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SIS Building makes a return to Bond

The Skyfall production team were on location in London yesterday to shoot on Vauxhall bridge near the impressive SIS building that served for MI6 in the Brosnan Era.

Tanner and M were in a sequence in M’s Jaguar racing toward the spy headquarters. were on location:

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James Bond shooting in Scottish highlands

James Bond and his old favourite car, the Aston Martin DB5 were spotted on location in Glencoe, Scotland. Judi Dench and Craig spent a day shooting in near freezing temperatures. Glencoe was where the literary 007′s family hails from.



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Bond Back in London for Foot-chase

James Bond 23 crew were back in London this week to shoot an action sequence in Whitehall and in Tower Hill.

The Skyfall team, including current James Bond star Daniel Craig were involved in shooting an intricate foot chase in the capital.

As a twitter pic from @007 revealed, this is sequence 131, that will take place after the underground station scenes filmed earlier in the production schedule.

It is mere scenes away from 134, a night shoot involving the Aston Martin DB5.

More London shooting is planned for February 4th, in and around Vauxhall bridge, near the official SIS building that has long doubled as MI6, Bond’s head office.

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First official Skyfall still hits

James Bond 007 is back…

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Bond back in London to shoot Land Rover action

Skyfall director, Sam Mendes, and his crew were back in London to shoot another sequence that shows Daniel Craig and co-stars onboard a Land Rover, driven by a stunt driver from the roof of the vehicle.

Some fans are predicting that, in a homage to Live And Let Die, Bond’s driver is assassinated and the car races out of control, thus explaining the need for the real driver to remain out of shot.

The scene, as a rogue clapperboard pic (one not released by @007 on twitter) reveals, is number thirty nine and so coincides with the action shot on the first day of principal photography, and comes shortly after the funeral sequence that was revealed in an earlier twitter photo.

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Shanghai location filming

The second unit are spending their time on a location night shoot amongst the neon highways of Shanghai.

MI6 reports that stunt drivers from Quantum of Solace have returned to their roles and are filming a high octane sequence in and around the elevated highways.

Daniel Craig is not expected to be joining the crew in Shanhai, having completed his sequences for this location on set at Pinewood.

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Funeral scenes shot in London yesterday for “Skyfall”

As well as shooting in Trinity Square, the production team on Skyfall shot scenes at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.

Before the official twitter of Bond, @007, could post a tasty teaser of the sequence, local reporters were already on the scene. The official twitter pic teaser can be seen below.

Based on the other scene numbers released so far, this sequence appears early in the film, shortly before (presumed Shanghai) nightclub scenes and the grungy office setup that was captured on Day 10.

The funeral scene features eight coffins draped in the Union Jack.

The last time 007 headed to Greenwich was during the filming of the high-action pre titles sequence for The World Is Not Enough.

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“Skyfall” to shoot at Turkish rail bridge in February

Bond 23 filmmakers will be spending time in Turkey during January and February of 2012.

The Varda Railway Bridge in the Taurus Mountains is set to be a location in Skyfall and according to press reports, crew are already preparing the location. Daniel Craig will be on location in February, after shooting sequences in Istanbul.

The rail bridge in question seems to provide a similar backdrop to the earlier rumored Konkan Railway in India, a substitute in southern Turkey now appears to have been discovered.

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Bond filming at Ascot train station – perhaps?

A tweet appeared recently wherein its author posted the following photo of a film crew setting up at Ascot train station. The tweeter tells told us at the time it was understood to be production of Skyfall, AKA Bond 23.

Skyfall previously shot at Ascot, doubling for an overseas location, so it was a fair assumption that the second unit was still working at the famed racecourse.

However, Daniel Craig, Michael Wilson and Sam Mendes were working elsewhere (Craig promoting his Girl With The Dragon Tattoo film in New York and Mendes overseeing his stage production of Richard III)… so the likelihood of Bond shooting at a fresh location whilst its principal cast and crew members are elsewhere seems a little suspect.

The tweeter then followed up with some other information – he says he is now told it wasn’t Bond, rather a TV show named Case Sensitive.

Whichever the case, Bond fever is certainly alive and well in the UK!

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Daniel Craig spotted driving Aston Martin DB5 in “Skyfall”

James Bond in Skyfall in Aston Martin DB5

MI6 have spotted James Bond 007 in his old favorite: the Aston Martin DB5. The classic car was first seen on screen in Goldfinger and Thunderball and most recently seen in Casino Royale when the current 007, Daniel Craig, won the keys to the prized motor from Dimitrios.

According to the website: “Shot at night, the scene is reminiscent of Goldfinger, with Bond driving the DB5 down narrow streets, zipping past warehouses and ducking under the arches of a railway line. For the 1964 film, the chase scene at Auric Enterprises was actually shot at Pinewood Studios. Filming will continue in Deptford and New Cross in London. In the movie, the DB5 action will feature in scene #134.”

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