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New set of “Skyfall” stills revealed via Tom Ford

Almost too easy to overlook, new stills for Skyfall have been released in Asia.

They celebrate Bond’s suits in Skyfall, and if and MI6 writers can be believed, were released via Tom Ford, Bond’s tailor for the 23rd Bond film.

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New photos from the pre credit sequence of “Skyfall”

MI6 has the scoop on the new bikes to feature in Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond adventure. Plus, pictures from the location shoot in Istanbul.

Below Patrice, played by Ola Rapace is pursued by James Bond in Istanbul.

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“Q” is back in “Skyfall” – new photo of Whishaw as the Quartermaster has confirmed the news that nobody was denying, young British Ben Whishaw is playing “Q” in Skyfall. 

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Shooting wraps on Skyfall

The 23rd James Bond adventure has completed its seven month shoot with pickups shot by the second unit on location in Turkey.

@007 posted the final clapperboard picture.

Daniel Craig left the country earlier in the month and Michael Wilson revealed on BBC Breakfast that the first unit was heading back to Pinewood to shoot pickups before they called a wrap on Skyfall.

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Istanbul market photos captured for “Skyfall”

Last week the production of the 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, centered on Istanbul, where the pre-titles sequence is set.

Some great behind the photos were captured by the world’s media.

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Bond ahoy

Daniel Craig, dressed as James Bond, and his co-star Berenice Marlohe were spotted shooting scenes off the coast of Turkey onboard a luxury super-yacht.

Although they are shooting in Turkey, Marlohe’s involvement in these scenes gives us a clue that the location may be doubling for somewhere east of the Mediterranean.

The Skyfall cast have been working in Adana, Istanbul and now the costal town of Fethiye.

We suspect the Ug Boots will not be part and parcel with the glamourous evening dress.

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“Skyfall” filming photos from Istanbul

The second unit are working hard on the pre-titles sequence, an action sequence that takes place in the heart of Istanbul and involves James Bond, Eve and an Audi.

Some of the action was caught on camera by observers over at Turkish website,

We understand that Daniel Craig joined the crew on location recently – however he is not to be seen in these photos. A double stands in for the Bond star as the action takes place.

Click through for some photos of the location filming.

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Ralph Fiennes will see action in “Skyfall”

Empire released a series of photos today from the set of the 23rd James Bond film. They show, largely, Daniel Craig charging around Whitehall offices. They also show M at her desk in what we assume is MI6 HQ before certain events take their toll…

The most interesting one, we think, is evidence that Ralph Fiennes will not just play a desk jockey in Skyfall.

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Striking the Hankley Common Sets


Marc Sayce was on location when it came to striking of the exteriors of the Skyfall manor house.

Thanks Marc!

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Daniel Craig and Judi Dench spotted in London again

Shooting for what is shaping up to be an epic foot/tube chase continued in London on 1st April with Daniel Craig back in the matted suit and earwig for the sequence.

The crew just got off an extended night shoot in Surrey filming the climax of Skyfall.

Just Jarred has a few pics of Bond and his boss working on the London streets.

MI6 reports that Bardem was also on location, though not captured on film, and in a police car for the sequence.


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