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“Q” is back in “Skyfall” – new photo of Whishaw as the Quartermaster has confirmed the news that nobody was denying, young British Ben Whishaw is playing “Q” in Skyfall. 

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Bond back in London to shoot Land Rover action

Skyfall director, Sam Mendes, and his crew were back in London to shoot another sequence that shows Daniel Craig and co-stars onboard a Land Rover, driven by a stunt driver from the roof of the vehicle.

Some fans are predicting that, in a homage to Live And Let Die, Bond’s driver is assassinated and the car races out of control, thus explaining the need for the real driver to remain out of shot.

The scene, as a rogue clapperboard pic (one not released by @007 on twitter) reveals, is number thirty nine and so coincides with the action shot on the first day of principal photography, and comes shortly after the funeral sequence that was revealed in an earlier twitter photo.

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Ben Whishaw is confirmed as Q in Skyfall

After fan speculation about the role that young English actor Ben Whishaw will play in the 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, his agent confirmed to the BBC that Wishaw would play “Q”, the MI6 Quartermaster played for over two decades by Desmond Llewelyn.

The role also went to Monty Python star John Cleese for a single outing, Die Another Day.

It will be the first time that 007 is older than his gadget master, and it looks as if the creatives behind Skyfall are looking for a completely new direction for the Quatermaster – rather than attempting to recreate the popularity of Llewelyn’s long-serving character.

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