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Sneak peek at “Skyfall” DVD menus

With the latest Bond adventure less than a month away from its DVD release and news coverage of the fantastic, drawn-out production Skyfall coming to a close, there’s not so much to discuss round these parts… but we were delighted to see the beautiful Roger Deakins cinematography showcased in these DVD menus:


Skyfall DVD menu

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Daniel Craig in Sony / “Skyfall” promotional video

A slick new advert for Sony starring Daniel Craig as a James Bond-esque character has appeared online. Take a look:

New “Skyfall” international teaser trailer

A new teaser trailer, offering a new glimpse at Skyfall, was released in Taiwan.

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Sexy Berenice Marlohe fronts “Skyfall” Heineken tie in campaign

Heineken/Skyfall advertising debuted on the internet today with a first look at the “Crack the Case” campaign designed to engage Bond fans around the world. The Skyfall tie-in campaign is known to star Daniel Craig in a high-action commerical but also, today, we found out that French Bernice Marlohe who plays Severine in Skyfall, will be part of Heniken’s international branding for the next few months.

Take a first look at Bernice in the photo shoot for Heineken…


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“Skyfall” bonds with coke

An unlikely match between the low (no) sugar Coca-Cola product Coke-Zero and the world’s most sophisticated secret agent was made recently. Although the Coke/007 bond was cemented for Quantum of Solace, we can’t help but think that the larger, mainstream Brand’s would not get a winning smile from Cubby Broccoli or 007′s seminal director Terence Young. And indeed, others have a similar view.

“Skyfall” one of 007 Legends video game’s six missions?

IMDb, which granted can be updated by anyone with a paid pro account, appears to indicate that 007 Legends, Activision’s 2012 offering, may include the currently in-production 007 film adventure, Skyfall. From a marketing perspective, this makes perfect sense.

The credits include Daniel Craig and his Skyfall co-stars as voices in the game as well as some minor parts going to actors who play guards, goons etc… including, it is worth noting, cast for two missions that have yet to be officially announced by Activision.

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“Skyfall” bikes to go on display at Bond In Motion event in the UK

The two bikes used in the high-octane pre-titles sequence of Skyfall (that sees Bond chase the Villain through a Turkish market and eventually onto a speeding train) are going to go on display in the south of England for a few months between July and December 2012.

The vehicles will be on display from next week.

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Berenice Marlohe covers GQ magazine

The latest Bond girl, Berenice Marlohe, who plays Severine in Skyfall, can be seen on the cover of GQ in this stunning new photoshoot:

The August issue of GQ in the UK boats an interview with new 007 director Sam Mendes.

Fans who have followed the franchise for the last few outings can expect a lot more in the way of media attention between now and October, when the film is on release in the UK.

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Sony previews 4 minutes of “Skyfall” at CineEurope

Bond’s distributor Sony Pictures let a handful of lucky filmmakers at CineEurope in Spain.

The newest Bond girl, Berenice Marlohe was in attendance after the viewers had seen the showreel that included 4 minutes of James Bond 23: Skyfall.

According to the Hollywood Reporter¬†Marlohe described landing the role as Bond girl Severine as “a dream come true”.

Very little is known about what part(s) of the film audiences saw, but according to the trade press, they all were enthusiastic about the forthcoming Bond adventure.

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Former Bond actor, George Lazenby expresses displeasure with 007/Heineken deal

The one time Australian James Bond actor, George Lazenby gave his opinion on the bond between 007 and Heineken.

Lazenby told TMZ that its not the best beer available to 007 and its sad that the produces always go where the money takes them.

The partnership between James Bond and the brewery has been a solid one since 1997.

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