2012 slate, which also includes Men in Black 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man, as well as I Hate You, Dad, starring Adam Sandler, Here Comes the Boom, starring Kevin James, 21 Jump Street, Resident Evil 5 and Total Recall.

The announcement comes as no surprise to those following the events of MGM’s bankruptcy and refinancing. Fox and Paramount, who were the only other contenders dropped out of the bid for Bond in February.

Fans are rightly excited by the news as Sony has a good reputation for well-marketed films with high levels of fan interaction.

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Writer Peter Morgan says no James Bond 23 draft was ever completed

The acclaimed screenwriter Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon, The Queen) spoke to Coming Soon about his work on his newest film – the Clint Eastwood directed Hereafter.

Whilst speaking with Morgan, the team over at Coming Soon could not resist dropping in a Bond 23 question.

Fans will recall that Morgan spent a few months in the second half of 2009 working on a script for the now-delayed James Bond 23 and told reporters in Austria (his new family home) that it would be a shocking story.

Now the only shock for fans is that even less work on the draft was done than anticipated.

The screenwriter revealed that he did not even turn in a draft of the new 007 movie script:

I hadn’t gotten that far. I was working on an outline when they said, “We’re going to have to stop this process now,” and when it came to the point where I was going to commit to doing the Freddie Mercury film, I sort of discussed with my reps that it would probably take me out of all consideration and that’s what’s happened, and I wish them the best.

Now attached to several other projects, it looks like the respected screenwriter will not be returning to the James Bond family any time soon.

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Mendes still excited about Bond 23 & EON Productions confident & supportive of MGM

The movies department of the IGN website spoke to Mr. David Wilson – son of 007 producer Michael Wilson – who has made a brief statement about the status of Bond 23.

EON Productions admits director Sam Mendes (American Beauty) is “hot” and “very excited to do this film”. The Bond producers are “patient and optimistic”. The EON team are estimating shooting will take place next year (2011).

“The script’s been in development for some time. We often start the scripts about a year before pre-production has begun. So the script has been in development but it’s been halted for the time being”

With regards to their commitment to the wobbly MGM Studio, Mr. Wilson says: “We support [MGM] – we’ve had a long relationship for a long time and it’s really important for us to get going again. They just have to sort out their financial issues.”

Meanwhile, MGM has begun a process establishing shareholder votes for a of pre-packaged plan of reorganization.

The plan provides for MGM’s secured lenders to exchange more than $4 billion in outstanding debt.

The deadline for the Company’s secured lenders to vote on the Plan is October 22, 2010.

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Industry news suspects Sam Mendes is rejecting jobs to make way for Bond 23

Lionsgate’s new trillogy, beginning with The Hunger Games was seeking a high profile director. Candidates included Sam Mendes, David Slade, Gary Ross.

But… according to industry blog, Deadline, Mendes took himself out of the running.

According to the blogger, Mendes excused himself “because the MGM picture is clearing up and it looks like production on 007 could begin by late summer or early fall, 2011 with Mendes at the helm and Daniel Craig back in the Aston Martin.”

Hope is in sight for Bond fans.

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Daniel Craig was “just getting started” – keen to continue with Bond 23

The James Bond 007 actor has told the LA Times in an interview on the set of his latest sci-fi / western Cowboys and Aliens.

He is certainly optimistic and keen to continue to return to Bond 23 and the James Bond role but news of the new James Bond movie is not even filtering down to Mr. Craig – let alone the fans.

“You probably know more than I do,” Craig said. “It is what it is. Unless MGM can sort themselves out, we can’t make a movie. It’s hard to talk about things that aren’t happening. There will be more to say when things are happening. I’m really keen to get going, it’s as simple as that. And I’m hoping that, in a while, we will.”

“I felt as if we were just getting going and that we’d get the chance to make a couple more,” the actor said. “I’d like to fulfill the circle with the story. But, yes, there is nothing really to say until whoever gets that house [at MGM] in order. There’s no chance of getting it made until those things are taken care of.”

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Bond 23 producer Michael Wilson confident of bringing Bond back to the cinemas soon

Whilst attending the press conference for James Bond’s new video game Blood Stone, one half of the brother/sister producing partnership behind the Bond films, Michael G. Wilson announced the he was positive Bond would be back in the cinemas, sooner rather than later.

This should help quell some panic that hit the tabloids earlier in the month, suggesting that 007 was axed. Bond 23 has been put on hold until MGM and its financiers can resolve their debts, either through bankruptcy or bailout.

Both Barbara [Brocolli] and I are convinced that we’ll be bringing you another Bond film soon

This was the sentiment from Mr Wilson that greeted Bond fans as the producer appeared to announce James Bond’s newest videogame adventure – shaping up to be inspired by EA’s successful Everything or Nothing with its fast driving interludes and a healthy mixture of stealth and stunts.

MGM administrators currently have breathing space until September 2010 to find funding for itself.

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Christopher Nolan expresses interest in directing a Bond movie

The acclaimed director behind the re-booted Batman series has expressed an interest in getting involved in the James Bond franchise.

Whilst Sam Mendes is still the favourite for the director’s chair once product recommences, Nolan has put his name in the hat, says Deadline.

In an interview with the BBC, Nolan was reported to say:

I’ve loved the Bond films since I was a kid. For me, they’re always about the expansiveness of cinema. The first Bond films set up infinite possibilities about the world they create. I’d love to do a Bond film.

His newest pic, Inception, has recently opened amongst much hype. This is the film that the director previously described as his On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

Nolan also commented that Bond films had always “stood for the promise of being taken to some place bigger than you could have imagined”.

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Millionaire offers James Bond producers help to get Bond 23 restarted

The man behind Chase Vodka and Tyrrells Potato Chips has reportedly approached one of the 23rd James Bond film’s co-producers, Barbara Broccoli, with a suggestion or two.

William Chase hopes to help resolve some funding issues which have plagued EON Productions with regular backers, MGM, in a financial slump and close to bankruptcy.

The approach, the Telegraph reports, has not been declined (or denied) by anyone at EON, but it make take more than one millionaire to selvage 007. Nevertheless, once there is one new backer, others might follow suit. Fans should remember though, MGM owns a share of James Bond, and so no production (under the current arrangement) will go ahead without the big cat’s say so.

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Build Your Own Bond 23 – Nominate an Exotic Location

Calling all Bond fans. Whilst we wait for the promised new James Bond movie, will be running a “build your own Bond film” series, right here, online.

Every month we will take a selection from fans about an element you’d like to see in a Bond film, collect nominations, select some finalists and open it up to a world-wide vote.

At the end of each set period will announce a mystery element of the next Bond film.

It’s easy – here’s all you have to do.

Write to with the category in your email title. In the email you can describe your dream scenario, location, villains quirk, Bond girl etc. Every month we’ll announce a new category for nomination and launch a poll for voting on the finalist of the category prior.

UPDATE: To clarify, you may nominate as many or few locations as you desire, there is no limit to nominations. When we come to vote, you will only be allowed to vote once.

To kick us off, the category will be….

Exotic Locations

So send us an email with your ultimate exotic location for Bond 23. We’ll collate the results and the most popular suggestions will make the finalists!

To get us started here’s some inspiration:

Remember to write to us with your nominations – it will only take a second.

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