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Skyfall press conference highlights

Aside from the factoids about the forthcoming James Bond film, the press conference gave 007 fans a teaser of what they can expect this time next year. Here’s a few basic highlights from the press conference:

The MC explains, as was first (to the best of our knowledge) reported on MI6, that 3rd November marks the day that Sean Connery was ushered onto the world stage as 007 in 1961.

Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli are welcomed to the stage to reveal the “worst kept secret in London” – the title of the James Bond film, Skyfall.

Sam Mendes is welcomed onto the stage to confirm a few rumors. He confirmed that a major set piece was to be shot in London’s Whitehall. Pervis, Wade and John Logan have written a “fantastic script” and Mendes is “incredibly excited”.

Ben Wishaw, Ralph Fiennes and Albert Finney will be playing top secret parts in scenes that Mendes cannot (or will not) reveal. “They might… or they might not…” was the answer Mendes offered for a well-posed question about if these would be characters Bond fans would recognise from the canon.

Just in case you were wondering Mendes pronounces the French actress’s name: “Bera-niece Mar-low” and the long-associated villain of the piece: “Hav-ear Bar-dem”.

Dame Judi is introduced by Mendes as a “young actress” that “some of you might not have heard of” but who “has a promising career ahead of her”.

Asked about what attracted him to Bond 23, Mendes claims to be a “huge fan of the Bond movies”. Mendes got “very excited” when he saw Craig in Casino Royale, which he “loved”, so working with Craig in Skyfall was part of the attraction. “Working with Sam is a dream come true” for Barbara Broccoli. Mendes’ “boyish excitement is really infectious,” says Broccoli.

Wilson says that “nobody thought we would get to 50 years of Bond” in 1961. Wilson tips his hat to the fans who supported the franchise all these years.

Craig says they have an “incredible crew”.

Dench suggests that she will never “get a grip on who M is” – nor anyone in the MI6 offices.

Harris says that she’s well into her training for the action sequences and feel’s “really ready” for what 007 can throw at her.

Mendes explains that there will be “lots of surprises” when quizzed about the return of some typical Bond gadgets. He also explained that the press were “not entirely accurate” in their assumption Bond will be “going back to his roots” with Scotland on the shooting schedule.

Barbara Broccoli dismissed the rumors of budget cuts with a rhetorical, “does it look like we’re cutting back?” The budget, Wilson tells us, is in the same range as the last film. Instead of cutting back they’re “adding” if anything. Barbara echoes her father when she says “it’s all going on the screen”.

Craig is “incredibly proud to be part of this gang of people” making Bond 23.

Bardem suggests that we should not conflate “a villain” and “a bad person”!

Mendes says he’s is very happy to be working with Alexander Witt and his second unit and that the action and special effects is the part that is new and exciting for him. He explains that the “action needs to coexist with the drama”. In addition he says that Oscar nominations (or wins for that matter) are “not the reason you do any movie and certainly not the reason you do a Bond movie”.

Asked what kind of training he has had to go through, Javier Bardem says “English vowels!”

Harris has been having a bit more of a workout with “stunt driving and firing machine guns”.

Sam Mendes was put on the spot at the conference when he was asked if he would be open to doing more than one Bond film. He was prompted by Broccoli and Wilson commented that “this is a question we’ve been trying to get the answer to”. Sam answered: “if in six months time I am still as excited as I am now, then the answer would be ‘yes’.”

The title, Skyfall, Barbara says, will have some “emotional context”.

Mendes says that it “doesn’t connect with the last two movies.” Quantum will not appear in Bond 23.

Craig was asked if he would be “doing this for a few more years?” / “Ask her,” said the Bond star, pointing at producer Barbara Broccoli. Cubby’s famed daughter answered, “yes, definitely.”

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Javier Bardem self-confirmed for James Bond 23

The Spannish actor and star of No Country for Old Men, Javier Bardem, has been speaking to the media about his good-will work and whilst they were at it Nightline popped the Bond 23 question:

The journalist in a recent video interview prompted Bardem to tell us “about the next villain you are going to play, in James Bond?”

“I am very excited, my parents took me to watch the movies, and I saw all of them, and to play that is going to be fun. They chose me to play this man, but I cannot give you many details.”

Bardem’s name as been associated with the production since January when it was revealed he was offered a part… only this week can we confirm that he will star in the film.

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Daniel Craig f***ing excited to work with Mendes again on Bond 23

Esquire conducted a sit-down interview with three time Bond star Daniel Craig in which he chatted about his Bond image and his excitement to be working with Sam Mendes.

The actor/director combo last worked together on the gritty Road To Perdition.

Sam’s gonna do it, Sam Mendes, and I’m really fucking really lookin’ forward to the fact that he’s gonna do it,” he says, snapping to. Mendes directed him in the gloomy thriller Road to Perdition in 2002. Craig tricks out a little smirk then. A concession, a comfort maybe.

“This has become my way, it’s as simple as that,” he says. “I mean, since I’ve just become James Bond. And I think, you know, that means being something that people feel they own. And all of the sudden I’m getting magazine covers, when I got nothing for ten years before that. I say it’s just pure luck. And doing covers, people interviewing me, and they want to know everything and I’m going, I’m not gonna fucking tell you!”

