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Sneak peek at “Skyfall” DVD menus

With the latest Bond adventure less than a month away from its DVD release and news coverage of the fantastic, drawn-out production Skyfall coming to a close, there’s not so much to discuss round these parts… but we were delighted to see the beautiful Roger Deakins cinematography showcased in these DVD menus:


Skyfall DVD menu

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First look at the “Skyfall” DVD release

Bond will be back in our homes sooner than one might have thought with the Skyfall DVD release recently brought forward from March to February 2013.

And unlike previous DVD releases in the Craig era, it seems that Bond fans will not be disappointed with respect to the Special Features, bonuses and extras that come with the film.

A preliminary Behind The Scenes feature list has been released:

  • Intro – 2:21
  • Opening Sequence – The Death of Bond 4:15
  • Title Sequence – Working The Titles 2:57
  • 007 – The return of James Bond 3:46
  • Q- Back to Basics 1:54
  • DB5 – Behind the wheel 1:33
  • Women – The Good, The Bad and the Beautiful 4:22
  • Villains – In The Shadows 7:00
  • Locations – License To Travel 3:23
  • Music – The Sound of Bond 3:38
  • The End sequence – The Beginning of the End 13:57
  • M – Changes 4:42
  • The Future – New Beginnings 2:10
  • Skyfall Premiere 5:00
  • Soundtrack promotional spot 0:29

Directors and producers commentaries are also expected.

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