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MI6 Confidential issue #17 – exclusive interview with the “Skyfall” action unit

MI6 Confidential, the full-colour magazine celebrating the world of James Bond 007, returns with its seventeenth issue.

The Bond world is buzzing. With just a few weeks to go before Skyfall hits cinemas, we’ve seen the launch of film’s promotional campaign, the opening of the most exhaustive exhibition of 007 design, and Activision continually tease fans with a new look at their upcoming videogame, ‘007 Legends’.

We cover all of the above in this issue, but the highlight must be the time we spent with stunt coordinator, Gary Powell, who spoke exclusively to MI6 Confidential about the Skyfall pre-titles sequence. Finally, we have just enough time to celebrate the French Bond girls of the franchise, as Bérénice Marlohe joins their ranks this year.

Featured in this issue:

  • Skyfall Action – Exclusive interview with stunt coordinator Gary Powell
  • Entente Cordiale – Bérénice Marlohe joins a long list of French Bond Girls
  • All About Eve – Naomie Harris plays an MI6 field agent in Skyfall
  • 007 Legends – Activision lift the lid on their ambitious new videogame
  • 50 Years Of Bond Style At The Barbican – Take a tour of the new exhibition
  • Inside The EON Archive – Exclusive interview with Archive Director Meg Simmonds
  • Sunspel In 007 Heaven – Recreating James Bond’s iconic shorts
  • The Bond Connection – Ex-Special Ops agent Aaron Cohen reveals Haywire’s secrets

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Fate of the Aston Martin has gleaned some intel on the use and fate of the DB5 that we’ve seen photos of on set. were the first to leak news of the famous motorcar being using in forthcoming film, back when it was know merely as Bond 23.

Now, a tip we received back in the early days of filming, plus a new post on twitter from @RichLawes has added a new dimension. Click through for the details.

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British Tabloids claim Bond’s DB5 will be gadget laden again

According to a source at the Sun, James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 spotted on location in Scotland recently, will be carrying some of the old favorite gadgets.

A Skyfall source said: “This car defines everything that is James Bond. It looks good and goes like a rocket. There’s a real buzz about its return.”

The Aston Martin seen on location still carries the same license plate as seen in Goldfigner.

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Daniel Craig spotted driving Aston Martin DB5 in “Skyfall”

James Bond in Skyfall in Aston Martin DB5

MI6 have spotted James Bond 007 in his old favorite: the Aston Martin DB5. The classic car was first seen on screen in Goldfinger and Thunderball and most recently seen in Casino Royale when the current 007, Daniel Craig, won the keys to the prized motor from Dimitrios.

According to the website: “Shot at night, the scene is reminiscent of Goldfinger, with Bond driving the DB5 down narrow streets, zipping past warehouses and ducking under the arches of a railway line. For the 1964 film, the chase scene at Auric Enterprises was actually shot at Pinewood Studios. Filming will continue in Deptford and New Cross in London. In the movie, the DB5 action will feature in scene #134.”

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Rory Kinnear back as Bill Tanner in Skyfall

Although the press conference made no mention of M’s famed chief of staff, Kinnear was spotted with the cast and crew shooting in London this weekend.

The 33 year old was cast for Quantum of Solace and appears in the front seat of the Range Rover rushing Daniel Craig’s 007 to some kind of emergency, we think. In Fleming lore, Tanner is traditionally Bond’s only friend in the service and is supposed to be about the same age as 007 himself.

Photos from the set also confirm that the two cars used in the scene are the Range Rover Vogue SE and Jaguar XJL.

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James Bond in a Range Rover Evoque for Bond 23?

MSN Cars claims to have a tip off that brand new Range Rover Evoque was delivered to Pinewood Studios – where most of the internet now knows Bond 23 is in pre-production.

The sleek new all-roader is made by Land Rover, who declined to comment when quizzed by MSN.

This news aligns with the rumor we heard earlier in the month that the first location shoot for Bond 23 will involve a Jaguar and a Rover in a high octane scene. Both Range Rover and Jaguar are owned by Tata Motors.

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James Bond 23 news & rumor roundup

The bits you thought we forgot…

Cinematographer Roger Deakins working on James Bond 23

In a February interview with Collider website, Roger Deakins (cinematographer behind the Cohen brother’s films, as well as Sam Mendes’ Revolutionary Road) was probably doing a project with Sam Mendes.

As of April a Hollywood Reporter article dubbed him the new Bond 23 cinematographer (that top secret Mendes project).

The news was confirmed by Deakins himself on his fan forum on May 1st. He wrote: “Yes, I can say that I am doing the next ‘Bond’ film. It is early days and the film won’t shoot until November.”

Bond 23 Aims to Break Product Placement Dollar Record

According to the Australian a cinema record is being aimed at by co-financeers MGM and Sony Pictures. They hope that James Bond will raise $45 million in corporate sponsorship from the companies that want to see their brand associated with the world’s most famous spy.

Aston Marin Announce New V12 Zagato

James Bond website MI6 has the scoop on a new Aston Martin V12 Zagato – could this be 007′s car in the new James Bond film? It’s exclusive enough:

“The task for us has been to create a concept that is a natural successor to those iconic cars that have gone before. Matching the technology of the age with the traditional skills vital to deliver such a bespoke and exclusive sports car will lead to a strictly limited run of road going V12 Zagatos,” said Dr Ulrich Bez, CEO of Aston Martin.

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Bond back in an Aston Martin – car website predicts

An Australian motoring website is riding the James Bond publicity wave, predicting 007 will be back in an Aston Martin for Bond 23.

Whilst CarsGuide acknowledges that there is yet no word on what vehicle James Bond will be driving in the 23rd James Bond film, the authors are optimistic the luxury carmaker will be back.

Not only are they predicting that Aston will partner with 007 for Bond 23, they are optimistic about a double deal with Sony – who will be overseeing Bond 23 and Bond 24.

In other news, India will be host to a family of Astons: V8 Vantage, Rapide and One-77. This news neatly coincides with the rumors that 007 will be heading back to India for James Bond 23.

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Aston Martin One-77: James Bond’s new car, suggests The Sun.

British paper, The Sun has stunning new pictures of Aston Martin’s latest offering.

The Aston was unveiled on a race from London to Silverstone race circuit in Northamptonshire.

Under the hood is a 7-litre V12 engine, which produces around 700bhp. The car will cost over £1 million (over $1.4 US).

The reporters say: “The One-77, which is the first production-ready example made by Aston, will undoubtedly be Bond’s car when Daniel Craig appears in the next flick.”

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Fans think they’ve spotted James Bond’s newest car on location

In December we were speculating about the identity of one of James Bond’s least talked about co-stars: the car!

Now fans have spotted an unknown film crew shooting with the stunning new Lotus Evoras – complete with red paint job. For Your Eyes Only anyone?

The car, says fans over at Jalopnik, is part of a sequence of stunts involving the Lotus and a “snow-boarder jumping over the car, which is tres Bond-film.”

Unfortunately for those readers keen on the ’70s James Bond rides, this is not an official MGM/EON Bond film… A “tipster” told Jalopnik that the crew were shooting a Lotus-funded tribute to the cars of their James Bond era. A worthy investment in any Bond fan’s book!

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