Craig settles once more into the clutch of his muscular recline. “Well, you know,” he says, sliding the Ray-Bans from his nose. “I mean this is actually very nice. We can talk about anything else, and hopefully it can be made interesting.”

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James Bond 23 Indian location rumors continue

Last week Indian presses reported that Bond 23 production members were seeking permission to film in India for Daniel Craig’s third outing as James Bond 007. Previous rumors tied James Bond 23 to the Konkan Railway line.

Now according to – James Bond might be swanning about Mumbai. The following is according to a “highly-placed source”:

Director Sam Mendes recently made a hush-hush visit to the city along with production designer Terry Bamber in mid-April for the film’s recce.  The movie will be shot in Mumbai and Goa during the monsoon season on a month-long schedule.

As ever, skepticism is the order of the day.

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Production Manager Terry Bamber to begin work on Bond 23 in August

According to the twitter feed of the 3 time 007 Production Manager Terry Bamber, his work will “God willing” begin on James Bond 23 in August 2011. It is expected that shooting will commence in November 2011.

Bamber  has worked on three 007 productions: Die Another Day, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace as 2nd Unit Production Manager.

In another Tweet Bamber reveals his preference to shoot in India:

I have been coming to India since 1992 when I first worked in Varanasi – I am really hoping the next Bond film will come

This lends some weight to the earlier story that was circulating the Times of India this week – that the new James Bond movie production crew were seeking permission to shoot in India.

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Bond back in an Aston Martin – car website predicts

An Australian motoring website is riding the James Bond publicity wave, predicting 007 will be back in an Aston Martin for Bond 23.

Whilst CarsGuide acknowledges that there is yet no word on what vehicle James Bond will be driving in the 23rd James Bond film, the authors are optimistic the luxury carmaker will be back.

Not only are they predicting that Aston will partner with 007 for Bond 23, they are optimistic about a double deal with Sony – who will be overseeing Bond 23 and Bond 24.

In other news, India will be host to a family of Astons: V8 Vantage, Rapide and One-77. This news neatly coincides with the rumors that 007 will be heading back to India for James Bond 23.

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Javier Bardem close to role in ‘Dark Tower’ series – still room for Bond 23?

The industry blog, Deadline, tells us that the No Country For Old Men villain Javier Bardem is close to finalising a deal to appear in an multi-media adaptation of Stephen King’s book series.

Bardem had previously been confirmed as considering for a role in the James Bond film. When news leaked he had yet to read the script.

Deadline writes:

Bardem, who just wrapped an untitled next feature for Terrence Malick, is also being to play a villain opposite Daniel Craig in the next James Bond film that Sam Mendes is prepping. That film is moving forward again, after MGM emerged from bankruptcy. It’s expected to land at Sony Pictures for distribution.

The question on Bond fans’ lips, of course, is … has the Spaniard turned down the role? It is likely that he would have time for both, with Bond 23 slated for November 2012 and Dark Tower for May 2013.

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Anthony Hopkins denies rumors of James Bond 23 involvement

No. Anthony Hopkins was never offered a Bond 23 role. This is the news from the star of new psychological thriller, The Rite himself.

When asked if there was any truth to the rumour, Hopkins said “You must ask my agent because I know nothing about it.” He then leaned over to his agent who said “First I’ve heard of it too!” It appears Hopkins and agent are not regular readers of The Sun who coughed up such a rumor last week.

According to British Bond site MI6 the Welsh star was offered a role in the action-packed Tomorrow Never Dies but declined when he heard the script was still in flux despite shooting being scheduled.

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James Bond 23 – Rumor Roundup

As ever, the news media can be sure to drum up a few “rumors” of Bond 23 casting in the weeks and months leading up to Bond 23.

A couple of the more humorous are collected below for you:

Anthony Hopkins Narrowly Misses Out On A Villain Role

The Sun are quoting an unspecified source that suggests the famous Welshman might have joined the cast:

“The only stumbling block seems to be the number of films he is signing up for. There is a chance the character they want him to play could become a regular feature, like Blofeld back in the day.”

Some blogs ever picked up on the Sun’s story and ran with it

A slow news day, clearly.

Sharon Stone Wants To Be A Bond Villain

“I would love to play the villain in a James Bond movie, better if with Daniel Craig” says the 52 year-old “Basic Instinct” star.

MI6 reminds us Sharon Stone was previously considered for a leading Bond girl role by MGM during the scripting stage of “The World Is Not Enough” in 1999.

Rare has been the date that 007′s Bond girls are older than the incumbent 007.

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Roger Deakins plans next Sam Mendes project – code for Bond 23

In an audio interview with the well-respected cinematographer behind many of the Cohen Brothers’ successes, the man himself, Roger Deakins, reveals he is planning a project with Sam Mendes.

MI6 reminds us the 62 year old, English-born cinematographer has recently worked with Bond 23 helmsman Sam Mendes on “Revolutionary Road” but he has become strongly associated with the Coen Brothers’ unique style of filmmaking.

“I’ll probably do a film with Sam Mendes next,” Deakins told Collider. When asked if that meant he was shooting Bond 23, he said, “it might, yeah.”