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BBC optimistically claim James Bond 23′s “title to be announced” today

As all good Bond fans know we are are a matter of hours away from the first official news from the production team, producers, director and principle cast on the still untitled James Bond 23.

As journalists wake to the prospect of news, column inches (or rather website pages) are being filled with predictions.

Even the reliable BBC has a bold headline: “James Bond film title to be announced” with an opening paragraph that clears things up…

No, they do not have sufficient insider info: “The title and cast of the 23rd James Bond film is expected to be announced in London later”.

Tell us what you are most looking forward to hearing about Bond 23 in the comments. On the morning of the press conference at which the title is expected to be revealed the pollsters report that 47% of respondents think the rumored title, Skyfall, is above average.

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Is James Bond 23 entitled ‘Skyfall’?

MI6 has received a tip that a slew of domain names were registered by Sony Pictures recently, all of which involve a combination of the keywords, ‘skyfall’, ‘movie’, ‘jamesbond’.

As the Bond site reports:

The list of domains registered by Sony Pictures on 3rd October 2011 include:,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

It was recently confirmed by Daniel Craig to a CNN reporter that Bond 23 indeed has a title, but he was not allowed to reveal it.

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Daniel Craig keeping Bond 23 title a secret

Andrea Mineo, CNN journalist, was lucky enough to talk one on one with 007 actor, Daniel Craig recently.

In fact, before and after her interview with the Bond 23 actor, Mineo “tweeted” her excitement:

I think I’m interviewing Daniel Craig shortly. Bond baby.

When the interview had concluded, she had the following to say:

So Daniel Craig just told me they are starting the next James Bond film and it’s got a title but he wouldn’t tell me it.

Tell us what you’d name Bond 23 in the comments section.

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Bond 23 title rumors hit UK tabloids – scooped from anonymous postings on fan forums

The Sun recently reported that Bond 23 was underway and that the new James Bond movie was rumored to star Rachel Weisz and be entitled Red Sky At Night.

The scoop, it turns out, comes from an anonymous “friend-of-a-friend” tip┬áJames Bond fan forum. British James Bond website MI6 were quick to rebuff the story and humiliate its authors.

The piece, editors point out, is largely cobbled together from old rumors writing: “You can expect to see this garbage recycled on movie blogs and reported as un-sourced ‘fact’ in tabloid newspapers over the coming days…”

Stay tuned for scandal.

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