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IMDb forums user claims to have been part of the “Skyfall” test screening

A user of the IMDb forums, lizze-sandy81, posted recently that she had seen Skyfall cut together as part of a test audience. This is not uncommon practice and the poster is clearly a Bond fan, having followed the production quite closely. Some points of note, if genuine, are that Skyfall is currently edited to an impressive length (after the short and ultimately bitter Quantum of Solace). The film is reportedly almost three hours long, with the Scottish scenes starting around 2 hours into the film.

The poster also makes nods to the fact that Ralph Fiennes’ office is dressed much like M’s in the early years and the relationship between Fiennes and his subordinates brings to mind the old M-Bond relationship.

The pre credit sequence is reportedly 20 odd minutes (rivalling The World Is Not Enough for length).

Finally the soundtrack has yet to be completed, so scores from old Bond films were used as filler and the OHMSS theme music played in place of the title track.

For some of the more subjective points, you can read the whole review here.

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Doom & gloom in the presses as reporters debate the future of Bond 23

We always hear “It’s not over until its over”, but the cover designers of Entertainment Weekly clearly do not live by this motto.

The filmic magazine has plastered their cover with a headline that reads: “GOODBYE MR. BOND”. But as readers of and any Bond fan will tell you, 007 may be stalled but his story certainly is not over.

The sensationalized story tells us that we wont see James Bond 23 for years to come, not just because of MGM’s troubles but because of Daniel Craig’s recent acceptance of a role in the Hollywood adaptation of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

It will likely be years before 007 returns to the screen, thanks to money troubles at MGM, Bond’s longtime studio, which has been up for sale since November. Even Daniel Craig seems to have moved on, signing up for the lead in a different potential franchise,The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The last time the Bond series was put on this sort of “indefinite” hold was back in the early 1990s, after a series of legal battles (and Timothy Dalton) nearly wrecked the series. It took six years to get it up and running again.

“No franchise can afford to be away from screens for that long anymore,” says an EW source but Bond fans will recall the events that lead to the chasm between Licence To Kill and GoldenEye and the long but ultimately satisfying wait between Bond 20 – Die Another Day – and Daniel Craig’s debut in Casino Royale.

As much as we reject this sensational story and others like it, we at believe that they their headline is right on one count… it will and has been a battle to save Bond, but one the production companies – even MGM should it survive – will be implicitly stronger for winning.

One thing is for sure, James Bond on your front cover seems to be a sure way to sell magazines.

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