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New video blog from focuses on London

Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig both open up about their experience and inspiration for keeping Bond at home for much of 007′s 23rd adventure, Skyfall. Watch the video diary posted by

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New photos from the pre credit sequence of “Skyfall”

MI6 has the scoop on the new bikes to feature in Skyfall, the 23rd James Bond adventure. Plus, pictures from the location shoot in Istanbul.

Below Patrice, played by Ola Rapace is pursued by James Bond in Istanbul.

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Daniel Craig filming “Skyfall” train chase in Adana

Although the James Bond’s second unit has been on location months in advance, 007 star Daniel Craig is now back in Adana with co-stars shooting close ups onboard the train for the pre-titles sequence.

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Istanbul market photos captured for “Skyfall”

Last week the production of the 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, centered on Istanbul, where the pre-titles sequence is set.

Some great behind the photos were captured by the world’s media.

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Bond ahoy

Daniel Craig, dressed as James Bond, and his co-star Berenice Marlohe were spotted shooting scenes off the coast of Turkey onboard a luxury super-yacht.

Although they are shooting in Turkey, Marlohe’s involvement in these scenes gives us a clue that the location may be doubling for somewhere east of the Mediterranean.

The Skyfall cast have been working in Adana, Istanbul and now the costal town of Fethiye.

We suspect the Ug Boots will not be part and parcel with the glamourous evening dress.

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“Skyfall” shooting dates and locations for Turkey

The crew recently moved from Adana, where train stunts involving Ola Rapace’s character were captured on location.

Now the crew have moved to Istanbul to shoot in the bustling Grand Bazaar and Eminönü Square. Sadly, reports have come in that the location has, thus far, been plagued by an accident and a gale force wind – causing disarray and delays in the shooting.

Reuters reports that a stunt bike swerved and crashed into a class shop front in a 15th-century building on the set of Skyfall. No one was injured in the process.

Last night winds got up and caused damage for the production in Istanbul.

Next week 007 and his crew are rumored to be bound for Koca Calis beach and pier where they will shoot between 24th and 27th on the Turkish Mediterranean coast.


New Skyfall Videos give sneak peak at Berenice Marlohe’s involvement released two videoblogs today. The first has Berenice Marlohe, the french beauty playing Severine, discussing her role.

The second is action girl, Naomie Harris, who is playing Field Agent Eve. The character is set to see a lot of action and as Harris reiterates this in the video there is a behind the scenes look at the new Bond girl’s weapon training.

The most interesting thing, from our perspective, was a look at Severine on set. She is seen descending an escalator with two heavies behind her. Most of the people in the scene are Asian, and so we predict that she will have heavy involvement in the Shanghai sequences, shot mostly at Pinewood but with some outdoor action captured by the second unit. It also appears that more is going on in this scene that first meets the eye. Observant viewers note that Severine is passing information to a colleague going up the elevator.

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Helicopter action at “Skyfall” lodge

Bond 23 crew are filming on a replica Scottish lodge, scenes that obviously cannot be recreated at the real location.

Large military looking helicopters have been requisitioned for a scene and twitter user David Ogilby was on location with a camera.

Click through for a selection of snaps from the filming.

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Replica Scottish manor house built in Surrey

A key plot development and location for the forthcoming James Bond film, Skyfall, will be a Scottish lodge, potentially with ties to Bond’s heritage.

James Bond website MI6 has spies working overtime to bring a few pictures from the set.

Click through for spoilers and photos.

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“Skyfall” filming on The Mall, London

One reader contacted recently to report that further London location shooting was taking place on the Mall, in central London.

Filming took place on 25th February in the late afternoon – our source was informed that the cast and crew were not showing up until after midday but the crew were already on location, preparing M’s Jaguar for shooting.

We understand that the scene involved Rory Kinnear, Judi Dench and 007 star Daniel Craig.

Some pictures after the jump:

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