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Unused Kincade poster revealed

The nature of Albert Finney’s role in Skyfall was just one of the many closely guarded secrets whilst the 23rd Bond film was in production. It took months before we got our first unofficial look at Kincade, the Skyfall groundskeeper who aids 007 in his final assault against Silva.

It is quite understandable that the legendary British actor, Finney, was not a major part of the promotion. Nevertheless, artists behind the Skyfall promotional campaign prepared a poster of the fine old gentleman, which has recently been released online.

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Daniel Craig in Sony / “Skyfall” promotional video

A slick new advert for Sony starring Daniel Craig as a James Bond-esque character has appeared online. Take a look:

New “Q” promotional banner

British newcomer Ben Whishaw will be playing “Q” in Skyfall (also known for The Hour and the Hollow Crown). A new banner promoting the film is now available online and features Whishaw as the MI6 Quartermaster. It is the first time that Q Branch will feature in a Craig film. Thus far in his tenure, gadgets have been scarce.



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New UK “Skyfall” poster posted a new UK promotional poster for the upcoming Skyfall.


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Sexy Berenice Marlohe fronts “Skyfall” Heineken tie in campaign

Heineken/Skyfall advertising debuted on the internet today with a first look at the “Crack the Case” campaign designed to engage Bond fans around the world. The Skyfall tie-in campaign is known to star Daniel Craig in a high-action commerical but also, today, we found out that French Bernice Marlohe who plays Severine in Skyfall, will be part of Heniken’s international branding for the next few months.

Take a first look at Bernice in the photo shoot for Heineken…


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Another new still from the “Skyfall” ruined island set

Earlier, photos of Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 and Javier Bardem as Silva on the fantastic ruined island set built in the back lot of Pinewood Studios hit the Internet. Here is another alternative shot of Craig on that impressive set.


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“Skyfall” bonds with coke

An unlikely match between the low (no) sugar Coca-Cola product Coke-Zero and the world’s most sophisticated secret agent was made recently. Although the Coke/007 bond was cemented for Quantum of Solace, we can’t help but think that the larger, mainstream Brand’s would not get a winning smile from Cubby Broccoli or 007′s seminal director Terence Young. And indeed, others have a similar view.

New video blog from focuses on London

Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig both open up about their experience and inspiration for keeping Bond at home for much of 007′s 23rd adventure, Skyfall. Watch the video diary posted by

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New UK “Skyfall” quad poster revealed

Very similar to the cardboard cutout seen in US theatres recently, Bond’s quad poster in the UK uses the in-action shot of Daniel Craig James Bond shooting at an unknown target.

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Character posters for “Skyfall” UK campaign

James Bond appears alongside his newest foe, Silva, and Bond girls Eve and Severine in a new teaser banner for UK cinemas.

This is a slightly different marketing tactic than we saw in the US with large cardboard cutouts of Daniel Craig in an action pose.

These posters have not got some excited, with adjectives such as “dull” being used by some bloggers.

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