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Stars on the red carpet at the Royal World Premiere, London

Late last month the stars of Skyfall walked the red carpet to promote the 007 adventure that is getting rave reviews in the UK and breaking box office records all over Europe. Take a look at how the stars turned out for the special night in these photos:

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Another new still from the “Skyfall” ruined island set

Earlier, photos of Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 and Javier Bardem as Silva on the fantastic ruined island set built in the back lot of Pinewood Studios hit the Internet. Here is another alternative shot of Craig on that impressive set.


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New set of “Skyfall” stills revealed via Tom Ford

Almost too easy to overlook, new stills for Skyfall have been released in Asia.

They celebrate Bond’s suits in Skyfall, and if and MI6 writers can be believed, were released via Tom Ford, Bond’s tailor for the 23rd Bond film.

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Empire post new “Skyfall” stills

As part of the promotion of a new UK cover featuring 007 and Skyfall, Empire has released some new Skyfall stills you might enjoy:

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Character posters for “Skyfall” UK campaign

James Bond appears alongside his newest foe, Silva, and Bond girls Eve and Severine in a new teaser banner for UK cinemas.

This is a slightly different marketing tactic than we saw in the US with large cardboard cutouts of Daniel Craig in an action pose.

These posters have not got some excited, with adjectives such as “dull” being used by some bloggers.

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First official still of Javier Bardem as Silva

With the launch of the new trailer, some new pictures are circulating the internet. One of these shows us our first official look at Javier Bardem’s character. Little is known about his motivations but it is clear he is behind the stolen agent identities and has a grudge against the incumbent “M”. Take a look below:

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“Skyfall” storyboards were auctioned on Ebay

This production has had it’s fair share of leaks – spoilers concerning the use of the Aston Martin DB5 and the call sheets which leaked character names and fates to name just a couple.

Now Storyboards detailing some action scenes have been actioned online. The asking price for 52 pages of call sheet (with generally 3 frames per sheet) was a pricy $350.00. The company auctioning explained that the boards were a crew copy, but not specifically what scenes are characters are depicted. Fan’s can make educated guesses as the pictures are still available.

Since writing this, ComicBookMovie has acquired even more detailed photos of the storyboards.

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“Skyfall” filming photos from Istanbul

The second unit are working hard on the pre-titles sequence, an action sequence that takes place in the heart of Istanbul and involves James Bond, Eve and an Audi.

Some of the action was caught on camera by observers over at Turkish website,

We understand that Daniel Craig joined the crew on location recently – however he is not to be seen in these photos. A double stands in for the Bond star as the action takes place.

Click through for some photos of the location filming.

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Ralph Fiennes will see action in “Skyfall”

Empire released a series of photos today from the set of the 23rd James Bond film. They show, largely, Daniel Craig charging around Whitehall offices. They also show M at her desk in what we assume is MI6 HQ before certain events take their toll…

The most interesting one, we think, is evidence that Ralph Fiennes will not just play a desk jockey in Skyfall.

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New “Skyfall” photos published in French magazine

A recent French magazine, Studio Ciné Live, has published new photographs from the forthcoming James Bond film Skyfall.

Scans of the photos have made their way onto the internet, and are popping up on fan forums around the globe.

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