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New “Q” promotional banner

British newcomer Ben Whishaw will be playing “Q” in Skyfall (also known for The Hour and the Hollow Crown). A new banner promoting the film is now available online and features Whishaw as the MI6 Quartermaster. It is the first time that Q Branch will feature in a Craig film. Thus far in his tenure, gadgets have been scarce.



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New UK “Skyfall” poster posted a new UK promotional poster for the upcoming Skyfall.


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British Tabloids report Adele has recorded “Skyfall” song in secret

The long-running rumor that UK singer Adele will be singing the title theme for Skyfall has been reengaged by The Sun.

According to the press, Adele made a “secret” visit to Abbey Road studios, where the soundtrack for Skyfall is being recorded.

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“Skyfall” runtime circulated to cinemas

According to MI6, Sony Pictures have started to warn cinemas of the 23rd Bond flick’s longer than average runtime of 145 minutes.

This, the Bond fan site notes, is on par with Casino Royale which ran to 144 minutes.

This was news that was propagated by the recent IMDb user poster who claimed to be part of a test audience for the film. That post has subsequently been closed over at IMDb.

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World Premiere date and location confirmed by Prince of Wales staffer

Earlier rumors can be put to bed with the inadvertant announcement via @ClarenceHouse on twitter. The announcement confirms that the Royal Premiere is set for 23rd October and will take place at the Royal Albert Hall. The Prince and Duchess Charles and Camilla will be in attendance.

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Empire post new “Skyfall” stills

As part of the promotion of a new UK cover featuring 007 and Skyfall, Empire has released some new Skyfall stills you might enjoy:

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MGM looks to “Skyfall” to enhance its public offering

According to the FT report, Skyfall will be a drawcard for those looking to purchase their share of the big cat, recently emerged from bankruptcy. MGM has a long tradition of producing Bond films, since it subsumed UA (the original producer of Dr. No) in 1992. The timing of the 50th anniversary, Skyfall etc cannot be a better time to go public, yet there is no official date when the IPO (initial public offering) will start.

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New UK “Skyfall” quad poster revealed

Very similar to the cardboard cutout seen in US theatres recently, Bond’s quad poster in the UK uses the in-action shot of Daniel Craig James Bond shooting at an unknown target.

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First “Skyfall” TV spot coincides with the Olympics

Bond is back in another 30 second preview of Skyfall, which opens this November. In the new trailer we get an extended peak at the fantastic pre-credit sequence chase that involves trains and diggers and piles of VW Beatles.

We also see more of Severine, and the steamy shower scene director Sam Mendes promised us.

As per the rest of the marketing strategy, the villain Silva, played by Javier Bardem, is kept in the shadows. Despite best attempts, fans over at Screen Rant have gone through the trailer frame by frame to capture this still of the Skyfall villain:

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Skyfall trailer passes UK censors with PG and no cuts

The forthcoming theatrical Skyfall trailer, previously leaked on the internet via shaky handicam has recently gained its credentials in the UK.

According to the BBFC website it seems that the trailer will run for 2m 28s – as against the teaser’s 1m 15s running time. The censors made no cuts to the trailer.

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